Useful ideas

Original ideas for kitchen design


Any housewife wants to see her kitchen not only functional, practical and convenient from the point of view of the implementation of work processes, but also comfortable, beautiful, modern. Of course, in many ways, kitchen design depends on its size, but the ideas we offer for storing, preparing or consuming food can be used in kitchen rooms of any scale.

The advantage is that many of the accessories and design techniques can be implemented independently, without the involvement of specialists and serious financial expenses. So, before you are more than 70 ideas on the organization of a practical, comfortable and aesthetic interior of kitchen space.

Ideas for optimizing space and saving kitchen space

In small kitchens, each square centimeter weighs gold, so you have to use all the available space, for example, the height of the room. The location of the upper tier of kitchen cabinets from the ceiling itself, allows you to increase the number of storage systems. This method is good for kitchen facilities in standard apartments with low ceilings.

If you add snow-white facades to the embedding of a kitchen set from the ceiling itself and to the floor, then not only the number of storage systems can be brought to the optimum, but also a visual increase in space can be achieved.

In the kitchen space with a shortage of useful space for the organization of the dining area, you can use the model of a folding table, with the shape of a semicircle. There are models on sale that can fully recline and lean on one leg, as well as tables, in which a part is lowered, leaving for use an almost rectangular tabletop.

A round portable table is a great option for organizing a place for dining in a small kitchen.

Rational storage or saving of useful space

There is not a lot of storage systems, especially when it comes to the kitchen room - any homeowner will agree with this statement. But it is not enough to have a sufficient number of kitchen cabinets, it is important to organize storage in such a way as to spend as little time as possible on finding the desired item, store dangerous cutlery and various kitchen accessories in the safest way. Modern furniture manufacturers often offer us a ready-made storage solution - kitchen cabinets with built-in dividers, dividers, rotating shelves, pull-out organizers and other appliances that help keep kitchen space in order. But there are quite a few solutions that are already used in the finished furniture ensemble or even apart from it.

Household items and food that must be used daily (spices, oils, sauces and other additives) are best kept on open shelves. Then the whole assortment will be in front of your eyes (you will be able to quickly find the necessary ingredient), and you will not have to constantly slam the doors of kitchen cabinets. If your jars and bottles are not transparent, then the easiest way is to use stickers, stickers on which you can sign the name of the seasoning or sauce. Yes, and transparent vessels this technique applies - many products look very similar (it will hurt the salt and sugar, ruining the dish, for example).

Square and rectangular containers take up less space, both on the open shelves and in the drawers.

You can use the following stand and shelf options for storing bottles. The advantage of mounted wooden shelves is that not only the bottles are in a safe container, but also a place for glasses. Metal holders can be mounted anywhere - even on the side walls of wall cabinets. Saving kitchen space on the face.

And how do you like this approach to organizing a place to create notes, write recipes and generally create a mini-home office in the kitchen space? It took only the side wall of the wardrobe and a small tray (or tray) for stationery.

Another option to use a black magnetic board for organizing a place for notes, recipe records and a list of products is the inside of the door of any wall cabinet.

Ordinary tin cans (from under baby food or large canned foods) become creative tableware, just wrap them with sacking. It is noteworthy that such decorative elements will look organic not only in various variations of country style (Scandinavian, Provence, Mediterranean), but also in the kitchen space, decorated in a modern style.

You may also need the organizers in the form of wooden trays, containers or boxes with low sides. The convenience of using such coasters is that the whole complex of necessary household items is at hand, in the right place at the moment.

For products that are undesirable to be stored in the refrigerator (onions, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.), you can use special boxes with perforation. They can be made of plastic, metal, woven from a rod or rattan.

Some ideas on how to store various cleaning products and appliances for washing dishes and grooming kitchen surfaces that you wouldn’t like to put on public display, but would prefer to hide.

And for storing a set of knives and other metal kitchen accessories are perfect magnetic strips. They can be mounted directly to walls or inside storage systems.

Load-bearing decorative elements

Virtually any piece of kitchenware can be a decorative element. For example, the original faucet - antique in brass or copper, gold or white ceramic version, can not only fulfill its function of supplying water, but also decorate the interior, bring originality or support the overall kitchen design concept.

The combination of various finishing materials can be a decorative element. And it is not only about the original or bright design of the kitchen apron. For example, it is possible to combine ceramic floor tiles or laminate or parquet in the working and dining areas of the kitchen space. You can also lay out a porcelain stoneware segment at the exit to the backyard (option for kitchen rooms of private houses).

Shelves and countertops made of wood that looks like untreated (in fact, it is impregnated with special antiseptics and covered with water-repellent lacquers) not only bring natural warmth to modern kitchen design, but also perform many functions.

A rosette tee that slides right out of the tabletop when using it is necessary? Nothing is impossible. Only the obvious savings in space and ease of use must be planned in advance, at the stage of ordering a kitchen set and worktops to it.

Another handy fixture is a hole in the countertop to collect waste. It is not difficult to get rid of cooking waste - just throw everything that is unnecessary into the hole in the tabletop, under which the trash can is located.

Virtually any element becomes decorative if it is illuminated. Using spotlights or ribbon illumination allows not only to create the desired level of illumination of the kitchen, but also to create a special atmosphere of the room, a cozy atmosphere.

Living plants in the kitchen

Nothing adds a breath of nature, freshness and spring-summer mood even on the most frosty day, like the bright green of living plants in the interior. And if these plants are not only the beauty and freshness of the kitchen design added, but can also be used to prepare delicious and healthy dishes, then they deserve the most original design. The usual flower pots on the windowsill for a long time did not surprise anyone, and often this surface is converted into a tabletop. How to organize the placement of indoor plants and the cultivation of greenery for the family table and make it decorative, decorating the design of the kitchen space?

How about hanging pots or containers made of ceramic, plastic, glass and even metal on special holders attached to the wall? As a result, a whole green wall may appear in your kitchen, and greens for tasty and healthy dishes will be close at hand.

If your home does not have a pet who likes to climb curtain rails for curtains, this way of placing pot pots with houseplants can be a highlight of the interior. Ideal for sunbeds.

If the area of ​​the kitchen space allows, then you can use really large plants in outdoor pots or pots. Even the most rigorous, modern interior design "softens" from the presence of such an abundance of greenery.