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Repair for a penny: 9 ways to upgrade the interior for little money


Global repair is an event that requires a considerable budget and sufficient time.

When these two resources are limited, an alternative solution must be found.

Renovating the interior for little money is a reality, and we have collected the best ideas that will help to easily transform the living space.

Plain paint works wonders

Stylish update interior door.

Gone are the days when interior paint had an unpleasant smell and dried for a long time. Now it is made on the basis of acrylic, which has almost no aroma, quickly disappears and freezes. That is why the paint has become a favorite auxiliary tool of modern designers and decorators. It is worth looking at some examples to see why.

Interesting wall paint design.

Having even a small jar of colored liquid, several hours of time and, if desired, a stencil, you can turn the most boring interior into a lively and stylish picture that will please the eye for one day.

Sometimes it is enough to make a small stroke, for example, to make some bright yellow stripes along the wall or from wall to ceiling to create a dynamic in space.

Creative painting of walls.

And how unusual and cool the door looks, half painted in an attractive cheerful tone. In this interior just will not be bored!

Broken lines set the dynamics in space.

Bright accents in the interior.

Colored ceiling

Beautiful blue ceiling.

Go beyond the usual, but do not violate the limit of harmony. To achieve this effect in the interior, you can use one simple technique. It is necessary to focus on the ceiling. To do this, it is necessary to take a sober look at the space that requires transformation.

Creative pink ceiling refreshes the space.

New chest of drawers for one or two!

New life of the old table.

The interior is formed not only by the color of the walls or the ceiling, it consists of parts, one of which is furniture. An old, shabby chair will look at least strange against the background of a fresh, only painted wall (although there are designers who apply the effect of contrast, but in ordinary everyday situations it looks ridiculous).

Reuse of drawers from the desk.

To restore the furniture on your own - to invest in it a piece of your love for the interior, home. Such items will always please their masters, and surprise and delight guests.

Stylish furniture from drawers.

To upgrade a chair or chest of drawers will not need a lot of strength, certain skills or a lot of time. You do not have to spend money either, acrylic paints and related products today are sold at affordable prices.

Upgrading kitchen chairs.

Stylish "clothes" for the sofa

Bright new upholstery for an old sofa.

If everything is simple with the chair - it has painted everything, then such a scheme will not work with the sofa. But this does not mean that you need to buy a new one (although if the old one is creaking and has completely become unusable, then it is worth thinking about it). A budget option that instantly updates the look of the interior and turns old furniture into a new one - hauling. This is done by special companies that are in each city and provide their services quite inexpensively.

Stylish piece of furniture for little money.

After the constriction, the furniture looks neat, stylish and beautiful, and if you pick up bright colors and fashionable fabric, you get an exclusive designer piece of furniture. Pay attention to eco sam and velor, now these materials are at the peak of popularity.

Attention to the floor

Bright carpet with a large floral print.

There is a good old reception, beloved by designers of different levels. When something is wrong in a room or interior, you need to focus on something else. In this case, the carpet will be a good tool. Well, if it will be an unusual shape or interesting colors. He wants to look closer, not looking at the unevenness of the walls in the living room.

Unusual carpet.

Carpet of unusual shape.

The remains are sweet

The decor of the rack from the remnants of wallpaper.

Surely every house there are pieces of wallpaper left over from previous repairs. They especially do not apply anywhere, but it is a pity to throw it away. There is a great idea that will help to use them sensibly. Remnants of wallpaper will be an excellent material for decorating furniture, for example, a rack. It will turn out beautifully and practical!

Photo, posters, paintings

Wall decor as a magic wand.

“This picture on the wall, by the way, blocks a hole on the wall,” probably every child remembers this phrase from the movie “Three from Prostokvashino” from childhood. Using wall decoration as a disguise for flaws is a really inexpensive and effective interior technique. In beautiful frames you can mark family photos, posters, covers of your favorite magazines, paintings and even children's drawings. This will not only help transform the space, but will entertain guests - you can admire the decor of such a plan for a long time, peering into the details.

This picture on the wall, by the way, is blocking a hole in the wall ...

The wall decor is able to add zest to the space.

Decorative mirrors

Decorative mirror in the form of honeycombs.

With a mirror, the interior looks more lively and interesting, especially if the accessories have an unusual shape and attract attention. In addition, they visually enlarge and expand the space, multiplying the amount of natural light in the room.

Decorative mirror in the interior.

Vinyl stickers

Vinyl stickers in the interior of the living room.

The easiest way to update a space without global repair is to apply vinyl stickers or stickers to walls or walls. It is not difficult to decorate the space with such stickers (even a child can cope with it), it is easy to take care of them, and they really change the interior for the better. Just look at these examples!

Wall decoration with vinyl stickers.

Stylish accent.