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Creative ideas for home: 20 low-budget crafts for a modern interior


A lot of beautiful, stylish and useful things for the house, you can do if you want with your own hands. This will save a lot of money, as well as pass the time for a nice exciting job.

So in the next review, examples of folk art were collected, which would not be so difficult to repeat, it would not be necessary to invest a lot of money in them, and such crafts would serve faithfully and not for a year or two.

1. Patterns on the walls with their own hands

Using a simple stencil, you can create an unusual decor indoors.

2. Non dull wall decoration

Crafts for decoration with your own hands - it is always very exciting, but time-consuming exercise.

3. Unique handicraft in the interior

You can create a completely unique craft without the involvement of professionals.

4. Wall shelves for books

With the help of simple things you can create original decor items that will decorate the room.

5. Crafts for decoration

A photo frame from an old piece of wood. created in just a few minutes.

6. "Night city"

The patterns on the lamp are selected based on the overall style of the room.

7. Curtain on the ropes

An important advantage of using conventional ropes is the ability to hang a curtain on any curtain rod.

8. Wooden table

A wooden table created from an old door will be a great solution for any modern interior.

9. Wooden panel in the living room interior

Wall wooden panel, made with wood carving.

10. The unique pattern on the wall

Bright wall paintings of decorative nature.

11. For fans of comics

Art painting the walls in the bathroom for real lovers of comics.

12. Chair cover

The cover for the chair from natural fur is comfortable and visually beautiful.

Chair bag made of fur.

13. Ceiling lamp

Make a bright cover for the lamp with your own hands under the power of each.

14. Sofa frame made of pallets

Furniture made using wooden pallets is a bold and original solution.

15. Pictures at the head of the bed

Unusual elements of decor can instantly transform the room.

16. Wall painting in the interior

Stencil drawings have a number of positive features.

17. Decorative painting of walls in the apartment

A bright stencil pattern is sure to become the semantic center of the interior of any room.

18. Harmony with nature in interior design

Wood is a natural and environmentally friendly material.

19. Decorative birds in the interior of the nursery.

You can diversify the interior of the children's room without the help of professionals.

20. Plafond from instrumental funds

Ceiling chandelier from scrap materials in the modern interior of the living room.

Ceiling chandelier do it yourself.