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Why do you need a sponge in the refrigerator, and 9 more tips on its use, not related to cleaning


Sponge - a multifunctional tool for restoring order in many rooms of the house. It is indispensable in the kitchen and in the bathroom, helps wipe off particularly harmful stains and wash off the dirt from the shoes.

But once her turn comes to give way to a new au pair. However, you should not hurry and throw away the old sponge in the dustbin. She can do more than one good deed for the benefit of comfort, comfort and good mood.

1. Floor protection

There will be no scratches on the floor if the sponge does not go to the trash can.

Furniture legs can cause a lot of damage to the flooring if you do not take care of suitable protection in advance. Of course, you can buy in the store special circles of felt to put them under the legs of furniture and forget about the experiences. But why waste money if you can just cut similar substrates from an old unnecessary sponge? Cut and glue to the base of the legs so as not to get lost.

2. Reusable ice bag

Such an invention is useful in everyday life and on vacation.

If you need to keep the temperature of the food at a picnic or attach an ice bag to the injury, it is better to use a sponge for this. Normal ice is heavy and quickly melts, spreading out with water, but a frozen sponge with water will keep the temperature low for much longer. It can be used repeatedly, because when the ice melts, the sponge will absorb water again, and it can be sent back to the freezer. It is only necessary to put the item in a resealable bag.

3. Watering plants

Ideal drainage system for most plants.

It's no secret that the sponge has excellent absorbent properties. It is they who will be useful to those who like to grow indoor plants at home. It is necessary to place the sponge on the bottom of the pot, cover it with earth, and plant the plant on top. You may have to cut the sponge to match the shape of the bottom of the pot. Now such a simple drainage will absorb all the excess moisture that goes to the root system of the plant. The roots never rot!

4. Careful storage

Sponge can also act as a substrate for fragile items.

You can effectively use old or unwanted sponges as a gasket for storing fragile items. For example, Christmas-tree decorations, glasses or other dishes, figurines. Sponges are flexible and soft, which makes them ideal for this task. This method of storage is useful when you need to clean unnecessary things in the closet, or when moving, when you need to quickly pack fragile items, but keep them intact.

5. Sponge in the fridge

In a refrigerator, a sponge can play a crucial role in preserving freshness and taste.

If the fruits and vegetables in the fridge quickly soften, rot or disappear, it is time to use the secret weapon. You can try to put a sponge in the fridge in the compartment with fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits are not particularly fond of moisture, so when it is excessive, they can begin to deteriorate and mold more quickly.

The sponge will absorb excess moisture and thus protect products from rapid deterioration. However, it is not enough just to put the sponge in the fridge, you also need to regularly squeeze it in the sink to avoid the same effect of excess moisture.

6. Original art

You will not believe how much childish delight can be obtained simply by using unnecessary sponges.

How fun and exciting to do with children or grandchildren something original! One of these activities is to experiment with ordinary household sponges. You can cut out any figures with scissors, and then use them as an improvised stencil for painting with paints. Great for a rainy or dull day, to which you can add cheerfulness. And still from sponges it is cheerful to do different amusing toys, spongy cakes with multi-colored layers turn out especially unusual.

7. Painless wallpaper removal

Remove the wallpaper quickly help wet sponge.

Need to remove the old wallpaper during the repair, but they can not be? Do not worry, it's time to go for the old sponge. For this life hacking, you need to mix some warm water and a fabric softener, and then soak a sponge with this compound. After squeezing it, removing excess moisture, you need to wipe the wallpaper. This procedure will help to weaken the effect of glue, and the wallpaper will move away faster.

8. Growing sprouts

The sponge porous structure is an ideal medium for seed germination.

For those who like to garden or grow small plantations of plants on the windowsill, this life hack will come in handy at the right time. You need to put a wet sponge on a plate and pour the seeds that you want to germinate quickly on top of it. You can not put too thick, you need to leave enough space between the individual seeds. To create the optimum temperature, the sponge with the seeds should be covered with a glass plate upside down. So future plants will be warmer and lighter. Improvised nursery should be placed on the windowsill or in another bright place.

9. Great bristle brush

Clean and tidy wardrobe.

The sponge very well collects animal hair, villi and dust from any kind of fabric. To gently remove excess fluff from sweaters, you need to use the rough side of the sponge. You just need to slightly wipe the fabric, after which a sweater or other clothing will look perfect again.