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20 successful solutions for a small combined bathroom


Any small bathroom requires the proper organization of space, especially when it comes to a combined bathroom. It performs several functions at once, and in a small area you need to place a lot of plumbing and furniture items.

There are several techniques and secrets that will be useful to owners of small combined bathrooms.

Non-standard plumbing

1. Bathtub custom size

The first thing that will save the usable area in a small bathroom is the plumbing of non-standard shapes and sizes. The ideal is the option when you can use all the corners in the room. For example, put a toilet in one, install a sink in another, place furniture and a shower cabin or a small hip bath in the other corners. Fortunately, today, manufacturers of plumbing offer narrow sinks, corner toilets, sinks and bathtubs.

2. Very narrow sink with a comfortable bedside table.

3. Small round sink and comfortable countertop

Glass partition and white walls

4. The little bathroom looks spacious.

Even before the repair should consider the color scheme of the room. White, blue and light gray are ideal for small spaces. The walls in a small bathroom should be better decorated with glossy tiles that reflect light and affect the visual expansion of the space.

Another trick is the glass partition that separates the wet zone. It does not visually eat up the area, prevents the spread of water to the rest of the bathroom area and zoned the space.

5. Glass partition in the interior of the bathroom

6. Light tiles in combination with a glass partition work on the visual expansion of the space.

Without shower

7. Bathroom without shower

The shower cabin, which is most often used in the combined bathroom, takes a lot of precious space. That is why many refuse it. Instead of a cabin, you can install a special pallet and make the floor with a slight inclination and just pave it with tiles. This not only saves space, but also creates a more holistic interior picture. The main thing is to seal the floor and walls in the shower area.

8. Very small combined bathroom

9. To create a perspective and visual zoning you can put a shower tile of a different color.

Spacious shower instead of bath

You can donate a bath and free space for a spacious shower. This option is ideal for large people or for lovers who like to shower as a couple. In this case the glass partition will be useful. To visually make a room larger, it is recommended to use a large mirror.

10. Spacious shower instead of bath

Behind the curtain

The traditional alternative to the glass partition is the usual curtain. This element zones the room and does not allow splashes to fall on the furniture and towels. It is relevant in very small bathrooms, where it is impossible to install a glass partition. The curtain is better to choose a neutral color, so as not to overload the already small space.

11. Shower behind the curtain

12. Bath behind the curtain

Storage niches

At the design stage it is good to think about niches for storing things and various trifles. Practice shows that they can be done in any typical bathroom. This can be an open niche, where it is convenient to fold towels or shampoos, or a closed vertical box, which is pulled out with the help of wheels. There you can hide anything, everything - all things will be safely hidden from moisture.

13. Small niches near the toilet.

14. Spacious niches at the bath

15. Sliding vertical storage box

16. The competent organization of a small bathroom

Shelves above the door

In a small bathroom you need to use any free space. This includes the place above the entrance door. It can also be used wisely, for example, to build a convenient shelf. It can store household chemicals and items that are not often used. The main thing is not to overload the shelf.

17. Shelves above the door

Sink to help

Place under the sink also should not be ignored. In the combined bathroom this option is particularly relevant. Since the placement of plumbing in the corners of the room is not always possible to put another separate locker or nightstand for storage. For convenience, the place under the sink should be equipped with sliding gratings, hang storage pockets on the doors, with different holders or hooks.

18. Storage under the sink

19. Here you can hide a lot of items.


The mirror is an integral element of the bathroom. Today, this decor item is often combined with wall cabinets. The result is a convenient and roomy locker for storing small items or a first-aid kit. Such furniture is a great option for a small bathroom.

20. Mirror-cabinet - a practical solution.