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20 delightful ideas, how to make the interior more refined and sophisticated using forged items


Forged items have their own charm. One glance at such gizmos is enough to fully share this opinion.

It will be difficult to disagree with the fact that accessories of this kind can completely change both the interior and the exterior of the house.

This review has collected 20 amazing examples of using just such things.

1. Forged candlesticks

Wall forged metal candlesticks of fancy shape.

2. Candlesticks with gilding elements

Pair wrought iron candlesticks with gilding elements will become truly unique and original wall decorations.

3. Classics in the interior

Forged candlestick, which will give the modern interior a classic style.

4. A unique piece

In addition to the usual elements of blacksmiths are ready to take on any job.

5. Forged watches

Wall clock, made of metal forged items.

6. Minibar forged items

Forged stand for bottles will create an unusual mini-bar on the wall.

7. Forged hanger

Forged hangers and shelves in the hallway will appeal to guests.

8. Original wrought iron pots for pots.

Wrought iron pots for pots - an important element in the design of the dwelling.

9. Forged shelf

The wall shelf made of wrought metal does not require special care and is completely easy to install.

10. Floristic motif

Forged candlestick, made in floral motifs.

11. Metal cage with birds

Forged cage with birds has become a real work of art.

12. Wrought wood

A tree on the wall consisting of many wrought iron elements.

13. Hanger in the hallway

Forged hanger will be a simple, but at the same time unusual solution for the hallway.

14. Wall forged compositions

Original forged compositions will be a real decoration for any interior.

15. Picture frame

Metal frame for a picture with a forged rose.

16. Forged items in the hallway

Many metal wrought iron elements in the interior of the hallway.

17. Metal hanger

Forged hanger harmoniously complements the design of the room.

18. Stylish coat hanger

Forged hanger easily decorate the interior and make it more refined.

19. Forged bridge

The wall, decorated with a wrought-iron copy of the Vincent Thomas Bridge with lighting.

20. Forged bracket

A glass shelf on a wrought-iron bracket that will become an uncomplicated and expressive way to decorate the interior.