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Simple ways to make the kitchen less cluttered: proper storage guidelines


We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Cooking, talking with friends, just relaxing over a cup of tea. There are always a lot of things in this room.

All this is stored in the lockers, on the tables, in the refrigerator, sometimes even on the windowsill. You always want the kitchen to be spacious, less cluttered.

Bring back space with very cool and affordable storage solutions.

1. Towels, in place

A towel holder that saves space.

Make room for daily cooking by removing paper towels from the table. To do this, use the holder, which is suspended on the cabinet door. Such a device provides quick access to the roll. You do not have to move towels in irritation to use a cutting board or turn on the coffee maker.

2. Make the shelves more functional.

Hanging baskets can be mounted on shelves or on a table.

Double your storage space using the hanging baskets above each shelf. Their simple design perfectly complements the wooden shelves, eventually filling up the wasted vertical space above low cans, boxes, and other items. Rational use of the interior of the cabinet is an important point for the liberation of the kitchen.

3. Be careful

A refrigerator holder makes the kitchen tidier.

The refrigerator for many housewives is a convenient place for notes, reminders and even greeting cards. Everything would be fine if it were not for a whole bunch of papers that are mounted on the door of the refrigerator. It looks not too beautiful. You can avoid problems by hanging a magnetic organizer on the fridge long enough and reliable to collect all the loose papers in one place. He will keep and a note in which there will be a good morning's wish, and a recipe, and a receipt for the payment of electricity.

Folding measuring cups do not take up much space.

Comfortable cooking should not cause difficulties, as well as storing the necessary things in the kitchen. Use collapsible cups, which are made of non-stick silicone, and are assembled as a matryoshka doll. They fit easily into any crowded closet. And since they are made of special silicone, they can be washed in a dishwasher, which makes cleaning easy.

5. Dream boxes

Extra space in the fridge is always needed.

It is familiar to many: as soon as you unpack bags after a trip to the store, the built-in drawers of your refrigerator fill up to the brim, so much so that they are difficult to open and close. Surely you ever wanted to have additional storage compartments at your disposal. Here is a simple way to fulfill your dream of more boxes. Simply install drawers in the fridge that fit snugly to the shelves, giving you extra space to accommodate small items.

6. Knives, know your place.

The magnetic knife holder is a second, and the knife is in place.

Very often, knives are kept as horrible: just on a shelf, in a glass, in a drawer. It is inconvenient, every time to get them and then put back. It is much easier to make room, while at the same time leaving at hand the most necessary knives. This will help the magnetic holder, which is conveniently located on the wall. Place the strip in any place that is most convenient for you, whether near the stove, behind the sink or on the side of the refrigerator. You can choose a simple holder, and you can bright, with a pattern or application - it all depends on your taste.

7. Plastic kingdom

Without containers what order?

Plastic storage containers are in every kitchen. Where do without them? We need them to store food residues. However, it is very inconvenient to constantly look for covers from containers, and even more annoying when unsuited jars refuse to be placed on the shelf. In order not to waste your nerves, choose not single containers, but sets. There are many options - either all the jars are the same, and then the lids fit any of them, or the set includes containers of different sizes, and then they can be stored by inserting into each other.

8. All Navid

Shelf-carousel allows you to optimize the space.

Spices, seasonings and other culinary ingredients can be lost in high cabinets or deep in the corners. In order not to be annoyed when looking for what you need, just buy a rotating shelf. This accessory is often performed for installation in the corners of cabinets, and can also be equipped with retractable shelves. Today, in hardware stores you can find various models of such convenient rotating shelves. Choose the one that you can afford, and which is the best fit.

9. Divide and conquer

The order in the boxes is nice.

There is no better way to overcome the mess in the kitchen drawers than to install adjustable partitions or regular organizers. You can quickly find the right thing, because it will not mix with the rest. You can make an organizer with your own hands from any cardboard box, dividing it into strips, but it is much more convenient to buy a ready-made plastic accessory that you can safely wash with soap. With it, you will restore order in the kitchen drawers and get rid of the need to dig into them, looking for the right detail.

10. Wash and fold

Collapsible colander does not take up much space.

We need a colander when it is necessary to wash the berries or put the finished pasta. This will allow you to quickly rinse the tasty fruits, drain the boiling water and put the pasta in the plates. Perhaps there are still some options for the use of colander, but they are not so popular. The rest of the time he lies on the shelf and occupies a precious place. The solution is simple: purchase a silicone colander that folds into a flat disk. After use, it can be hung on the wall or put in a box, where it will crouch until the next time.

11. How tired are these covers.

Each cover has its own place.

One of the most foolish problems of a home cook is to look for a lid from a frying pan or pan. They are not always at hand. They should be looked for in the closet, sometimes dumping the rest of the dishes at the same time. The time has come for organizational intervention. To store the lids, you can purchase a special organizer, the shelves of which can expand or taper to fit the lids or baking molds of different sizes. Cooking will be much more pleasant when you do not need to look for a suitable lid each time.