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Stunning interior accessories made of natural wood that will make the house more comfortable


Stunning interior accessories made of natural wood that will make the house more comfortable

The author of the new review has collected another two dozen amazing examples of accessories for home interior, made from real wood.

Recently, this material has been greatly underestimated, however, because it is wood that can add warmth and comfort to a room.

1. Tree for pets

Decorative tree in the interior, created specifically for pets.

2. Wooden lamps

Unusual wooden lamps that fit perfectly into the interior of the room.

3. Unusual coffee table

The table, which served as the basis for a large wooden snag.

4. Spily on the wall in the interior

Tree cuts can be a real highlight of the modern interior.

5. Naturally wood in the interior

Furniture made of natural wood striking in its simplicity and originality.

6. Wooden hanger

Hanger in the hallway, which is based on a large wooden saw.

7. Lamp made from natural materials

The lamp of wooden branches, which can be made by hand.

8. Heart of branches

Heart on the shelf, made of branches, in the interior of the living room.

9. Wooden hanger

Decorative hanger made of wood, which combines classic and modern style.

10. Hemp and bathroom

Stumps of natural wood in the interior of a modern bathroom.

11. In harmony with nature

Fantastic armchair made of solid piece of wood for true lovers of modern eco-styles.

12. Table with secrets

Intricate wood table with a lot of secret drawers.

13. Wood coffee table

Solid wood coffee table for a classic living room.

14. Stylish wooden furniture

Original furniture that looks like a lot of raw wood pieces.

15. Pyrography

Winter landscape on a wooden house, made by burning wood.

16. In harmony with nature

Birches built into the bed frame with a lamella base under the mattress.

17. Wooden stump table

The easiest way to use the stump in its original form as a coffee table.

18. Watches from natural materials

Wooden clock made of wood with a metal mechanism.

19. Bamboo lamp

Modern lamp in classic oriental style.

20. Crafts from ice cream sticks

Non dull plant shelf made of ice cream sticks.