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17 fresh trends in wall design for those planning redecorating


With each new season, trends in interior design change. If earlier the best monochrome wall design was considered to be light monophonic, today designers offer many options for solving this problem.

In our today's review of 17 fresh trends in the design of the walls, which should be adopted by those who are planning redecorating.

1. Cork Wall

Cork wall.

The cork substrate is back in fashion and in 2018 it goes beyond the design of the office. Now it can be used to decorate one of the walls of a bedroom or living room. Such a solution will harmoniously fit into a room decorated in a Scandinavian or modern style.

2. Slate

A huge slate sticker.

Slate can not be called a new solution in the field of design, but its use is still relevant. A huge slate sticker in the whole wall will become a stylish detail of any bedroom, which will allow you to change the interior every day.

3. Works of art

Fantastic paintings in the interior.

With the help of decorative plaster and special paints you can turn the walls of your apartment into real works of art. Pictures painted directly on the textured walls will make the interior lively and interesting.

4. Lighting

Original lighting.

Lighting plays a huge role in the interior, and modern systems allow it to be used as a wall decor. Unusual lighting of the walls will make the interior intriguing and mysterious.

5. Unusual shelving

Design rack.

A large hinged shelving unit, made to order and including open and closed lockers, will become not only a functional part of the room, but also its unique decoration. The facades of the lockers can be decorated with pictures, letters or motivating quotes that will please the eye and cheer up.

Textured yellow wallpaper.

Corner of the room, plastered with textured wallpaper rich yellow color. Just do not use them for the design of all the walls, otherwise the room will be too bright and heavy. The ideal solution would be a combination of yellow wallpaper with gray or white.

7. Stone

Stone and its imitation.

Natural natural stone and its imitation is still in vogue. Use this technique in small quantities to highlight the kitchen apron in the kitchen, a fireplace in the living room, or to decorate individual areas in the bedroom. It is worth noting that this technique will best fit into the interior in the style of country or loft.

8. Shabby walls

The effect of peeling plaster.

Brick walls with the effect of peeling plaster is a true trend of 2018. And although this technique causes a lot of conflicting emotions, it is quite appropriate in the interiors, designed in the style of a loft. In addition, this solution is worth taking note of people who plan to repair in the country. In combination with modern metal textures and living plants such walls look just amazing.

9. Brick


Brickwork remains in the list of favorites among the materials for wall decoration. In addition, in the modern market there are many decent resources that can create the illusion of a real brick. If we talk about the color scheme, warm brick shades are perfect for decorating the kitchen and living room, but for the bedroom it is better to stay on white.

10. Textile tiles

Bright textile tiles.

Bright textile tile is a new word in the field of interior design. Compositions in the style of patchwork should be created very carefully and used to select a separate area of ​​the room.

11. Velvet walls

Velvet walls of lilac color.

Create an atmosphere of comfort and luxury in the bedroom will help wallpaper with a velvet effect, which have become one of the key trends of the new year. When choosing colors it is better to stop on lavender, green, beige and other light shades.

12. Geometry

Difficult geometry on one of the walls.

Complicated pattern in a geometric style, complemented by voluminous wood panels, smoothly flowing to the ceiling, enliven the room and become a real accent center of the room.

13. Wooden boards

The use of wooden boards.

The local decor of the walls with wooden planks will introduce natural motifs into the interior, and with them a feeling of freshness. Use the boards to design the kitchen, hallway, bedroom or loggia.

14. Glittering Pebbles

Unusual iridescent tile.

Ordinary ceramic tiles have long acquired other colors and shapes. For example, small translucent and iridescent tiles will become a real highlight of the bathroom or kitchen apron area in the kitchen.

15. Silk-screen wallpapers

Exquisite silk screen wallpaper.

Silk-screened wallpapers are one of the varieties of vinyl wallpaper, painted with a different complex technology. Such wallpapers will perfectly fit into even the most conservative interior. Best of all, these wallpapers look in dark noble shades.

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16. Blots

Wallpaper with blots.

Wallpapers decorated with various blots, stains and other abstract patterns will make any room spectacular and memorable. Such resources should be used sparingly to decorate one of the walls or to highlight a specific zone.

17. Contrast band

Contrast strip on a light background.

A wide not too smooth strip of rich and many-sided violet hues just blew up the interior of a snow-white dining room.

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