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5 methods of arranging a small kitchen that will turn it into a functional area


It is very difficult to equip small living spaces, and placing all the necessary items and large household appliances in a tiny kitchen can be an overwhelming task at all.

But do not despair, because there are a lot of interesting techniques and non-standard solutions that will help to plan the design so that it turns into a cozy super-functional zone to the delight of all household members.

Proper arrangement of a small kitchen will turn it into a beautiful super-functional zone.

Tiny cuisine can also be made beautiful and multi-functional without arranging clutter and bedlam. To do this, you only need to plan the available space more carefully, not to be afraid to make non-standard decisions without forgetting about the basic rules of design. And in order not to be sprayed and not to waste time on experiments, the authors picked up interesting examples of arranging small kitchens, which will certainly inspire rational and beautiful transformations.

1. Color range

Accent wall in the interior of a tiny kitchen.

Color addiction and his perception of each person has his own, but in the case when they make out small spaces one should not be left in the wake of a flirting fantasy, and even more eccentric fashion trends.

Monochrome kitchen interior is small.

In the case of the design of a small kitchen, the role is not so much the color as the monotony. If you make out a large kitchen, then the patterns or flowers will give comfort and home warmth, but in the case of crumbs this option is not appropriate at all. Due to the fact that the patterned interior "eats" the already small space and you will simply "choke" in such a room, but if you overdo it, it will always ruffle in your eyes.

Pastel and powdery colors are ideal for the interior design of a small kitchen.

Designers strongly advise to use light colors in the design of a small kitchen and not to be afraid of white, because these colors are the most loyal friends in the visual expansion of space.

Monochrome kitchen interior, made in white color.

By the way, one of the fashion trends at the moment are monochrome interiors made in white. It has already been proven by many years of experience of bold housewives, who decided to dispel the myth of the unacceptability of white surfaces, namely in the kitchen area, white is much more practical than dark colors.

Tiny Scandinavian style kitchen.

Therefore, you can safely use the tricks of the fashion trend, because in this way without any problems you can "erase" the boundaries of a tiny space and create the illusion of space.

Countertops of contrasting color will be the decoration of the kitchen, decorated in white.

If you decide on this option, then in the interior design it is desirable to use two or three of its shades, combining contrasting textures. Otherwise, the room will be too similar to a sterile operating room.

2. Optical illusions and mirror surfaces

Photowall-paper with the image in which there is a perspective, will help to increase space visually.

When arranging small areas, such a technique as an optical illusion works fine. Naturally, this will not add to the usable area, but you can visually correct the unfortunate geometry of the room and change the perception of the volume of space.

Panoramic wallpaper will always help to revive and decorate the small kitchen.

Although it is no longer fashionable to use wallpaper in interior design, but when you have a tiny kitchen, then wallpaper with perspective will force the walls to "move apart" and at least visually will not push the closure of space and depressing crampedness. Of course, the pretentiousness in the form of columns and pompous palace decoration here will be superfluous, but you can also choose a more acceptable option to your liking and vision, without overloading the interior.

If the kitchen is narrow, then the laminate or floorboard should be laid across the room.

Floor tiles will also be able to decorate the interior of a small kitchen and radically change the spatial perception.

If you don’t like the images, you can also fix the unsuccessful room geometry with the help of properly selected regular wallpaper of the ceiling or floor tile.

Mirrors and mirror facades will help to visually increase the area of ​​a small kitchen.

And finally, the most ideal and proven helper in the "fight" for the visual increase in area is mirror surfaces. Only they can visually enlarge any space in half if they are installed in the right place. So, for example, if you hang a large mirror in front of a window, then the amount of light and the area itself will double.

Mirror apron in the work area of ​​a small kitchen.

Due to the variety of finishing materials, you can find a special mirror tile or panels for facing the apron in the working area or stick a special mirror film on the front surfaces of furniture.

With the help of a mirror wall, you can create the illusion of a room that has twice the area.

A fully mirrored wall looks very impressive, but if there is no such possibility, then a fragment of the wall will help create the illusion of the depth of space.

3. Choosing the right kitchen and hanging systems

It’s better not to overload the vertical areas of a small kitchen.

No matter how the designers are advised to use the minimalist style in the design of small areas, but the kitchen is not the area where you can do without tables, cabinets and large household appliances.

Cabinets up to the ceiling will provide additional storage.

Of course, pompous and bulky cabinets should be abandoned, and to accommodate the necessary kitchen utensils and countless jars and boxes with cereals, spices and other food products, you can use more lightweight models of kitchen sets.

Install open shelves in a small kitchen, and everything you need is always at hand.

Open shelves are ideal for those who like to wash and clean every day and, of course, if the household knows how to put all things in their places, otherwise give preference to closed wall cabinets.

Railing in the kitchen increases the functionality of the workspace.

The railings proved to be quite good, on which you can place basic necessities and all kinds of cups, ladles, knives and tacks. The only thing with these elements should not be abused, because the jumble will turn an already small area into littered space.

Glass furniture is perfect for a tiny kitchen.

If there is an opportunity, it is better to change the kitchen furniture, because modern modules provide endless possibilities for their adjustment, and, quite importantly, they are equipped with sliding systems.

Drawers allow maximum use of space.

Moreover, not only drawers and shelves can be put forward, but also furniture elements, adding a working area if the table top or cutting board is hidden.

Retractable worktops and chopping boards will increase the work area when needed.

With a retractable table, you can organize a dining area.

Now you can even find models in which retractable stools, bar counters or dining tables are built in, which will make it possible not to carry the dining room outside the kitchen.

For small areas, it is better to choose compact equipment.

The modern market offers a huge selection of kitchen appliances and you can always find models with small overall parameters. Therefore, before going to the store, look on the Internet, what options exist, and select the most suitable for your kitchen. They have the same technical characteristics as full-size devices, but the area is as minimal as possible.

Built-in appliances look more neat and modern.

Experts advise to give preference to the built-in appliances, since not only is the precious area preserved, but it will also be possible to create the effect of seamlessness and uniformity of the facades of the working area.

As for the choice of his constant assistants in the form of a multivark or bread machine, look at the multifunctional devices.

For small kitchens it is better to choose multifunctional household appliances.

Now you can buy a slow cooker, bread maker or oven-microwave, they will perform twice as many operations freeing the much-needed centimeters for something else not less necessary and useful in housekeeping.

5. Radical transformations

The kitchen can be combined with the living room.

If none of the above inspired you or simply does not fit because of the very unsuccessful geometry of space, then only one option remains - a radical redevelopment. Of course, with this option, it always turns out to make a real super-functional zone out of crumbs, only a lot of money, time and nerves will go to all the transformations, but the result is worth it.

If possible, it is more expedient to combine the kitchen with a loggia or a balcony.

Before the start of transformations, it is necessary to carefully think over and prepare a project, legitimize all of your fantasies in the appropriate instances and only after that proceed to the destruction of interfering partitions.

The kitchen can be combined with a hallway or corridor.

Basically, for a complete reorganization and optimization of the existing space, the kitchen is combined with the adjacent areas. This may be a closet, corridor, living room, loggia or balcony. Naturally, such a measure will not be able to help increase the total area of ​​the apartment, but it will create a feeling of freer and, which is quite important, modern space. And in case of association with a balcony or a loggia, it will make it not only more spacious, but also lighter.

Sill is better to turn into a special functional area.

Also, the reconstruction of the window sill, which can be turned into a working area, and into a wet one, with the installation of a sink or a dinette, has proved itself well.

If the space is combined, and you plan to use it not only as a kitchen, then it is better to divide these functional areas. Such a design technique will always help avoid visual clutter.

Separation of zones using the podium and different floor design.

The combined area can be divided physically using a podium, furniture or a glass sliding door. With the last two, more cardinal elements, you can not overdo it, because you will again return to a tiny space.

Zoning with partition and sliding glass door.

You can visually zone a room using different finishes for the floor, walls or ceiling. In this case, your fantasy, too, should not be let go and arrange several accents at once, a measure is needed in everything.

Zoning of the combined kitchen-living room.

If you decide to divide the space formed with the help of flooring, you can decorate the floor of the kitchen area with special ceramic tiles, and the living room or hallway - with a parquet board or laminate flooring. Although multi-level ceilings have become obsolete, but for the kitchen, if there is a need to hide communications, it will be an ideal option.

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