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18 brilliant ideas to help hide an unsightly radiator


18 brilliant ideas to help hide an unsightly radiator

Batteries in the house - this is not the element that you want to see undisguised. Of course, each battery is usually hidden by a special panel. However, is this approach enough?

If not, then you can do something for it yourself. In this review, nearly two dozen remarkable ideas were collected on this subject.

1. pallet

Screen of pallets.

Carefully polished and painted in a light shade of pallets can make an excellent screen for the radiator, and a wooden board nailed from above will allow you to get an additional shelf for flowers and decorative objects.

2. Bookcase

Bookcase with a secret.

A large cabinet with shelves for books at the top and an inconspicuous grid screen for the battery at the bottom is a great example of how you can hide an unsightly battery and at the same time acquire additional storage system.

3. Bench

Radiator under the bench.

A small bench built around the radiator will become a stylish detail of the bedroom interior and a cozy place to read.

4. Under the table

Dining area above the battery.

The space above the battery in the kitchen can be used to create a wonderful dining area with a wide window sill, serving as a table, and many sliding cabinets on the sides.

5. Bamboo

Screen with an original bamboo lattice.

Wonderful wide screen for the radiator, covered with the original bamboo grille, which not only hides the unsightly piece of furniture, but also becomes a practical bedside table.

6. Console

Console table over the radiator.

From durable wood and aluminum plates, you can build a reliable screen for a radiator, which is also suitable for storing various small items and becomes a functional part of the hallway.

7. Eco-style

Curtain screen in eco style.

A modern light wood hinged screen not only disguises an old radiator, but also becomes a stylish detail of a modern interior.

8. Shelf

Radiator screen built into the shelf.

The radiator screen, built into the long modern shelf, is a practical solution that allows you to hide an annoying object and acquire additional space for storing various small things.

9. Modern solution

Bright metal screen for the battery.

A bright perforated metal screen will help hide an ugly radiator and become a spectacular detail of a modern interior.

10. Textiles

Soft textile screen.

An elegant textile screen will perfectly fit into the interior of a classic living room and will allow you to get an extra shelf to accommodate indoor plants and small decor items.

11. False fireplace

False fireplace to mask the battery.

Cardboard or drywall can be used to create a charming false fireplace, which not only covers the battery, but also becomes a cozy detail of a modern living room.

12. Sofa

Sofa over the battery.

Disguise the old battery will help a cozy sofa, which can be built from drywall at the window above the radiator.

13. Stylish design

Modern box design for a radiator.

Decorative box for the radiator will kill two birds with one stone: hide the old battery and get a stylish shelf to accommodate decorative items.

14. Folding table

Folding table over the radiator.

A small folding table located above the heating radiator will be a brilliant solution for owners of small apartments, because with its help it will be possible not only to hide the unsightly detail, but also to acquire a fairly spacious dining area.

15. Stand

Screen for the battery in the form of cabinets.

A wonderful screen for a battery, made in the form of a stylish wooden bollard, will fit into the interior of any modern space and remove the unsightly piece of furniture from the eyes.

16. The whole

Screen connected to the head of the bed.

A wonderful translucent screen connected to the head of the bed will help to cover the radiator and get a charming bedside table.

17. Shutter

Battery behind the curtain.

The original fabric curtain attached to the window sill is the easiest and most affordable way to hide a radiator. In addition, such a “Screen” can be replaced at any time with a new one by simply buying another fabric.

18. Storage system

Ergonomic storage system over the radiator.

The original and capacious storage system, attached to the window sill, will allow you to hide the old battery and get a lot of boxes to store all sorts of things.

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