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All by shelves, pouches and jars: 16 functional systems for storing things in the kitchen


All by shelves, pouches and jars: 16 functional systems for storing things in the kitchen

Every housewife knows what chaos is in the kitchen. Whatever the size of this room, there is always little space.

However, well-designed functional storage systems almost completely solve this problem.

Literally every little thing there is a place.

1. Magnetic tape

Vertical magnetic tape.

Do you want the spice jars to always remain in their places, do not fall and do not take up half the cabinet? Use magnetic tape. Fix it vertically on the side wall of the refrigerator or kitchen cabinet and attach to them the usual cans with metal lids.

2. Economic organizer

Economic organizer in the locker.

The interior of the cabinet door can become functional if you attach the simplest economic organizer to it. In his pockets you can place clothespins, household gloves, sponges, brushes and other small items that are usually kept in disarray and take up a lot of space.

3. Cabinet for knives

Vertical cabinet for knives.

A narrow vertical cabinet with magnetic tape is the perfect place to store knives. When ordering a kitchen set, be sure to ask to complete it with one built-in locker of this type.

4. Rotating stand

Three-tier rotating stand.

Usually in boxes with provisions it is impossible to find anything, do not break the entire contents. We have found a solution for this problem. You just need to replace the usual shelves on a rotating stand. So you can easily see what is stored at each level.

5. Packages

The holder for packages.

The package with the packages is still a mockery, but what to do in the kitchen is not enough. However, if you do not want bags to be chopped off a huge piece of space in your kitchen, take care of a convenient holder for them. This could be a compact hanging stand of metal rods. To keep her eyes free, fix it on the inside of the door of one of the kitchen cabinets.

6. Bags

Bags for vegetables and fruits.

Far from all vegetables and fruits love the cold, which means some simply don’t belong in the fridge. Small batches of vegetables for everyday needs can be stored in the original rag bags.

7. Floor cabinet

Sliding cabinet above the floor.

Installing a set of legs in the kitchen is far from the best solution. Under it will always accumulate debris, grease and dirt. It is best to choose a set that fits snugly to the floor, and in the lower part of it place narrow drawer cabinets that are suitable for storing bakeware, lids, and small household accessories.

8. Containers

Box for vegetables.

In one of the kitchen cabinets should be equipped with storage space for thermophilic vegetables. To do this, we recommend that you attach several simple plastic containers on the guides, filling them with potatoes, onions and apples.

9. Locker for bread

Breadbasket in the locker.

Take a closer look at the place where you store bread, biscuits and other flour products. If all of the above is laid out on your desk, you need to urgently correct the situation. To do this, you can equip the breadbox in one of the drawers of the headset.

10. Drawer

Drawer under the sink.

A cabinet under the sink is often used as a mini pantry for storing both necessary items and various junk items. Given the depth of such a cabinet, you may not even suspect yourself that you are storing it near the far wall, let alone having a full cleaning there. The simplest drawer with low sides will help to restore order and rectify the situation. It can accommodate a trash can, household chemicals and more, as well as easy access to even the most distant corner.

11. Retractable plank

Retractable cutting board.

Even in the smallest kitchen you can win extra space. Help in this retractable cutting boards that are easily hidden under the countertop kitchen set.

12. Custom box

U-shaped drawer.

Modern solutions allow to use literally every centimeter of living space. Take a look at this deep U-shaped cabinet under the sink. The best place to store sponges, washcloths and household chemicals just do not come up.

13. Containers for cereals

Homemade containers for cereals.

Do you want to get convenient containers for cereals and not spend a penny? Use regular plastic bottles. Literally several cuts and convenient containers are ready to use.

14. Railing

Suspended storage.

If the area between the shelves of the locker is large enough, you can use not only the lower, but also the upper space. To do this, fasten a small plastic rod between the walls and hang on it everything that can be stored in this way.

15. Pans

Storage pans.

The pans take up quite a lot of space in the cabinets, and if you have not two, but a dozen of them, you will have to allocate a whole cabinet for them. However, there is an alternative solution. For this you need a railing and hooks. Secure the crossbar between the cabinets or on a free wall and store the pans suspended.

16. Stand

Multifunctional stand.

If you do not like chaos and chaos, do not neglect all sorts of supports. Look only at this compact and multifunctional model with miniature containers for tea, coffee, dried fruits and spices, a shelf for sauces, sections for knives and cutlery.