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15 fresh ideas competent organization of space in a small apartment


15 fresh ideas competent organization of space in a small apartment

The attention of readers even more fresh and frankly incredible ideas about how you can and should organize the space in a small apartment.

Each of these councils is good in its own way and in reality can be useful not only to residents of modest premises.

1. Masking lessons

Large closet in the hallway.

The main rule for arranging small spaces is minimalism and functionality. Therefore, owners of small hallways should abandon too large cabinets, open shelves and hangers as they create a feeling of clutter and chaos. The best solution for such spaces will be a modern built-in wardrobe with a smooth facade in the color of the finish or a tall wardrobe of medium size with a mirror facade.

2. Letting in the light

Translucent partition.

All owners of one-room apartments sooner or later face the issue of planning and zoning of space. In such cases, the best solution will be translucent partitions made of plastic or glass, which will help to divide the area of ​​the room without interfering with the penetration of natural light.

3. Open space

Sliding doors in the interior of a small apartment.

Partial wall demolition and sliding door installation can be a great idea for small apartments. In the open form, these doors will create the illusion of freedom and spaciousness. Owners of currently popular studio apartments can also use sliding structures to maximize the available space in an ergonomic way.

4. Invisible furniture

Masking large furniture.

Choosing furniture for a small apartment, pay attention to items with glossy, metal and mirror facades, as well as products made of transparent glass and plastic. This trick will allow you to visually reduce the size of the selected object, making it virtually invisible.

High racks in the interior of a small apartment.

When choosing shelves for a small apartment, pay attention to high models that will occupy all the space from the floor to the ceiling. Otherwise, the rack will "cut" the space and visually reduce the height of the ceiling. In addition, high racks without walls can be used for zoning rooms.

6. Open closet

Open closet in the bedroom.

Saving valuable square meters in a small bedroom will help rejection of the wardrobe. Instead, it is better to pay attention to the idea of ​​organizing an open dressing room. It can be finished products in the form of original floor hangers or simple designs that are easy to implement with your own hands.

7. Functional furniture

Functional furniture for small rooms.

The modern furniture production market is actively working for the benefit of society, offering consumers more and more new ideas to save space. One example of such furniture is this bright and modern attic bed with a shelf, chest of drawers, a folding table and a wardrobe downstairs. This bed will be a great solution for arranging a children's corner in a small apartment.

8. Bright details

Bright accents in the interior.

Do not be afraid of bright colors and turn the design of a small room into a "cult of minimalism in bright colors." Professionals argue that the presence of bright details in the decoration and decor will have a beneficial effect on the interior of a small space, making it interesting, lively and dynamic.

9. Closer to the floor

Low furniture for low spaces.

The use of low furniture is another effective method for creating a stylish and comfortable atmosphere in a small room with a low ceiling. Ideally, such furniture should also be slightly cut off from the floor. This trick will allow you to create a comfortable atmosphere for life and not violate non-standard room parameters.

10. Heavy drapes

Long heavy curtains.

The owner of small apartments should not be afraid to use heavy curtains. On the contrary, long thick curtains of a contrasting color will attract attention to the window, which is a direct source of light, visually lift the ceiling and become a cozy detail of the room.

11. Light partitions

Light walls instead of walls.

People who have started a major overhaul should think about the partial demolition of the walls and replacing them with stylish light partitions that will divide the area into zones, while maintaining lightness and a sense of freedom.

12. Additional resources

Storage system under the sofa.

In conditions of limited space, you need to think outside the box and use any resources. For example, the bottom of a sofa or bed can be used to create a roomy storage system for bed linen, seasonal clothing, or books.

13. Transforming furniture

Lifting bed in the interior of a small room.

Stylish design with a lifting bed, shelves and side tables will be a real boon for the owners of a one-room apartment. Of course, such a bed will be somewhat more expensive than the usual one, but buying it will help save great space and make the housing more functional.

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14. Lockers with secrets

Retractable countertops in the kitchen.

Kitchen set with retractable countertops will be a real boon for owners of small kitchens. This hidden resource can be used as an additional work surface or instead of a massive dinner table, for which there is no way to find a place in a small kitchen.

15. In the corners

Use of angular space.

Pay attention to the angular space of your apartment. Empty corners are a waste that only owners of huge choirs can afford. In a small apartment, the corners should be used wisely, for example, for the construction of a large bookcase.