Useful ideas

15 practical and stylish mini-dressing rooms that will suit even a small apartment


The standard view of the dressing room is a separate room where dozens of designer clothes hang. But in our realities to implement such an idea more than problematic.

After all, most acutely feel the lack of square meters. But despite this, the need for the placement of clothing and accessories remains. Conveniently arrange things even in a small apartment in the mini-dressing room.

We share the most practical and interesting ideas.

1. Storage room, which has ceased to be a warehouse of unnecessary things

Dressing room in the pantry.

Some apartments have storage rooms that are used to store seasonal items and products. But to apply the pantry can be more rational. Moreover, its conversion into a small dressing room for specialists will not be difficult.

2. Rational use of space around the door

The unusual location of the dressing room.

Not only a lot of open shelves and hangers, but also closed drawers are easily located around the door. Which option to choose is up to the apartment owners, guided by its interior features.

3. Separate mini-zone behind the doors.

Dressing room in the living room.

Separating a small area for arranging the living room right in the room is a simple but practical idea. For convenience, in a small room, use sliding doors-partitions. If the room is medium in size, you can stay on the swing doors. But keep in mind that the sliding doors will additionally take 10-15 cm. And to open the swing doors you will need about 70-80 cm of free space in front of them.

4. Making the corners useful.

The angular location of the mini dressing room.

Corner dressing room is much more practical than the corner. They occupy approximately equal area in the living space. But the corner small dressing room will be more spacious. In addition, such furniture - a reasonable idea to fill the corners, which are often empty.

Dressing room at the front door.

In the laconic interior of the hallway, for example, designed in the Scandinavian style, it would be appropriate to place a dressing room with open shelves. Multicolored things in sight, will revive the situation. This dressing room will be an excellent solution for a narrow hallway or corridor, a smaller wall which is empty.

6. Mini wardrobe under the stairs

Mini wardrobe under the stairs.

Sometimes it happens that a small dwelling has a ladder. The space under it often turns into a dark corner where unnecessary things accumulate. But instead of them it is much more reasonable to place a small dressing room under the stairs.

7. Behind the partition

Little wardrobe in the bedroom.

A stationary plasterboard wall separating the dressing room from the rest of the living space is a universal solution. It will harmoniously fit into the interior, not standing out from the rest of the objects. The wall can be made as full-fledged - from the floor to the ceiling, and low - in the form of a partition.

8. That the corner is not empty

Corner small dressing room.

Empty corner can be converted into a small but roomy dressing room. So that it does not look too massive and visually does not reduce the space, order the door of a translucent material. In addition, it will help to partially solve the lack of natural lighting in a small corner dressing room.

9. Stylish open shelving

Small dressing room with shelves.

Who said that things need to be hidden behind closed doors of a wardrobe or dressing room? High-tech shelves look stylish and concise. This dressing room can be placed in any room. In order that she did not make the situation inaccurate, take care of purchasing identical hangers, boxes, covers for outerwear.

10. Behind the headboard

Small dressing room in the bedroom.

A narrow bedroom can be a real problem for its owners. But only for those who decide to fence off a small space behind the headboard with the help of a partition. To make such a mini-dressing room look stylish, the partition should be slightly wider than the headboard, so that there are two exits to the dressing room on either side of the bed.

11. Cozy Ladies Corner

Unusual dressing room.

Apartment, in which for each family member has a personal corner - the most comfortable and beloved. A practical solution would be a corner open closet, combined with a mini-boudoir. To do this, just need to provide a place for a mirror on the wall and find an elegant chair.

12. Vertical use of space

Idea for apartments with high ceilings.

Upward movement in the process of mastering space is a win-win technique for small apartments. Arranging a small dressing room is also no exception. The idea is for the most courageous ones: shelves and hangers are installed under a large horizontal partition, and above it is a place for rest. You can implement it in standard apartments, but the most convenient way is to have a mini dressing room indoors with high ceilings.

13. Narrow walk-in closet instead of interior wall.

Dressing as an idea for zoning.

Even a small studio apartment requires careful zoning. The issue of dividing living space into zones is also relevant if one room performs several functions — for example, a living room and a bedroom. Separate one functional area from another will turn out with the help of a narrow mini-dressing room. But to make it practical, remember that its minimum width is at least 70 cm.

14. Dressing room overlooking the street

Small dressing room around the window.

The space around the window is often unfairly forgotten in terms of its rational use. Empty and nearby corners. An unusual solution is to equip a small wardrobe of a P- or L-shaped form near the window. It significantly revive the interior, while being the most functional. And, having expanded a window sill, on it it is possible to make a cozy place for a privacy.

15. Spacious niches

Rational use of a niche.

Niches are traditionally perceived as a negative characteristic of living space. But by connecting the fantasy, you can get the most out of them. For example, having built in a niche wardrobe system. If the niche is completely shallow, then the dressing room may slightly extend beyond the wall plane.