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20 ergonomic bunk beds, which will help save great space in the bedroom


The attention of readers of two dozen amazing beds, each of which will help save a lot of space in the bedroom.

Definitely, most of the examples given here will be to the liking of every owner who wants to make his home even better.

1. Beds with shelves and lockers

Bunk bed with shelves and drawers.

A modern bunk bed with wide enough steps, shelves at the headboard and an abundance of spacious drawers and cells for storing all kinds of things.

2. Foldable design

Bunk construction with folding beds.

The original bunk construction, made of dark wood, with two folding beds, which, if necessary, can be folded into a completely smooth wall.

3. Functional design with two beds

Bunk bed rack.

The original bunk construction with two spacious beds that are not parallel to each other, as is usually the case, with a variety of drawers and a large open shelving.

4. Bunk bed-dresser

Original bunk bed with built-in drawers.

Charming bunk design, which consists of two comfortable beds and a set of built-in drawers, will perfectly fit into the interior of a small nursery or a room of two teenagers.

5. Classic bunk bed

A two-story bed, combined with two wardrobes.

The laconic two-story bed, combined with two wardrobes and several drawers, will fit perfectly, both in the interior of the nursery, and in the adult bedroom.

6. Bed-workplace

Bed attic with writing desk downstairs.

A home-made loft bed with a sleeping place at the top, a desk and a shelving downstairs will be the perfect solution for a small modern bedroom.

Loft-style bed with seating area downstairs.

The original loft bed with a full bed at the top and a cozy area for relaxing and reading at the bottom will perfectly fit into the interior of a small room with a high ceiling.

8. Bedroom and living room in one bottle

Bunk construction with a berth and a rest zone.

Ergonomic bunk design with a comfortable bed at the top and a seating area with a TV, shelves and a sofa at the bottom, will be a great solution for owners of a one-room apartment.

9. Bed-dresser

Bed attic with chest and dresser.

Wonderful loft bed, made of natural wood, with a sleeping place at the top, as well as a seating area and a chest of drawers below.

10. Multifunctional design

Design with two beds, wardrobe and desk.

Awesome multi-functional design with a berth at the top, a desk and a wardrobe in the center, as well as an extra pull-out bed at the very bottom, which can be used as an extra bed.

11. Bed loft with desk

Bed attic with working area below.

A stylish, modern and ergonomic loft bed with a berth on the upper tier, several shelves and a desk on the lower one will be a great solution for arranging a teenager’s bedroom.

12. Modern design

Stylish two-story bed with wardrobes and lockers.

Wonderful two-story bed in a modern style with a built-in wardrobe and a set of drawers will be a stylish and practical detail of the room of two children or teenagers.

13. Bed hut

Original design of a two-story bed.

A bunk bed, stylized as a tree house, will fit perfectly into the interior of the nursery and become its main detail.

14. Option for adults

Classic bunk bed for adults.

The classic bunk construction is made of wood, with a double bed downstairs and a smaller sleeping place upstairs - what is needed for parents and children who are forced to share one room.

15. Game complex

Children's bed loft with a slide.

A stunning loft bed with a slide and a play area, covered with a cloth, will surely appeal to the child below and become a real highlight of the nursery.

16. Name bed

Personalized two-story bed.

A bright two-story bed with two beds, not parallel to each other, and a safe staircase, each step of which is a drawer for storing bed linen and clothes.

17. Bright residential complex

Bright design with beds, wardrobe and desk.

A stylish bright design that combines two beds, a desk, a shelf and a wardrobe with several sections, will become a real boon for a small nursery and eliminate the need to buy other furniture.

18. Bunk bed-wardrobe

Bright bunk bed, combined with a wardrobe.

The laconic two-tier design with the original arrangement of beds, a small closet and drawers for bed linen will wonderfully fit into the interior of a small children's room of two children.

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19. Functional design

Functional bunk bed in modern style.

Creative bunk design, which includes two beds, many shelves and cabinets, as well as a narrow desktop.

20. Maritime style

A two-story bed in the marine style.

A massive two-story bed, made of dark wood, with two berths, located in parallel, many shelves and a cozy sofa for rest.

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