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How to get rid of the moth in the apartment: an overview of all known means


In one not very beautiful moment, every housewife thinks about how to get rid of the moth in the apartment. Charming and tender white butterflies are beautiful only in nature, but not in a wardrobe or kitchen cupboard. Despite the outward defenselessness and touching wings, these household pests can make life unbearable for any family. It is possible to get rid of the annoying insect only by carrying out a whole complex of measures to search for the causes of appearance, determine the type of moth, as well as eliminate its adult individuals and nests.

The most famous and well-proven means for the removal and prevention of moth - fragrant lavender

Types of moths and their locations

Even the most accurate and clean hostesses are not insured from the appearance of moths in an apartment or house. Most often, this category of "ideal housewives" is the least prepared for the appearance of flying pests. Those who have never seen a homemade classical mole, of course, do not know how to get rid of it. But after the appearance of individuals, they begin to search for all possible ways to combat it, although it is worthwhile to begin work on eliminating the nursery moth in the house by determining its type.

Larvae and adult moths - most often up to 1 cm in size. It is more difficult to notice the larvae, so periodically check the containers with bulk products for their presence

TIP! The most common types for apartments and houses are food and clothes moths, but barley, rye and cabbage pests are more rare guests in the dwellings.

  • A woolen (collectively, this type includes a clothes woolen, fur coat, felt and furniture moth) individual eats, as the name implies, natural fibers. The size of an adult moth of this type can vary from 10 to 22 mm in wingspan.

Adult ward moth - somewhat larger than food

  • Grain moth is an adherent of not eating fur coats and sweaters, but quite pleasant foods. The larvae of the moth, laid by the female in the place of the accumulation of products, eat away all edible around the place of birth, making their way to the products even through cellophane and polyethylene.

A good way to get rid of moths in food is to put them in the freezer of the refrigerator for 1 week. You can do the same with garments.

The reasons for the appearance of a moth in an apartment or house

Before finding out information on how to deal with moths, it is necessary to find out how the insect entered the apartment. For example, the food moth most often gets into the house with the products in the original packaging. Unsealed packaging and improper storage of food leads to the appearance of moth larvae in the cereal or pasta, which extremely quickly spread to all available food stocks.

From flour, food moth will scare bay leaves

TIP! In order not to be trapped and bring home moth larvae, you should carefully inspect the cereals and pasta packaged at the plant, and also not to purchase goods at wholesale bases with too much discount.

Do not be lazy more often to vacuum carpets - one of the first ways to avoid the appearance of moths

Another reason where the mole in the house comes from is the active struggle of neighbors against this pest. Insects save themselves from poison and through the ventilation system move to those apartments in which they are not fought.

Finding moths in carpets, vacuum them and spray them with moth spray. Repeat every few days

Do not forget to spray all hard-to-reach places where there can be eggs and larvae of moths.

A clothes moth in a house appears most often with an item purchased: natural carpet, outerwear or footwear made from natural materials, wool or articles made of it — all this can be contaminated by moth larvae. Therefore, experts advise to handle all things in the apartment before the appearance of obvious signs of a pest: this will get rid of the headache of the fight with an increased number of "guests", as well as protect things.

Mint (both fresh and essential mint oil) perfectly flavors the cupboard and protects things made from natural fibers from moths.

Means to fight moths: folk and professional

It is impossible to name one single effective remedy for moths. This is connected not only with the presence of several types of pests, which should be dealt with differently, but also with the fact that in different conditions and with varying degrees of contamination of the room various methods of getting rid of the insect will be effective.

Bouquets of rosemary twigs can be spread out in wardrobes - the smell of rosemary scares the mole

Disposal of moths is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • The detection site is treated with a solution of vinegar, and all things get over and ventilated. Cereals, if necessary, should be ignited in a frying pan.

At home, you can keep a separate bottle of flavored vinegar specifically for wiping surfaces where mole is spotted. You can flavor it with mint, rosemary, juniper, lavender, etc.

  • After this, the room is treated with an aerosol or other formulations, scaring substances are laid out at the sites of detection.

Cedar balls are a good ready-made moth repellent. They should be laid out on the wardrobe.

While you are in the process of getting rid of moths in the house - throw away the bags (or shake out the container) of the vacuum cleaner away from the house - this way you will avoid re-entering eggs and moth larvae

  • For prophylaxis, it is necessary to carefully monitor the packing of things for the winter (add only clean things treated from moths). Cereals and pasta kept in sealed containers, preventing the appearance of larvae.

Store cereals and flour in sealed containers (labeled “for food”)

Of course, for the majority of the population, folk remedies, as proven by experience, remain for years and often "recommended by mother, mother-in-law and Aunt Rosa." In this case, not only the struggle itself is relevant, but also the prevention of the appearance of the pest.

  • The old grandmother's naphthalene, although it remains an effective option, is not considered safe for humans. In addition, its smell only repels insects, but does not get rid of larvae and pupae.
  • Pieces of ordinary laundry soap (fresh, of course) are also used as a protection against moths. Small pieces are put in the pockets of clothes or on the shelves with things.

Pieces of laundry soap protect clothes in the closet from mothing. Replace them from time to time.

  • Lavender and fir are effective both in the form of oils and in the form of dry twigs. The moth is afraid of any sharp odors.

The moth does not tolerate the smell of juniper

For wardrobes you can use sachets with lavender and other fragrant plants.

  • Tobacco, pepper, orange peel, camphor, pieces of cedar and fragrant soap can also be attributed to the methods of repelling moths. Orange peels should be laid out on the shelves fresh and replaced with new ones when the smell is lost. Dry tobacco is laid out in small wallets, which are placed on the shelves: the clothes do not absorb this smell, but the mole is afraid of it.

Bay leaf can be laid out not only on the shelves of kitchen cabinets, but also in wardrobes

TIP! Plant lovers can make a pot of tobacco or geraniums: the aromas of these plants also deter insects.

Frequent airing, sunbathing for the closet and clothing, heat treatment of tanks in which the mole started up, freezing of fur coats and carpets are all methods of active and effective prevention of the appearance of insects.

Air the dressing rooms and wardrobes more often. Also refresh your wardrobe periodically with sunbathing.

Cedar base hangers, sewn into the shoulders of a sachet with lavender - a range of ready-made tools for scaring moths is very extensive

TIP! To fight an insect, you need to decide how to find a mole in an apartment. Food should be sought in dark closed cabinets, boxes and jars of cereals, pasta or dry berries. Wardrobe settles in cabinets with outerwear, winter and autumn sweaters, old furniture and natural carpets.

Ironing with an iron (possible with steaming) effectively destroys the eggs and larvae of moths on clothing

A house cleaning steam cleaner is quite effective against carpet moths.

Among the professional ways to deal with the dress moth should be highlighted:

  • Sprays and sprays (Antimol, Moth Raptor, Extreme and others), which, although they are quite effective, have an unpleasant smell and are expensive. In addition, they should not be used in an apartment with allergies or children to avoid health problems.

After using the moth spray, you need to close the treated room for a while. Do not forget also about the safety of pets

  • Tablets or briquettes laid out or hung in the closet. The term of this tool is about two weeks. This option is more likely a way to scare off individuals from the closet, rather than get rid of the moth.

For cabinets with clothes in the assortment of finished products there are pills and moth traps. Their effectiveness is low - they work only against the adult moth, and they should be used in combination with other means

  • Adhesive tapes and boxes can also be considered a way of getting rid of adults, but the larvae remain safe and sound in the closet.

Sticky moth traps are different from other insect traps by the enclosed body shape so as not to stick to clothes in the closet

  • Fumigators, despite their popularity, are not used as often as they are not considered to be fully safe for humans.

TIP! Any professional tools should be purchased in those stores that provide certificates for products. It is extremely important to use according to the instructions, and to store in a place closed from children.

Cedar fragrance accessories for wardrobes

The efficiency and effectiveness of professional tools attracts, but their insecurity for a person makes it necessary to pay attention to popular methods. Experts advise to begin an active struggle with sparing folk remedies, and even if they fail, you can turn to more radical methods. One thing is true - to fight with moths is important and necessary, and the sooner the insects are expelled from an apartment or house, the more comfortable the inhabitants will be.

How to get rid of moth in the apartment: video

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