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Table setting rules for breakfast, lunch, dinner, holiday etiquette


Proper table setting, corresponding to the event, about the time of day and feast, will allow guests to feel satisfaction from the event, and from the meal itself.

Proper table setting not only emphasizes the delicate taste of the hostess, but also shows her respect for guests and households.

The table is served according to the occasion, menu, subject and time of day. At the same time, the purpose of any serving is to provide guests with a comfortable and pleasant pastime and convenient access to all the dishes presented.

Proper table setting emphasizes the good taste of the hostess

Basic rules for serving tableware with cutlery at home

The first thing you need to choose and cover tablecloth. For rectangular table Take a tablecloth 50 to 60 cm longer than the tabletop. If a the table is round or oval - 100 - 110 cm wider than the diameter of the tabletop.

Calculate the length of the tablecloth so that its edges are below the bottom surface of the table by 30-50 cm.

For home dinner you will need plain white tablecloth, but other soothing pastel colors will do.

IMPORTANT: It is good if the color and texture of the tablecloth is in harmony with the color and texture of the curtains, upholstered sofas and chairs in the room. In any case, the tablecloth should be perfectly ironed.

Table setting cutlery at home

When the table is set, place the instruments. First of all - glass and porcelain plates and dishes. Behind them - knives, spoons, forks and other necessary devices.

Utensils and appliances for serving the table

The last put glass and crystal glasses, piles, glasses.

Scheme of the proper sorting of the holiday table

Lay out the devices in this way.:

  • any knives lay to the right so that the cutting part is facing the plate
  • tablespoon put also on the right, so that its convex part is at the bottom
  • forks after serving the table should be on the left, with their teeth will be directed upwards
  • dessert spoon should be behind the plate, its handle is turned to the right

IMPORTANT: When serving cutlery it is necessary to take into account that they will be used from the outer edge and change objects depending on the supply of new dishes. For convenience, you should place objects at a distance of about 1 cm from each other.

The correct location of the devices when laying the table

Basic rules for serving tableware at home

Plates on the table first, and glasses, piles, glasses - the last.

Arrange the plates in this order:

  • Middle plate (snack bar) put in such a way that to the edge of the table remained 2.5 - 3 cm.
  • Pie (bread) plate position on the left, leaving about 10 cm.
  • If you plan to change dishes, put under the diner small size dinner plate before laying a napkin under it.

IMPORTANT: Depending on the type of the first dish, choose a plate for it. If cream soup or broth is to be served, take a bowl, if thick soup or borsch is a large deep plate.

Wine glass put on the right water glass - left, but they must stand in one line. Two rows of dishes for drinks is allowed if a grand event is prepared with a large variety of dishes and drinks.

IMPORTANT: Tableware must be prepared well in advance. To do this, it is washed, dried, carefully wiped with a towel. The main thing is that before serving the dishes looked perfect. Divorce, drips, dull or opaque appearance of it is unacceptable.

Beautiful home table setting

Folding napkins for serving the table

Napkins - an essential attribute of any feast. No matter how beautiful were folded paper or linen napkins, do not forget that they, first of all, serve for the convenience of guests.

Therefore, any napkin should be located in the most accessible place, and even the most intricate napkin figure - easy to turn around.

Folding napkin in the form of a Christmas tree

The pictures and video show how quickly and beautifully to make a flat or three-dimensional figure from a napkin.

Volumetric folding linen cloth Beautiful folding napkins for table setting Folding a paper napkin in the shape of a heart for table setting

IMPORTANT: Volumetric cloth napkin shapes will keep their shape well, and the napkins themselves can be easily washed off from stains if they are starchy.

To starch linen cloth:

  • In 0.5 liters of cold water, add 1.5 tbsp. starch and stir until you get a homogeneous solution of a cloudy white color that does not contain lumps.
  • Boil 1 liter of water, pour into the prepared solution and mix.
  • Cool and strain through cheesecloth.
  • Put the clean, dry wipes into the solution and squeeze a little.
  • Hang the napkins to dry without using clothespins.
  • Start ironing between two towels as soon as all the water has drained from the napkins.

IMPORTANT: According to the rules of etiquette, beautifully folded napkins should be at solemn feasts. For other events, napkins can simply be gently put in a glass or stand.

Rules for serving breakfast etiquette

To properly serve the table for breakfast, follow the following scheme:

  • Arrange the snack plates.
  • Put the cups and glasses.
  • Place a teaspoon on a saucer.
  • On the snack plate set the egg holder, do not forget about a special spoon.
  • Place a porridge bowl on the snack plate as well.
  • Place a coffee pot or tea with a hot drink in the middle of the table.
  • Serve sandwiches or croissants on a large flat dish.

IMPORTANT: On a table served for breakfast, a saucer for jam or honey, a butter dish, a salt shaker and a sugar bowl will be appropriate.

Table setting for breakfast

The rules of table setting for dinner on etiquette

Dining options for dinner are several, as the dinner itself may consist of a different number of dishes:

  • Place a dinner plate on the table covered with a tablecloth.
  • On a shallow plate, place a deep one for the first course.
  • Add a snack plate if you serve dishes that cannot be eaten from common dishes.
  • Place a fork to the left of the plates, a soup spoon and a knife to the right, the knife should be closer to the plates and the spoon closer to the edge of the table.
  • Decorate a snack plate with beautifully folded napkins.
  • In the center of the table, place the salt shaker, sudochki with the necessary spices and seasonings.
  • Wine glasses and glasses for water, put the right and left respectively.
  • Place a bottle of alcoholic beverage on the table beforehand uncorked.
  • Fresh flowers in the center of the table will decorate and complement even imperfect table setting.
  • Feed oil in the oil can.
  • First serve hot in the tureen.
Dinner table setting

Table setting rules for dinner etiquette

Dinner, whether it’s a party or a quiet family, is always associated with warmth and comfort. Therefore, it is important for the hostess not only to properly serve the table, but also to supplement the serving with the appropriate details.

  • Pick up the tablecloth (suitable with a small pattern).
  • Place two small plates one in another, and to the left of them put a plate for bread.
  • To the left of the plates, place the forks up with the teeth, on the right - the knives with the blades to the plate.
  • Place dishes for alcoholic beverages to the right of the plates, for water - to the left.

IMPORTANT: The dinner table setting is similar to the dinner table setting, but it is distinguished by the lack of a deep plate and a spoon for the first course. This dish is not a place on the table in the evening.

Table setting for dinner differs by the lack of deep plates.

Beautiful table setting: rules

Festive table usually covered not only for members of his family, but also for invited guests.

The festive feast will be considered successful if the table is beautifully and correctly served, and guests at the table will be comfortable and convenient.

There are several rules for serving the holiday table, observing that any hostess can show her ability to meet guests at the highest level:

  1. Tablecloth for the holiday table should be perfectly clean and ironed. It is advisable to lay a thick cloth on the table under the tablecloth, which will allow you to avoid the ringing of dishes in case of an accidental fall, and also protects the table surface from spilled liquids. However, it is permissible not to cover an expensive wood table from a tree.
  2. Utensils and appliancesthat are used for serving should be from the same set. It is unacceptable to serve a holiday table with dishes of different colors and sizes. Clean and shine dishes should be immaculate.
  3. how plates and devices need to spread only in the order in which the hostess plans to serve dishes.
  4. On the table should not be extra dishes and appliances. Items "just in case" are not needed, but only spoil the look of the table.
  5. Everything alcoholic beverages They are served in pre-opened bottles, but the champagne is opened just before serving.
  6. For each guest should be prepared one fabric and several paper napkin.
  7. First course Guests poured into plates from the tureen hostess. Someone from the guests or the household can help her serve the filled plates. This should be done by approaching everyone at the table from the right side.
  8. Second course Guests put themselves in a plate from a common dish.

IMPORTANT: The following order of serving dishes at the festive table is generally accepted: appetizer, first course, fish dish, meat, sweet dessert and fruit, tea or coffee.

The presence of a thematic decor in the center of the festive table will emphasize the hostess’s efforts and give the feast comfort and warmth.

Beautiful festive table setting

Banquet table setting rules

Banquets arranged in honor of any major holiday, such as an anniversary or a wedding. The concept of "banquet table" implies that the event will be held in a specially rented banquet hall, waiters will serve the guests.

Banquet attributes are:

  1. Various decorations (balls, bows, special drapery)
  2. Entertainment for guests (live music, performances, master of ceremonies or host of the holiday)
Banquet table setting

Banquet table must match the situation, occasion and general mood. The main rules of its serving:

  • Are used folding tableswhich are arranged depending on the number of guests, features of the hall, type of service.
  • Tables are covered white banquet tablecloths, leaving descents from the edges of about 25 cm.
  • The first place small plates. They are arranged in such a way that the distance between adjacent plates is not less than 60 cm, but not more than 80 cm, and the distance to the edge of the table does not exceed 1 - 2 cm. Snack plates are placed above, and on the left - pastry plates.
  • On right put knivesfacing blades towards the plates. All devices located on the right: a table knife, a fish knife, a table spoon, a snack knife.
  • To the left of the plate: dining fork, fish fork, two forks for snacks.
  • Dessert fork and knife placed behind the plate.
  • Also have a plate wine glass to the right of the wine glass - wine glasses for stronger drinks.
  • Cloth Wipes put on plates, pre-giving them a beautiful view.
  • Short flowerpots with fresh or artificial flowers Arrange evenly in the center of the table.
  • Also, table decoration can serve vases with fruit and grapes.
Banquet table setting option

Restaurant table setting rules

The restaurant has two serving options:

  1. Banquet
  2. Preliminary (corresponding to the order from the menu) with preservation

The name of the serving "preliminary" speaks for itself - the serving will require addition after the guests have chosen the dishes and made the order.

Items that must be present on the guest table by the rules pre serving:

  • table knife, plate, fork
  • wine glass
  • cloth napkin
  • additional accessories (spices, folding menu cards, table number in the form of a plate, ashtray, etc.)
Table setting in a restaurant

Dessert table setting rules

Dessert time - the end of the main feast. All dessert equipment served shortly before serving the dessert itself. To the left of the dessert plate put a fork, to the right - a spoon.

Dessert endured on a plate-coasters. If it is chilled, it is possible to serve in the bowls or bowls.

Sweet table setting rules

Sweet table setting has no fundamental differences. They put the plate in front of her put the devices. On top of a flat plate put a deep - for liquid sweets.

On the right side of the plates are wine glasses and glasses. On the shelves you can lay out fruit or various cakes.

Before inviting guests to the table, it is covered with a tablecloth, preferably soft colors.

A tea cup is larger than a coffee cup, placed on a saucer. The spoon is placed on the saucer. To the left of the cup they put a dessert plate. For sugar use special tongs.

Festive children's sweet table setting

Rules of serving tea table

The main rules for serving the tea table coincide with the basic rules for serving, described earlier, however, a few recommendations will help create a more comfortable atmosphere for guests invited to tea:

  • The color and style of the tea set should match the color and texture of the tablecloth.
  • It is desirable that there was a composition of fresh flowers on the table.
  • If classic Russian tea is supposed to be, the supply of tea directly from the samovar, which is placed to the left of the hostess of the house or set on a separate table, is appropriate and at the same time original.
  • Milk is served in milk jug. It is advisable to put the milkman on a plate so as not to accidentally spill its contents on the tablecloth.
  • Cake, roll or pie cut in portions. Fruits are put in vases, sweets - in candy. The berries are laid out on the bowls or saucers.
  • Alcoholic drinks are allowed at the tea table.

IMPORTANT: Tea time is a time of intimate, intimate conversations. Even if the setting of the tea table is imperfect, the positive mood of the guests and the good cozy atmosphere will brighten up the evening and make small defects imperceptible.

Table setting for tea

Buffet table setting rules

Buffet table spend at official receptions, corporate events, presentations.

The peculiarity of its holding The fact is that there can be a lot of people at the event, but neither a large hall nor special financial expenses will be needed for this.

IMPORTANT: Arrange a buffet in the evening, it lasts a maximum of 2 hours. The purpose of the event - to chat, make friends. It is considered bad form to start eating one of the first and leave the buffet last.

Features of serving tables for a buffet table:

  • Tables are covered with white tablecloths and arranged so that guests can move freely around the hall. For dirty dishes prepare a separate table.
  • There are no chairs, because during the reception, guests come to the tables and choose food.
  • Buffet menu - appetizers, light salads. The drinks are allowed champagne and wine.
  • Wine glasses and stacks of plates placed at the ends of the table, next to the plates placed forks in special stands. The guests themselves will take the dishes.
  • The main thing - to leave enough space on the edges of the tables.
  • Napkins are placed in the holders and set evenly.
  • Be sure to decorate the tables and the hall with flowers, baskets of fruit.
  • Water and juice are poured into glasses, the alcohol is left in the bottles, before opening them.
  • The menu for the buffet table consists of dishes that can be easily put on your plate: canapes, sandwiches and snacks.
Buffet table setting

Birthday table setting rules

Birthday - such a holiday, which can be celebrated both in a narrow circle of relatives and closest people, and in the noisy company of friends, friends and good acquaintances.

Depending on what holiday the birthday man wants to arrange, you should choose the venue, menu, type of service.

  • If planned quiet family dinner, then served either a festive table or a table for dinner.
  • If the birthday will take place in the cafe or a restaurant with a pre-arranged menu, serves a banquet table.
  • Those who decided to birthday visit a restaurant, but did not order a pre-table and certain dishes, standard restaurant pre-serving will wait.
Beautiful birthday table setting

The rules of table setting for children in pictures

From childhood you need to teach your child the basics of etiquette. In adulthood, this knowledge will be useful to him more than once. In order to study the rules of behavior at the table and the basics of serving it, the baby does not have difficulties, you can conduct classes in a game form and use special pictures.

Teaching children table setting

Knowing and practicing the rules and characteristics of table setting, you can feel confident in inviting guests or setting the table for a family party.

Joint feasts at a cozy, beautifully decorated table will bring positive emotions to the hosts and their guests, and perhaps such feasts will turn into a good good family tradition.

Video: How to properly serve the table?

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