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The best models of modern steam mops


Before you decide to buy a steam mop, you must first study the technical characteristics and advantages of a variety of models. It is important to know what they are intended for, what can be done with their help. There are steam mops that can be used to steam clothes, wash windows or use them when cleaning the toilet bowl.

To purchase a high-quality and reliable thing, you need to compare the best models of the affordable price category. The most commonly chosen from this group of home appliances: Black & Decker FSMH1621, Kitfort KT-1001, Philips FC7020 / 01, Kitfort KT-1002 and ENDEVER Odyssey Q-601.

Consumers prefer devices with a large number of functional capabilities. In a small city apartment it is more convenient to use just such a technique. This allows not to allocate additional space for its storage. Steam mops can be used when performing the following work:

  1. Furniture cleaning. With a brush and a special device it is easy to remove dust even in the most hard-to-reach places of upholstered and cabinet furniture.
  2. Stripping fabrics and clothing.
  3. To wash windows. The ferry is soaked in particularly polluted places, and then the whole surface is rubbed over with a brush. This cleans the glass perfectly.
  4. Using a cone device, you can remove dust, dirt and even wash the wall behind the batteries and pipes in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet.
  5. Toilet bowl cleaning. It is carried out with the help of a streamer. Sequential rotation of the metal and nylon brushes allow you to completely clean the surface of ceramics or other materials.

The principle of operation of the steam mop (advanced vacuum cleaner) is that first the surface of the floor is treated with steam and then cleaned with microfiber. Steam is obtained by heating the water in the established tank with a special electric appliance. One of the best options are the following models:

  1. Mop Black & Decker FSMH1621. It is possible with the help of steam to quickly and without loss of quality to clean any contaminated surface, including parquet, linoleum, laminate, etc.

  2. Mop for cleaning hard-to-reach places Kitfort KT-1002. This product will allow to clear problem areas in small rooms with the help of a triangular-shaped maneuverable head. Steam is supplied under high pressure, which allows to cope with the strongest pollution. The generated power is 1680 W, this allows the device to create a powerful steam jet. Special regulator that comes in the kit, with which you can choose the most appropriate mode of operation. Quick start - after 30 seconds after switching on the device will be ready for operation.

  3. Steam mop Kitfort KT-1001. The original design of this model will not leave the majority of buyers indifferent. This device is appreciated for its economy, small size and a sufficient number of accessories. If this home appliance does not immediately remove the strong contamination, then re-cleaning will be performed perfectly.

  4. ENDEVER Odyssey Q-601. This powerful steam mop model is able to cope with any type of contamination. But it is not suitable for any surface. The steam is dry, so the appliance is great for steaming clothes and can come in handy in the kitchen to remove dried or stuck dirt. Time of constant work is about 35 minutes. There are few tips, but their functionality is more than enough.

How to choose a steam mop?

There are some established rules and criteria for the selection of this type of products, which need to be guided when searching for the most suitable model:

  1. The most important indicator of all technical characteristics is power.. It determines the speed of the steam supplied, as well as its strength. The device, which power - 1200 W, heats up in 2 minutes, and with a power - 1500 W already in half a minute will begin supply of hot steam.
  2. Microfiber lining. If these components are included in the kit, then the device will more thoroughly remove even the smallest dust particles from the floor. They are produced reusable, they can be cleaned.
  3. Water tank capacity. The size of the tank depends on the area that can be cleaned mop for one filling. 350 ml of water is enough for cleaning an ordinary apartment. On sale there are products with a capacity up to 600 ml. It is advisable to choose a device with an aluminum tank or from durable plastic, as these materials prevent the occurrence of scale.
  4. Water quality. Recently, in all products built filter for water purification. It does not allow scaling and is even able to remove plaque. Therefore, such devices can be filled with water directly from a water tap. But if the filter is absent, it is better to fill only distilled water.

  5. Duration of work in working mode. The longest duration of continuous operation of the steam mop is no more than 15 minutes. Then you need to take a break for 20 minutes to cool. The most powerful devices are able to work without stopping for an hour.
  6. Steam adjustment This feature provides the ability to independently select the power of the steam supplied, depending on the surface that needs to be processed. High temperature conditions are suitable for glass and stone, but linoleum or wood flooring can get damaged.
  7. Dimensions. For comfortable work, you need to choose a compact model of a steam mop. One of the most optimal options is a product whose weight does not exceed 3.5 kg.
  8. For cleansing from dust and dirt in hard to reach places suitable triangular nozzlewhich is usually mounted on the movable head. The mop has the ability to rotate in a radius of 180 degrees. In such models, the handle does not slide across the palm of the hand, its design is very comfortable. Most often it is removable.

When buying you need to pay attention to the duration of the warranty service of the product. Manufacturers of high-quality products care about their prestige, they give long warranty periods and the possibility of exchanging non-standard products.

Buyers are even more concerned about the different cost of steam mops. To focus on this issue is better on well-known brands that are already well-established manufacturers. In addition, all products have different functional capabilities and components, differ in power and characteristics. From here and such price dispersion. But since there are quite a few models on the market, it’s easy to choose the right one. You can first read the reviews of buyers who are satisfied with the purchased product and have long been exploiting this technique for a certain time.