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15 culinary tips from the men's magazine, which are not disdained and experienced housewives


In our society, it has been instituted in such a way that a woman is more often preparing food.

Men can only fry eggs or potatoes in a frying pan. That is why sometimes in print publications or on sites appear useful tips for the stronger sex.

One men's magazine published culinary lifehacks on its pages for its target audience, but it is worth noting that they will also be useful to the hostesses.

1. Egg storage

Extend shelf life of eggs.

Eggs are a potentially dangerous product. Their shelf life is limited and it is absolutely not worth breaking it. It is worth noting that in the summer months the shelf life of this product becomes even more limited. So, if you are going to take raw chicken eggs on the road, grease them with vegetable oil. The fatty film will prevent the ingress of bacteria under the shell.

2. Started Cake

So that the cake does not become stale.

To prevent the started cake from becoming hardened, attach a slice of bread to the cut points. To do this, ordinary toothpicks will help.

3. Lemon juice

A few drops of lemon juice.

If you need a few drops of lemon juice and you don’t want the fruit to dry in your fridge, use a toothpick. Just wash the lemon, remember well in your hands, and then poke a toothpick in the middle and squeeze a small amount of juice. After that, seal the small hole with tape and put it in the fridge until the next time.

4. Egg cleaning

Easy egg cleaning.

According to our information, you will not have any problems with cleaning the eggs if you pre-pierce the shell with a pushpin. Just do it very carefully so that the egg does not crack.

5. Unripe bananas

Unbaked bananas in the oven.

There are many ways to help bananas ripen, but the fastest of them involves the use of an oven. Heat it to 150 degrees and put a baking tray with fruit inside. After 15-20 minutes, bananas will become ripe.

6. Celery and broccoli

Store celery and broccoli.

According to our information, celery and broccoli can “live” a whole month in your fridge if you pre-wrap these products in foil.

7. Germinated potatoes

Store potatoes.

If you are going to store potatoes for a long time, you may encounter the fact that the fruits will begin to germinate. Apples will help slow down this process. Ethylene, which is contained in apples, will not allow the potato to germinate.

8. The remains of mayonnaise

Remains of mayonnaise on the bottom of the jar.

To completely clear the jar of mayonnaise and use the product to the last drop, add a little vinegar, olive oil, spices and herbs to it. Talk the contents of the jar to the remnants of mayonnaise away from the walls. The resulting mixture will be an excellent salad dressing.

9. Unripe pineapples

Unripe pineapples.

In order for the underdone pineapple to ripen faster, tear off all foliage from it and keep it upside down.

10. Pure broth

Beautiful clean broth.

To make the broth clean and get a golden hue, boil cleaned, not chopped onion with the meat.

11. Coffee ice

Coffee ice cubes.

Coffee lovers will love this summer coffee drink. To do this, simply pour a cup of strong black coffee on the forms for ice and send in the freezer. Add 2-3 cubes of coffee ice to milk.

12. Perfect bacon

Crispy bacon.

Proper bacon is not fried in a pan. Do it in the oven. Spread thin meat slices on a baking sheet covered with foil and send for 15-20 minutes in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees.

13. Freshness of eggs

Check for egg freshness.

Another way to test egg freshness is to look at the consistency of raw protein. When you are going to knead the dough or fry the eggs, look at the density of the protein around the yolk. If it is pronounced, the egg is fresh, and if it spreads - the egg has been lying for some time.

14. Lemon acid

Determination of the taste of lemon.

It turns out that the thickness of the peel can be determined lemon acid. Remember the most acidic fruits with thin skin.

15. Knife handle

Knife handle upgrade.

To prevent the knife from slipping out of your hands, put a few stationery elastics on its handle while cooking.