Useful ideas

From paintings to bold panels, or How to easily and simply decorate a wall above the sofa


Of course, the sofa, which attracts attention not only by its shape and color, but also by the wall, which involuntarily catches the eye, is considered the hallmark of any living room.

Therefore, to give the room the most cozy and comfortable atmosphere, and thereby emphasize the beauty of the furniture, modern designers advise to pay special attention to decorating the background, which plays an important role in the design of the interior.

1. Accent finish

To create an accent wall behind the sofa, use wallpaper, moldings, stone, wood, wallpaper, etc.

Decorating the walls above the sofa is an equally important element.

The photo is an example of the design of the accent wall with wall mural in a modern living room.

2. Collage or gallery

Abstract paintings will be the perfect complement and decoration of the wall above the sofa.

Pictures with natural elements in gentle tones and shades pleasantly emphasize the interior.

3. Single item

We hang a picture with a cute image.

Attract attention with a bright picture.

4. Geographical map

A map will look very impressive. This option will not leave indifferent travel lovers.

Hang a world map on the wall in the living room. This will give the interior a special zest.

5. Mirror

It is possible in the hall from the furniture to hang a mirror. This will visually enlarge the room.

The same mirror can be positioned between two identical lamps. Don't forget to stick with symmetry.

6. Large wall clock

Wall clock in high-tech style is an excellent element of decor.

Huge clocks, similar to street or train stations, give the living room a special touch, but at the same time endow it with the energy of movement.

7. Wall shelves

Another almost classic version is the only one (rarely two) shelf above the sofa, which you can arrange completely to your liking.

If you like to collect various souvenirs, then the best solution for you will be the decorative shelves located behind the sofa.

8. Lighting

Cute wall lights are appropriate everywhere, including behind the sofa.

However, there should be no wires crawling along the wall.

9. Themed decor

If the theme is laid in the interior design, the original decor above the sofa can match it.

You can also use a decorative branch and other interesting items.

10. Decorative plates and dishes

Such decor gives the interior a naive charm.

11. Carpet. Why not?

No matter how funny it sounds, but it is a modern carpet on the wall in the living room that can be a great addition to the interior.

Geometrical ornament and rich colors fill the living room with light and warmth.

12. Bold decision

Wooden design creates heat and noise insulation.

3D wall panels in the living room design with a bas-relief and high relief are suitable for creating an accent even in the tone of the main walls.