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Repair in a small kitchen: the 5 most successful styles that are suitable for our "Khrushchev"


Many at the stage of apartment renovation ask questions: what should be the interior of a small kitchen, what should be considered when designing a small room, how to squeeze the most out of a small area. The answers to them - in our review!

Before you begin to repair the kitchen, buy furniture and household appliances, you must decide in which direction the design of the room will be executed. When the area is limited, the range of styles available for work is narrowed. But despite this, there are five practical styles that will make the interior of the kitchen as ergonomic and practical as possible.

Scandinavian style

The most optimal of the currently popular trends in design is Scandinavian. Soviet "Khrushchev" are similar to the Swedish small-sized layout, lack of natural light and area. That is why the northerners' style is so popular with Russian designers and is ideal for decorating small interiors.

So, the main features of Scandinavian cuisine:

• Maximum light. Nothing should interfere with his entry into the room, which is why the windows in such a kitchen are left "bare." Ceilings and kitchen cabinets are equipped with additional lighting.

• Light walls. Since the northern countries suffer from a lack of natural light, the interiors of Scandinavians prefer to make out in a white color scheme. Visually, it plays on the expansion of boundaries in space.

• Multifunctional furniture. Folding tables, corner boxes, railing on the walls, open shelves, the use of a window sill as a work surface - all this is often present in the interior of the Scandinavian kitchen.

• Light glossy tiles. As a facing material, northerners use glossy white tiles of simple shapes or imitations of light brick. It is practical - such material is easy to put in order after cooking. In addition, the glossy tile reflects the light and thus has a positive effect on the visual increase in space.

The interior of a small kitchen.

Cozy Scandinavian interior.

Small Scandinavian cuisine.

In Scandinavian cuisine there is a place for style and comfort.

Bright and beautiful cuisine in the Scandinavian style.

An example of the design of the kitchen in the Scandinavian style.


When comfort is relegated to the background and above all practicality, you should pay attention to the minimalist style of the interior. It is just relevant for rooms limited by square meters.

What is characterized by minimalism in the interior of the kitchen:

• Restrained design. No hint of color spots, the main range - natural (wood, bamboo, cork, marble), white, gray, black.

• Closed storage systems. Minimalism loves practical solutions without unnecessary details. In this kitchen, it is better to refrain from installing open shelves, and replace them with closed hanging drawers.

• Without fittings. It is desirable that the furniture was concise design, without decor, inserts and fittings. It is better to equip all closed furniture with a single-push system push open.

• Textured material in the spotlight. So that the interior does not look dull and monotonous, designers advise to dilute the space with natural material inserts with a rich texture. It can be a marble worktop, wooden doors of the cabinets, a kitchen apron made of natural stone.

Bright kitchen in the style of minimalism.

Minimalistic kitchen.

Stylish interior of a small kitchen.

High tech

Not the kitchen, but the cosmos - these are exactly the emotions that the interiors, made in the ultra-modern high-tech style, evoke. It looks great in a room with any area, especially in a small one. A kitchen in this style can be designed even in a small niche or along one of the walls, if it is located in a studio apartment.

Distinctive features of the kitchen in the style of high-tech:

• Modern materials. Hi-tech loves everything fashionable and new, so you have to sweat when selecting materials for decorating a room.

• Cold shine. The kitchen in this style should be light, have furniture and appliances with metal or glass inserts. There will be appropriate glass kitchen apron.

• Minimalistic furniture. For high-tech kitchens, it is better to choose a stylish set of white or gray colors, shades of blue (blue, turquoise) will not be superfluous either. As in minimalism, it is desirable to do without fittings.

• Space lighting. The high-tech kitchen must be equipped with lighting of furniture, walls, ceiling, kitchen apron. The purpose of this style is to go beyond the earth and move it into the world of space.

Small high-tech kitchen.

Space interior kitchen.

Very small kitchen.


Small kitchens are rarely designed in the style of a loft, and all because the style was originally designed for large spaces. True, this does not reduce the number of fans of the freedom-loving direction. Therefore, designers are constantly thinking about how to optimize a small space and combine practical, beautiful and fashionable in one bottle.

Features loft style kitchen:

• "Naked" walls. Loft is considered the most brutal of all styles of interior. Therefore, the presence of coarse textures in the interior is required. The most common technique used by designers is to focus on one wall when they remove the top layer of plaster from it and open the brickwork. It looks very stylish and immediately immerses in the atmosphere of a loft.

• Metal and concrete. One of the main materials in the furniture and finishing of the brutal interior are metal, wood, natural stone and concrete. In the kitchen you can put metal chairs, install several lamps with metal shades, make a concrete worktop or bar counter.

• Lighting. in the kitchen, decorated in a loft style, must be present decorative lamps corresponding to the direction. In many stores of lighting equipment today you can find collections made in this style.

Small loft-style kitchen.

Little loft kitchen.

Stylish loft style kitchen.

Country style

Rustic style, perhaps the most comfortable of all presented in our review. In such a kitchen, there is an atmosphere of warmth, here you feel like drinking fragrant tea, making delicious pastries and just spending time talking to your loved ones.

Distinctive features of the kitchen in a rustic style:

• Wooden furniture. Country style does not like plastic and other modern materials. Therefore, furniture for such furniture is to choose wood. In this case, hinged boxes do not always have to be closed. Welcome doors with decorative windows through which you can see the dishes.

• Without too much pathos. In the village kitchen everything should be as simple and natural as possible. Ceramic tile, wooden floor, linen or cotton curtains are appropriate here.

• Floral print. Yes, accessories and decorative items are appropriate in a rustic style. This is especially true in the Provencal interior options. But the English and Scandinavian areas are more restrained, they welcome elements of clay.

• Details of comfort. Rustic cuisine has its own personality, character and mood. And these components are assembled from small cozy details - beautifully painted dishes, towels from natural textiles, wooden furniture, wicker baskets for storing bread and vegetables.

Bright kitchen in a rustic style.

Small kitchen in a rustic style.

Very cozy little kitchen interior.

Stylish and beautiful small kitchen.

An example of a kitchen design in a rustic English style.