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17 ingenious tricks that will ease the cleaning process and help you forget about the mess forever


17 ingenious tricks that will ease the cleaning process and help you forget about the mess forever

In the new review, readers' attention is even more useful tricks, each of which will help make the cleaning process several times more simple and enjoyable.

The advice gathered here will definitely be useful to every person who cares what happens in his own house.

1. Hanger Upgrade

So that the clothes do not crease.

A noodles for water aerobics, cut into several pieces and attached to hangers, will allow you to forget forever about the hated creases on clothes.

2. Hard to reach places

Cleaning in hard to reach places.

A few deep cuts on a conventional sponge will make it much more functional and will allow for high-quality cleaning even in hard-to-reach places. For example, such a sponge will be able to wipe the blinds, batteries and the fan grill.

3. Marking

Marking of lockers.

Use slate stickers and crayons to label the contents of the drawers. Such a trick will not only facilitate the process of finding the right thing, but will also cool the appearance of the dresser.

4. Brush Container

Toothbrush protection.

Drill a small hole in the container of a toy from Kinder and use it as a protective case for a toothbrush.

5. Under the table

Sly fastening wires under the table.

Clean up the wires under the table, help the pegboard and clamps, or the usual adhesive tape. Simply unravel and carefully secure all the cords and power supplies under the table top to forget about the chaos and the long search for the right cable.

6. Storage of ironing board

Hide the ironing board.

To keep the ironing board from taking up a lot of space, store it on two sturdy coat hooks attached to the wall behind the door.

7. Jeans in the closet

We hang jeans.

Use metal hooks for curtains to store your jeans in the closet. This method is much more practical and ergonomic than keeping pants on the shelves or on hangers.

8. Stands for Vietnamese

Original containers for shoes.

Stands for documents and magazines are perfect for a neat storage of slaps, flip flops and ballet flats. Such containers can be placed at the bottom of the wardrobe and forget about bulky boxes and confusion forever.

9. Velcro

Sticking remotes.

Use regular Velcro to keep the remotes close at hand and not lost. Simply stick one part of the sticky tape to the back of the console, and attach the other to the table or to the armrest of the sofa, and don't forget to always “hang” the remotes in place.

10. Stand for sauces

Storing sauces in the refrigerator.

A cardboard egg tray can be used to conveniently store bottles of sauces and ketchups in the refrigerator.

11. Hoses and wires

Containers for hoses and wires.

Large plastic containers with markings will help to clean up the wires, carrying and hoses for irrigation. This trick is worth taking note of all summer residents, in whose garages reigns complete chaos.

12. Convenient pencil case

Organizer for pencils.

Small-sized cut plastic canisters can be attached to the wall above the table and used to store office supplies.

13. Grid for jewelry

Storage of jewelry.

The grid shelf from the old refrigerator can be attached to the wall and used as a practical organizer for storing jewelry, glasses, scarves and purses.

14. Separators

Dividers for hangers.

Use old discs as dividers for hangers in the closet. They can be used to divide clothing into groups and easily find the right things.

15. Clean the toilet

Cunning for parents of boys.

Such a sticker in the toilet will help the parents of the boys to teach the child to use the adult toilet and to teach the child to clean.

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16. Clean walls

The clever way to clean the walls.

From time to time, walls and ceilings also need to be cleaned from dust and all kinds of dirt. To make this kind of cleaning, you can use a conventional mop with a spin. Just put on the wet roller an unnecessary terry sock and start cleaning.

17. Blinds cleaning

The clever way to clean the blinds.

The process of cleaning the blinds from dust and dirt will take much less time if you use any tongs with microfiber cloths wound around their ends.

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