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Space near the window: 11 practical ideas that everyone will like


When interior design windows are often ignored, the maximum, they change the curtains or do the replacement of the windows themselves. But the space around them, too, can be used as practical as possible.

There really is, where to roam, the range of ideas is so great that we could not dwell on one thing and decided to immediately offer 25 wonderful ideas for transforming your interior.

Ideas for a child's room

"The space near the window in the children's room.

The space near the window in the children's room.

Storage systems in the nursery does not happen much, toys fill the entire space and their number only increases. If you do not know where to put them already, then this item is for you. Make open or closed cabinets around the window, let it have a soft corner for the baby, and hidden storage systems under the window sill. Such a complex looks stylish and is sure to please the child.

Neat storage in the nursery.

Home library storage

Home library.

Paper books occupy a lot of space in any interior and, usually, their number does not decrease, but only increases. And book lovers are beginning to puzzle where to put their favorite literature, where to find a place for a home library. This is where the space at the window will have just the way. You can use the upper part of the ceiling or organize storage of books under the window sill, and if the room has two windows, then take the whole distance between them and make an improvised bookcase out of it. Another idea is to make open shelves on both sides of the window and put books on them.

Neat storage of books.

Keeping books under the window sill.

Stylish storage of books in the apartment.

Stylish storage of a home library.

Reading corner

Cozy place to read.

If we are talking about books, then you can not ignore the design of the corner for reading. The window for this purpose fits perfectly. Use soft floor cushions for this, they will serve as seats, and their decorative counterparts will go under your back. Create your cozy corner, where it will be pleasant to spend time on a day off. In case you read and it gets dark on the street, make sure that there is an additional source of artificial lighting nearby.

A place to read by the window.

Resting place

Stylish place to relax.

When a beautiful view opens from a window, it’s just a sin not to make a place on the window sill for rest and contemplation. Let calm colors prevail here, be sure to equip the seat with a soft one, do not forget to decorate the place with several decorative pillows, put a blanket nearby. Such interior composition will be pleasing to the eye and fill the room with a special atmosphere. In addition, after a busy day you can always relax and get aesthetic pleasure.

Place to rest.

The most comfortable place in the house.

Beautiful corner to relax.

Neat and stylish.

Home Office

Home office by the window.

A good solution is to organize a work zone by the window. Use a window sill as a tabletop or place an extra table with it, make convenient shelves for storing papers and stationery. Do not forget to choose a chair of comfortable height and do not hang it on the window curtains, they will prevent the penetration of natural light into the room.

Dining area

Dining area by the window.

When there is a question about finding a place for a dining area, look at the window and the space around it, especially if there is a free corner next to it. There is a corner corner or several comfortable chairs / chairs. Choose for this area laconic and extremely simple furniture of light shades. So the dining room will seem more comfortable.

Corner dining room by the window.

Cozy mini dining room.

Kitchen window

Practical use of the window in the kitchen.

The window in the kitchen is a godsend for the hostess, not only can the sill be used as a working area, but also use the space at the window. Organize open shelves and put there dishes, pots, cereals and spices in jars.

In the bathroom

Storage on the window in the bathroom.

If the bathroom has a window - this is a great success. Use it to the maximum, for example, store clean bath towels here. And if you make a few shelves, then you can easily place personal hygiene items or toilet paper here.

In the dressing room

Use the space around the window in the dressing room.

The window in the dressing room can also be used with benefit. Place convenient open niches on both sides of it, put your favorite bags or shoes there, which should always be in minute availability. Do not forget to periodically wipe them from dust so that they do not lose their presentable appearance.

Storage systems in the bedroom

Storage systems in the bedroom.

The bedroom also has open storage systems. It is convenient to store home clothes, bed linen, towels, personal hygiene items, books. For accurate storage, use auxiliary accessories - boxes, plastic boxes, wicker baskets.

For aesthetic pleasure

The space near the window can be used not only for practical purposes, but also to make of it a kind of stand for exposing a beautiful decor. It can be souvenirs brought from travels, a collection of porcelain figurines, porcelain, vases and everything that pleases the eye. The main thing is not to overload the shelves, leave some free space for the effect of airy interior.

Stands for decor.