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18 stylish and modern bathrooms that will make you think about installing a shower stall


It's time to think about what can be done better in the bathroom. Place is, frankly, quite intimate, and therefore the approach to its improvement should be appropriate.

Needless to say, nothing can be improved without reading specific examples. Just such were collected in the traditional review. Perhaps something is suitable for your home. Enjoy watching.

1. Restrained classics

Spacious shower cubicle in classic style.

Spacious shower cubicle with a low basement, modern sanitary engineering, corner shelves, a small bench and glass sliding doors in the interior of the adjacent bathroom, decorated in cream-brown shades.

2. Ergonomic solution

Tiny gated shower cubicle.

A compact corner cubicle with illumination, loudspeakers and a variety of different ways of supplying water has become a functional addition to a tiny adjacent bathroom decorated in black and white.

3. Pentagon

Pentagonal shower stall.

An elegant pentagonal shower cubicle with a low threshold that prevents water from flowing out of the shower area, walls decorated with light gray ceramic tiles and a comfortable niche for storing hygiene products.

4. Niche

Shower cubicle in a niche.

Bright bathroom with a spacious shower stall, equipped in a niche and hidden behind frosted glass doors.

5. Gray polyhedron

Corner shower with gray walls.

A stylish bathroom decorated in gray-brown colors with an angular pentagonal shower stall, which does not have a factory pallet and is separated from the common space with semi-glass and glass.

6. Two in one

Bathroom with combined hydroboxing.

Elegant bathroom in white and blue tones with a combined hydrobox, which consists of a bathtub, a round shower stall with revolving glass doors and many shelves for cosmetics and hygiene products.

7. Unusual finish

Corner booth with original finish.

A cozy bathroom with an abundance of wooden elements and a corner shower with glass doors and an unusual finish, reminiscent of light-colored raw wood.

8. Glass

Shower cabin made of glass.

Modern glass construction with a bright wall, decorated with dark green tiles and niches for various trifles, has become a real highlight of the light bath in the style of minimalism.

9. Compact solution

A tiny cabin behind colored glass.

An extraordinarily bright and tidy bathroom with a tiny shower stall in the corner, hidden behind a wall and a door of blue glass.

10. Luxury and comfort

Modern shower with brown walls.

Luxurious interior of a small adjacent bathroom, decorated in brown tones with an ergonomic corner booth, separated from the rest of the space by glass walls and sliding doors.

11. Minimalism

Shower cabin in the style of minimalism.

Amazing bathroom with snow-white trim, the highlight of which was a minimalist closed shower with soft lighting and folding benches made of natural wood.

12. Laconic design

Laconic shower cubicle design.

A small bathroom in dark colors with modern fixtures and a sleek shower with a low vinyl tray, a narrow shelf in a niche and glass walls.

13. Industrial style

Open shower corner in a niche.

Atmospheric bathroom with a complex geometry, decorated in industrial style with an open shower stall, equipped in a deep niche.

14. Mosaic

Shower cubicle decorated with mosaics.

Spectacular adjacent bathroom with light walls and a shower stall, the walls of which are decorated with contrasting mosaic of thin narrow tiles.

15. Ergonomic solution

Tiny shower with deep tray.

The compact shower stall, separated from the washbasin by a narrow glass partition, with a deep base and a curtain fits perfectly into the interior of a tiny bathroom decorated in gray tones.

16. Vintage design

Shower cabin in vintage style.

Elegant bathroom in blue tones, the highlight of which was an unusual chrome design in vintage style with a shower and a curtain.

17. Futuristic design

Shower cabin in fusion style.

An extraordinary bathroom with white walls, a creative washbasin and a bright fusion shower enclosure with rich green walls and a shelf in a niche.

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18. Multifunctional design

Closed shower with hydromassage.

Exquisite bathroom, decorated in pleasant brick shades with a functional corner booth, equipped with lighting and hydromassage function.

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