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Turn a rented apartment into a place where you want to live forever with these 10 tricks


Infrequently rented housing boasts a good repair and elegance of design solutions.

Usually it goes to its owners as a legacy from grandparents with furniture made back in the days of their youth, or simply furnished without much investment in design. But even this apartment can be made cozy and pleasant to live in.

We have found 10 tips from stylists that will help you transform your rented apartment.

10. Invest in your dream

Most likely, the purchase of a new bed is not included in your plans. If the quality of the mattress leaves much to be desired, then invest in replacing it. New mattress you can always take with you to a new apartment. The one who works a lot should have a decent rest, and a healthy sleep is the key to a good mood.

9. Decorate your curtains

Experiment with curtains. Interesting fastenings and ties will give a new look even to old and unfashionable curtains.

8. Hide the router

An unattractive flashing router can easily be hidden in an unnecessary book. All you need is a decoupage knife and an old book.

7. Update furniture items

Give a second chance to your “removable” furniture. The old sofa will hide well under the cover, and the worn chair will follow a pair of new pillows. Scratches on the kitchen table can be covered with wax or hide under a new tablecloth. And also you can add some inexpensive, but bright accents, such as multi-colored puffs, which will help to quickly update the image of the room.

6. Don't let the walls go blank.

Photos of people close to you or pictures painted by friends will give any room home comfort and warmth. Do not let your walls become empty, decorate them with pleasant emotions.

5. Show everyone your collection

Take a separate place for your collection. It can be a collection of favorite books, cameras, wine bottles or a set of dishes that almost never uses. Repetition of similar thematic forms sets the rhythm, atmosphere and adds individuality to the interior.

4. Set accents

Calm or even a little boring interior can almost always be decorated with bright accents. They will attract attention and at the same time distract the eye from the shortcomings of the apartment. A couple of bright pillows or wall decorations - and your room will come to life in front of your eyes.

3. More light

Very often, rented apartments have only one light source. The only chandelier located in the center of the room spoils the overall look, as it is clearly visible from any point in space. This is especially noticeable in apartments with low ceilings or in irregularly shaped rooms. In this case, better suited distributed light sources: floor lamps, table lamps and sconces.

2. Add natural elements to your interior

A garland of dried fruit, a bouquet of favorite flowers, fir cones - any part of nature will bring warmth and comfort to your home.

1. C eye to go homely things

Start by packing all the master's things in the boxes and hide them on the mezzanine, under the bed or in the basement. The feeling of cluttering appears due to a large number of small things that are randomly spread throughout.