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17 bright devices that finally convince to abandon the Soviet kitchen junk


17 bright devices that finally convince to abandon the Soviet kitchen junk

Progress does not stand still, so modern designers offer dozens of hundreds of various devices that are designed to facilitate the stay of the hostess in the kitchen.

These devices are not only functional, but also look just amazing.

1. Device for cleaning vegetables

Bright vegetable peeler.

Bright device with a handle in the form of a blue bird, designed for cleaning fruits and vegetables.

2. Forms for ice cream

Forms for ice cream and fruit ice.

A fun shape for making homemade ice cream and fruit ice is useful for all moms who love to pamper their kids with original desserts.

3. Cover

Silicone cover.

A charming silicone lid with a cute patch at the top can be used both for pans and for bowls of salads.

4. Wrench for cans

Key for cans.

Of course, the Soviet keys for cans differed reliability. It is not surprising that many use such to this day. However, in our opinion, this original key in the form of a pelican is much more attractive, and it is much more convenient during operation.

5. Colander

A set of colander.

A set of bright colander with goose-shaped handles is an ideal tandem for preparing salads, green vegetables and other products. The upper colander allows water to pass through, and the lower bowl collects the remaining water.

6. Set of knives

Compact set of knives.

The original set of knives of different sizes, which are folded into one large knife.

7. Roll Form

Device for forming rolls.

Sushi and rolls are now very popular and many are happy to cook them at home. However, to form the right tight rolls and carefully cut them is not an easy task. This bright and uncomplicated device will help to cope with this.

8. Garlic Press

Modern garlic press.

Anyone who has used a Soviet-style garlic press is known for its shortcomings. However, this modern analogue will make you forget about them.

9. Bottle Opener

Can opener.

Universal opener that allows you to open a can of preservation, regardless of its size.

10. Tea strainer

Original sieve for tea.

Lovers of custard tea, for sure, will like this funny sieve in the form of a little man. With it, the process of brewing tea will turn into fun fun.

11. Hand blender

Compact hand blender.

A hand blender will allow you to chop fruits, vegetables, herbs and even meat without electricity. The compact size of this device allows you to take it with you to the country and on trips to nature.

12. Cutlery stand

Stand for spoons and forks.

Charming stand in the form of an elephant, designed to store spoons, forks, knives and other cutlery for everyday use. It is worth noting that in the elephant's trunk there is a hole through which the remaining water after washing will drain.

13. Device for draining water

Device for draining water.

Previously, to drain the water from the pan, you had to use a colander or move the lid of the pan and drain the water through it, while risking a burn. However, in the modern market there are many special devices that can facilitate this process. One of them is this funny whale lattice.

14. Cutting board

Chopping board "Puzzle".

The original version of the classic wooden boards, which consists of several fragments. Each of them can be used both individually and together.

15. Tea bag retainer

Clamps for tea bags.

Cute multi-colored silicone snails for fixing tea bags in a cup or tea pot. Of course, such a trinket cannot claim to be the most necessary thing in the kitchen, but it will undoubtedly become one of the cute little details that create coziness.

16. Egg Readiness Indicator

Timer for boiling eggs.

The original device that will help to cook eggs perfectly, without looking at the clock. This wonderful timer is made in the form of an egg, which you need to "boil" in a saucepan along with the real ones. Want to boil soft-boiled eggs, wait until the middle of the device turns white. When the device is completely dark - the eggs are fully prepared. In our opinion, such a timer without exaggeration is useful in every kitchen.

17. Set of cups

A set of cups "Cactus".

A wonderful set of cups that fold and turn into a cactus figure. When folded, this kit will decorate any surface in the kitchen.