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15 practical ways to use the microwave not only for cheese sandwiches


Microwave - one of the main assistants in the modern kitchen.

With its help, you can quickly cook something or heat food.

But in fact, the possibilities of this appliance are much wider than you can imagine, and now you are convinced of this.

Lime and lemon juice

From lemon and lime, placed in a microwave, the juice will be more.

To get the maximum juice from lemon or lime, before squeezing them you need to immerse in the appliance and reheat for 15-25 seconds, turning on the greatest power. This will make citruses very juicy.

Dried herbs

Microwave for drying herbs.

Dried herbs or spices - easy if you have a microwave! To do this, the billet needs to be placed in the microwave for 2-3 minutes - very quickly and efficiently.

Garlic peeling fast

Microwave for quick peeling of garlic.

To garlic cleaned in two accounts - put it in a microwave and turn it on for 15 seconds. After such a manipulation, the husk very quickly lags behind the root.

Second life to stale bread

Stale bread will become softer.

If the fresh bread has become stale, then you can return its softness with the help of a microwave and a clean, damp cloth. Wrap the bread in a moderately damp towel and place in the appliance for 10 seconds. Do all this until the bread is softer.

Crispy Chips

If the chips are damp.

If the chips have absorbed moisture and have lost their appetizing property of "crunch", you need to place them on a clean cloth and warm slightly in the microwave. After that, they will again be tasty and crunchy.

Hot compress

And for a hot compress is good.

Dampen a piece of cloth or towel in water and warm it in the microwave for a minute, after which the compress can be used for its intended purpose.

Easy cleaning of fruits and vegetables

Clean the vegetables will help the microwave.

Peeling peaches and tomatoes will be much easier if you pre-heat them in the microwave for 30 seconds. After heating, they should be left alone for 2 minutes and then proceeded with the cleaning.

Deleting postage stamps

If you need to remove postage stamps.

Just soak a little stamp and then put the envelope in the microwave, turning it on for 20-30 seconds. After that, the stamp will quickly move away from the envelope.

Bow cleaning

Microwave will help in cleaning the onions.

Cut off the ends at the root and send it to bask in the microwave for 30 seconds. Such manipulations will greatly simplify the cleaning of onions and tears when cutting it will be much less.

Honey Recovery

Restoring candied honey.

It is also possible to make candied honey flowing again using a microwave. The container with sweetness should be sent to the oven and heated for 1.5-2 minutes, setting the average power on the appliance.

Boil eggs quickly

Cook eggs without problems.

In a microwave bowl, boil water, then add a little vinegar and break the egg. After that, a toothpick needs to pierce the yolk a little, cover the container with foil, send it in the microwave and turn it on for 30 seconds. Then unwrap the egg for another 20 seconds.

Fresh sandwich

To keep the sandwiches fresh.

Fresh, but dried sandwiches can be made soft again, if you wrap them with a damp cloth and warm them in the microwave for 30-40 seconds.

Pleasant aroma in the kitchen

And seasonings will be more fragrant.

If you warm up nuts, cloves or any other fragrant spices for 15-25 seconds in the appliance, then a pleasant aroma will fill the kitchen and other rooms in the apartment.

Omelette for 3 minutes

Omelette for 3 minutes.

In order not to stand over the stove in the morning, you can entrust the preparation of breakfast to the microwave. Everything is done according to the usual scenario - eggs are whipped, the future dish is salted, peppered, and then everything is immersed in the microwave for 1.5 minutes. Only 45 seconds later. you need to stop the device and mix the dish.

Quick Potato Chips

Microwave for homemade chips.

Many people like to crunch chips, but not everyone knows that it is possible to make a shop-like analogue at home. And the only difficulty in this business is to thinly chop the main ingredient - potatoes. Thin plate potatoes need to put on a plate and put in a microwave for 3 minutes, sometimes stopping the process and turning chips. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce the microwave power every time after turning.