Useful ideas

15 latest ideas for the interior of a small kitchen that will make it stylish and cozy


The furniture of an intricate form, the abundance of decor - techniques that are definitely not suitable for making the small kitchen stylish and modern. But do not despair.

After all, spectacular ways that will help make the interior of a small kitchen relevant, exist. At the same time, it will not lose a single centimeter of usable space.

1. Bright fridge

The interior of a small kitchen with a fridge of an unusual color.

The refrigerator is on any, even the smallest, kitchen. So why not turn it into room decoration? It is enough to choose a model of an unusual color, which will become a bright accent detail. If it was not possible to find a color refrigerator, then you can paste over a usual vinyl film.

2. Home mini-gallery

Kitchen wall decor.

For some reason, paintings and posters are rarely used to decorate a small kitchen. And absolutely nothing. After all, the paintings do not occupy a single centimeter of its area, but at the same time they make the interior stylish and unusual. In order that the image is not exposed to negative external factors, protect them with glass.

3. Spectacular brick

Brick for finishing a small kitchen.

Brick trim is most common in the living room. But what prevents to use it in the kitchen? After all, brick is a leading material in its ability to create a cozy atmosphere in a room. But do not forget that all surfaces in the kitchen are subjected to tests of temperature and humidity. And the porous structure of a brick is especially subject to similar influences. Therefore, it is better to cover the brick with a layer of clear varnish.

4. Cozy living area

Comfortable guest corner.

No small kitchen can do without a zone for eating. But it is necessary to replace the usual dining table with a seating area - and the dining area turns into a cozy living room. A miniature corner will allow you to efficiently use the empty space in the corner.

Spacious wardrobe in the interior of a small kitchen.

Hanging cabinets or open shelves are the usual options for the design of the upper part of the kitchen unit. But a tall wardrobe, resembling a walk-in closet, would also be appropriate. Its capacity is useful in a small kitchen, where there is often a lack of places to store the necessary items. To a tall cabinet did not look too massive, it is better to choose a model of light color.

6. Shine metal

The interior of a small kitchen with metal elements.

Metal is one of the most practical materials, including in the interior of a small kitchen. In addition, any reflective surfaces visually increase the space. This property of metal is indispensable in the interior of a small kitchen. But in order not to scratch metal furniture facades, it is necessary to use non-abrasive cleaning products.

7. Chess Games

Contrasting floor finish.

Even the most boring interior of a small kitchen will change if you use a contrasting black and white tile to finish the floor. Such a chess surface has a unique property - it harmoniously fits into any situation: from high-tech to country.

8. Bright chairs

Colored chairs diversify the interior of a small kitchen.

Chairs are also indispensable furniture in the interior of a small kitchen. Regular dining set perfectly cope with its intended purpose, but will not add aesthetics to kitchen design. A simple solution is to use chairs of different colors. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to select chairs of the same shape. A multi-colored set will enliven the interior of a small kitchen.

9. Color and light

Harmonious interior of a small kitchen.

To choose colors that are rarely used in this room to decorate a small kitchen is a simple but effective way to transform space. For example, black and green, diluted with light inserts. It remains to add unusual pendant lamps to the interior - and the small kitchen will become the most stylish room in the house.

10. Maximum of tree

The tree never goes out of fashion.

There is an opinion that wooden furniture in the kitchen is a relic of the past. But designers create concise sets of wood that look more than modern. The floor, for the decoration of which a similar wood was chosen, as for kitchen fronts, looks harmonious. This technique allows you to visually increase the kitchen space due to the absence of visible boundaries between horizontal and vertical surfaces.

11. Motley kitchen apron

Unusual kitchen apron from different tiles.

A kitchen apron made of different tiles will make the interior of a small kitchen expressive and unusual. In order for tile laying not to become a source of undesirable problems, it is necessary to select tiles of the same size.

12. Dishes instead of decor

The multi-colored ware becomes interior decoration.

Open shelves instead of lockers with doors are a great solution for a small kitchen. But to make the shelves look aesthetically pleasing, you need to think about filling them. The ideal option would be multi-colored dishes, which additionally will be the decor in the room.

13. Spectacular accent wall

Accent wall in the interior of a small kitchen.

Wallpapering walls close to the cooking zone is not the most reasonable solution. But as finishing for other walls, they will be appropriate. Especially if you choose the option with a bright print. Then one of the walls in the kitchen will be accent.

14. Vintage and Country Duet

Kitchen in country style.

Country style - the leader in the ability to create a cozy atmosphere in the room. Perhaps, only vintage design can compete with it. A combination of vintage and country will help to create a stylish interior of a small kitchen, producing an indelible impression.

15. Unusual vertical storage

Wall as a storage system.

Shiny metal dishes can decorate the interior of a small bedroom. The original way to store it will be a perforated panel on the wall, equipped with hooks.