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Unusual shelves - the perfect piece of furniture for the transformation of the interior


At all times in most homes shelves are an integral part of the interior and play an important role in creating an original and multifunctional space.

And it does not matter at all whether they are part of a furniture set or have a separate composition, because if properly installed they will help to form an interesting design, qualitatively transforming the interior.

Unusual shelves - the perfect piece of furniture to create an original interior.

Given the versatility of the shelves, they can not only store books and especially valuable items, but also fill in free space with them or share space with them, providing a single design style. And if a reasonable and creative approach to their choice and design, they are on a par with other pieces of furniture can form an interesting look of the entire room. That is why the experts decided to pay special attention to the use of such an effective and versatile element as a shelf in creating the original interior.

1. Shelf as an original unifying element of the interior

Shelves have become the main connecting element in the interior of a spacious living room.

Since the shelves are ideal for many design directions, their use is always justified if it is reasonable to use their versatility in the organization of modern room design.

Geometrical shape of the shelves will be the perfect decoration for a free wall in any spacious room.

Considering their ability to perfectly fill the space and provide a place for storing not only books, but also especially valuable or sought-after items with proper installation, you can achieve not only their maximum functionality, but also be used as an additional link in interior design.

If properly positioned shelves, they become a kind of unifying element of the interior.

So, for example, if you are the owner of a spacious living room with a square or elongated room geometry, the small shelves of even the simplest form will become not just a highlight, but also the main unifying element, connecting various interior items.

2. Suspended shelves - ideal for decoration in the style of art deco and not only

Original hanging shelf for books and newspapers.

If you are a creative person and a soul requires something unexpected and unusual, then hang the original shelf with hanging elements is the best option. So if a room is decorated in the style of art deco or pop art, then it is this design of the shelf, fixed above the sofa, armchair or other pieces of furniture that will make an indelible impression on guests and friends.

Hanging shelves - an original element of the decor when you decorate a room in the style of art deco or pop art.

To create a wow effect, it will be sufficient to fix a long and massive shelf in the ceiling, from which multi-level shelves diverge.

Even a simple hanging shelf for flowers made with your own hands will decorate any room.

The only thing that experts warn about for such constructions is that they use only light colors in order not to overload the interior, organically complementing it with such an unusual attribute.

Hanging shelves in a tiny kitchen will become not only decoration, but also a functional piece of furniture.

This model of shelves is perfectly suited for tiny rooms, because they are fixed on the ceiling, which means that another space is freed up.

3. Window openings - the most suitable place to install flower shelves

Interesting designs shelves for flowers in window openings.

Like it or not, but most people prefer to decorate their homes with fresh indoor flowers, using a window sill or a place next to it. But at the same time, the vertical area of ​​the window opening remains completely unused and in order to fix this, you can install very unusual shelves that will not only help you to attach a considerable amount of pots, but also become an ornament to the whole room.

Shelves, coasters and racks for flowers are better to buy compact size.

Of course, zealous is not worth it, after all, it is a source of natural light, so it is better to use compact models that occupy only a certain part of the window opening. On such extraordinary designs, low-growing flowers will look great: violets, cyclamens, cacti or dwarf plant species.

4. Extravagant solutions for interior design with shelves

Design shelves of irregular shape will be the main highlight in the design of the vertical areas of spacious rooms.

Today, creative designers have developed a great variety of extravagant solutions in the furniture industry and the shelves are no exception.

A shelf can afford both impermanence and mobility.

Considering their small dimensions and mobility, there are absolutely no obstacles for creating the most unexpected and even elaborate forms and compositions precisely from this attribute of furniture.

Extravagant furniture compositions in the form of shelves act as a single ensemble in the interior of the room.

What kind of designs did creative people not invent, and although sometimes in terms of functionality due to originality, such models are practically useless, but as decorative elements are simply irreplaceable.

Even the most unpretentious and small shelves with a bias look very creative.

The unstable design of the shelves make a special impression.

For example, the shelves with an inclination of 45 degrees, fixed on special racks or unstable structures with diverse elements that create the impression of a complete imbalance, and sometimes even just round, look very unusual.

The composition of the shelves - an extraordinary solution in interior design.

When form matters.

And even round shelves have the right to exist.

You can also see real furniture compositions from shelves and drawers, having an extraordinary view of various figures, trees, geographical maps and other avant-garde designs.

5. Under the exclusive shelves you can attach almost any items.

A country staircase or stepladder in any position can do good service.

Considering the fact that a shelf is a small piece of furniture and does not always require special engineering thought, then they use the most unexpected objects and ordinary things in their capacity. Such constructions are easy to build by yourself, showing only resourcefulness and the desire to create.

The most common items will be the original basis for creating shelves.

In this case, the result exceeds any expectations, because where the shelves from the body of the piano or ordinary water pipes look more original. Inventive people manage to attach the village stairs or fruit boxes and skates and even guitars.

In the design of an extraordinary interior should not limit your flight of fancy.

It is not necessary to use the object itself, it is enough to make shelves, repeating its shape.

In this case, the flight of fancy is not limited both in the selection of unusual objects as the basis of the design, and in the originality of the method of displaying books or the arrangement of objects.

6. Shelves can be an ideal vacation spot and original decoration at the same time.

Custom design chairs will be a great place to read books.

Such a design of the bookshelf is the best for those who like to read in comfortable conditions and without unnecessary gestures.

And creative and convenient.

The perfect way to organize a workplace and attach a library.

It is much easier to just lie down in a makeshift deck chair or sit comfortably in a chair where your entire library will be within reach of your arm.

7. Constructions of bookshelves will help zone the space

Even strict designs of bookshelves will help divide the space and decorate it.

It has long been known designer trick in the rational organization of space - with the help of furniture or original items to zone a room. For these purposes, good fit and shelves. Particularly original will look glass models and having unusual forms.

The originality of the forms and the transparency of the material is the key to creating a stylish interior.

Not always a cabinet or a rack can be made to such an extent that is figured and transformed, and in this case the shelves are the most practical and pliable piece of furniture.

Flower arrangements on elegant stands and shelves will help to zone any space.

With the help of elegant flower shelves, you can not only make a “live” improvised wall, but also free the window from the clutter of flower pots, which often prevent the penetration of daylight into the room.

8. Airiness and minimalism emphasize individuality.

Graceful stylish regiments will emphasize identity and will decorate an interior.

Original options for creating a stylish interior using ordinary shelves.

As a rule, creative and sophisticated individuals do not tolerate clutter and massiveness, therefore they manage to create a stylish interior even from the most inconspicuous and even airy elements of furniture structures.

Elegant stylish shelves harmoniously decorate the interior of any room.

It is these invisible elements of the decor and produce the most stunning effect in the overall picture of the interior.

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