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17 unusual ways to use common onions, which will make a different look at this product


17 unusual ways to use common onions, which will make a different look at this product

Have you ever wondered how you can use onions?

In fact, onions have a huge number of applications outside cooking, about them, in fact, now will be discussed.

Certainly, most of the tips collected here will be useful to every person.

1. Digestion

The benefits of onions for digestion.

Eating onions regularly will help normalize and improve digestion. The fact is that onions contain soluble fiber (oligofructose), which promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, and also helps prevent and cope with diarrhea. In addition, lovers of this product are much less likely to suffer a stomach ulcer.

2. Fat and carbon

Onions, as a means of fat and soot on pans.

Remains of fat and soot on pots and pans can be cleaned with onions. Simply place a slice of onion in a dirty dish, cover with a small amount of warm water and leave it for a while, and then just wash the pan as usual.

3. Chemical odors

Onion against the smell of paint and varnish.

Onions perfectly absorbs toxic odors. Just cut the bulb into several parts, put it on a plate and leave it in a room where there is an unpleasant smell and soon there will be no trace of it. In addition, the bow perfectly kills bacteria, so its pieces can be laid out in the apartment during periods of epidemics.

4. Insects

Bow from insects at home and in the garden.

Use the bow to get rid of the insects that have settled in the house. To do this, a small onion needs to be cut, put in a bowl, pour a small amount of water and put at the window. Also, onion extract can spray the leaves of plants to protect them from pests.

To accustom an animal to a tray.

Use the bow, if the pet has gotten into the wrong place. To do this, simply lay out the onion pieces in places that the animal has chosen. Its smell, most likely, will not like the pet and will force the animal to look for a more comfortable place.

6. Dizziness

Bow from vertigo.

The smell of onions is an effective remedy for vertigo, which everyone probably has in the fridge. Just cut a piece of this product and smell it. The dizziness will immediately recede, and you will regain solid ground under your feet.

7. Insomnia

Onions, as a remedy for insomnia.

The smell of onions, hardly, can be called pleasant, however many admirers of traditional medicine claim that it helps to cope with insomnia and is an effective means of fighting sleep disorders. You just need to put a few pieces of onion in a cup and put it by the bed.

8. Cancer

Onions for the prevention of intestinal cancer and liver.

According to studies, regular consumption of onions in food helps prevent intestinal and liver cancer. It's all about the quercetin contained in this product, which slows the growth of cancer cells.

9. Burnt rice

Onions for the salvation of burnt rice.

Put a few slices of onion on the burnt rice. It absorbs an unpleasant smell and helps to save the dish, which seemed spoiled.

10. Metal and cast iron surfaces

Onions for cleaning metal and cast iron surfaces.

Use half of the onions to clean the grill, oven or hob. It copes with dirt no worse than a hard brush and will not leave scratches on the surface.

11. Gold and silverware

Bow for cleaning gold and silver.

Soak the chopped onion in warm water for a while. The resulting solution, moisten a soft cloth and use it to clean products made of silver and gold.

12. Rust

Bow against rust.

Onions can be used to clean metal objects from rust. Just rub a piece of onion, the affected area until the rust disappears, and then rinse with water and wipe dry.

13. Traces of sweat

Bow from stains sweat on clothes.

Get rid of the yellow stains of sweat will help a piece of onion, which should rub the contaminated area of ​​clothing. Onion juice will penetrate into the fibers of the fabric, remove pollution, without spoiling the color of the product.

14. Spots of dirt and grass on the sole

Bow for cleaning white soles.

Onions - an effective tool for cleaning the sole of white sneakers from grass stains and dirt. Carefully rub a dirty sole with a piece of onion, and then wash everything off with soap.

15. Insect bites

Onions for relieving itching and irritation.

Onions have anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties that make it an excellent remedy for pain and irritation after an insect bite. Just put onion pieces from time to time to the affected areas of the skin to get rid of unpleasant sensations and speed up the healing process. You can also lubricate your skin with onion juice to scare off annoying mosquitoes and wasps.

16. Deep thorn

Pull the splinter with a bow.

Onions will help pull out the splinter, deeply entrenched under the skin. Using adhesive tape, wind the piece of onion to the damaged area and leave for half an hour. This trick will soften the skin, and the splinter will come out much easier.

17. Hair loss

Broth from onion peel against hair loss.

In folk medicine, onions are used for hair care. Its antibacterial properties help to cope with dandruff, stop hair loss and promote their growth. Just make a decoction of onion peel and apply it on the hair before each shampooing.

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