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12 inconspicuous techniques in the house, which will significantly reduce electricity bills


Utility payments can not be avoided by anyone - this is a mandatory item of expenditure for everyone.

But I don’t want to give the lion’s share of earnings to pay utility bills either. In this review, we have collected 12 tips that will significantly reduce electricity bills.

1. The option of using the refrigerator in a dark place is more economical than in a light

Dark place for a refrigerator, good preservation of your funds in your pocket.

If you put your refrigerator in a dark place, it will consume less electricity than being near any electrical appliances and communications in a bright place.

2. Frequent cleaning of the vacuum cleaner will save your budget substantially.

Fast vacuum cleaning due to frequent cleaning of its filter.

I would like to note that if the vacuum cleaner has not been cleaned for a long time and is clogged with debris, it will absorb more electricity. But, if you clean it more often, your cleaning with a vacuum cleaner will end much faster and you will see the difference in saving frequent cleaning.

3. Daily disposal of scale in the kettle will reduce the time of its boiling

Rapid heating of the kettle, due to the daily disposal of scale.

Do not let scale build up in your kettle. The more of it, the longer the kettle heats up and naturally absorbs electricity. If you need to heat water in one cup, do not pour a full kettle. Pour as much as you need. The more water, the longer it will warm up.

4. Washing in cold water saves your budget.

At present, there are so many washers created that it is not necessary to wash them in hot water with soaking.

Washing at high temperatures consumes more electricity. It is easier to buy good detergents and wash at low temperatures with savings.

5. Saving work of the refrigerator processor by defrosting food on the shelves

Save work of the processor of the refrigerator, due to defrosting of products in the refrigerator.

The easiest way to freeze frozen food in the refrigerator. Then you will save on the work of the processor, and it will save energy.

6. With a plastic bottle, save on draining the water in the barrel.

To start, improve your flank. You can buy a new barrel with a button for separate draining. But there is a way out for old barrels.

You will need to place a plastic bottle with water inside the tank. The mechanism will work as well, and drain less. The savings are significant.

7. Iron consumption of electricity exceeds the energy consumption of a washing machine.

Think about it, maybe not all things need to be ironed, if you want less electricity bills.

It turns out that the iron consumes much more energy than a refrigerator or a washing machine. One hour of the iron consumes 1-2.5 kilowatts. It is worth considering now whether you should iron this or that thing in order to save on rent.

8. Disconnect all appliances from electrical outlets.

Turning off all unused electrical appliances will significantly affect your electric bill.

Many have habits to leave the charger, the washing machine, the hair dryer, the TV, the microwave oven in the socket. Even in this state, they slowly but surely "devour" electricity.

9. Using energy-saving or LED lamps will reduce your costs several times.

Use energy-saving light bulbs, and your significant costs will decrease rather quickly.

It is better to use the class "A", although it is more expensive, but it will pay off very quickly, and you will notice a clear savings in electricity and money.

10. Paying for utility bills, saving monthly and stable

Do not spend extra money for a commission when paying utilities.

Contact the post office, bank office for payment at no extra cost. Also, no commission can be paid via the Internet.

11. Insulation of the apartment will significantly save the family budget

Warming the floor, walls, doors and windows with a quick pay off.

Once it is worth it to spend money, and the heat that you have heated in the house will not pass into any cracks, holes and other spaces. You will heat less and pay too.

12. Replace household appliances from past decades with new technologies.

It's no secret that in the 21st century there are quite a lot of new technologies invented to save electricity.

Do not forget that the old technology consumes much more energy.