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7 annoying mistakes in the interior of the kitchen and tips to help them avoid


7 annoying mistakes in the interior of the kitchen and tips to help them avoid

Taking up the repair of the kitchen, it is important to calculate all the nuances, ranging from the color scheme and ending with sockets.

After all, it is better to spend a lot of time, but to do everything as it should, rather than constantly encounter inconveniences.

In today's material 7 annoying mistakes in the interior of the kitchen and tips that will help to avoid them.

1. The heart of the house

The kitchen is the favorite and the main room in the house.

The kitchen can rightly be called the heart of the house. In this room, we prepare food for ourselves and families, we eat and meet with our loved ones for a cup of coffee. In order to stay in the kitchen as comfortable as possible, you need to take care of the design. Arranging the kitchen, it is important to understand that, firstly, it should be comfortable in terms of moving, using lockers and placing functional areas, and secondly, beautiful and practical, that is, an interesting interior should correspond to the purpose of the room, be unobtrusive and simple in cleaning.

2. Kitchen color

Choose the optimal color.

Starting repairs in the kitchen, it is very important to choose the right color, especially in the working area. The walls, which are in close proximity to the stove and the sink, are almost the dirtiest in the whole house. It is based on questions of practicality, you should choose the color for the catering department.

We recommend that you immediately abandon the trendy black. Believe me, it looks luxurious only in the first weeks, and then dust will appear on surfaces and shelves, which is darker on a dark background than on a light one. In addition, white spots and stains remain on water on glossy black surfaces, which you will have to scrub all the time. White color is also not the best choice for the kitchen. It will be visible all the dark spots and fat.

The best solution for the floor in the kitchen will be tile, laminate or linoleum color anthracite. Kitchen set, you can choose gray, yellow or any other neutral shade. It would be nice to decorate the working area with tiles with an active pattern, then grease stains, water splashes and bloom will not be very noticeable.

3. Lack of lighting

Lack of lighting.

It would seem, why in the kitchen a lot of light, because you will not begin to read or work with small details there. So many people think and make the main mistake - they are limited only to ceiling lights. Even under the condition of powerful light bulbs in the ceiling lights, due to the large number of wall cabinets in the working area, there is a great lack of light, and this presses.

To solve the problem is very simple, you need to equip the lockers with good lighting. Fortunately, there are plenty of options now. Also nice to make multi-level ceiling lighting. For example, combine built-in light bulbs with a long chandelier.

4. Lack of sockets

Few sockets or their wrong placement.

Repair in the kitchen is a very important matter, requiring careful planning from you. If in other rooms it is quite simple to make a rearrangement, then in the kitchen it is practically unrealistic due to the static position of the headset and communications. Therefore, it is very important to immediately think about the number and placement of equipment, so as not to miscalculate with the sockets.

According to experts, the outlets in the kitchen should be at least eight. Technique is better placed at the level of the belt, and sockets, therefore, below or to the side. It is also important to consider the distance from the washstand and the stove. It is advisable to think of everything so that the sockets and cords that reach for them are hidden, but they can be easily reached.

5. Kitchen set

Kitchen set with a ceiling gap.

For some reason, many people neglect the space under the ceiling of the kitchen, choosing headsets that are not adjacent to the ceiling. As a result, they get 20-30 centimeters of useless space where dust, dirt and grease accumulate. In our opinion, monolithic lockers to the ceiling itself are much more practical. On the upper shelves you can store things that are rarely used, and because of the lack of gaps there is no place for dirt.

6. Warm floor

Heated floor in the kitchen.

Some people in order to save their own take on the installation of a warm floor and make a number of mistakes. One of them is to place the heating elements under the kitchen, stove and refrigerator. This is not only irrational, but can also cause premature failure of household appliances. Try to order a kitchen set before installing the heating panels to accurately calculate its size and location, the same goes for the position of the refrigerator, dishwasher and stove.

7. The combination of tile and laminate

Combined tile and laminate flooring.

The unusual idea to combine tile and laminate won the hearts of many people. It really looks very beautiful, unusual and seems even practical, but only in the picture. In reality, a small gap is formed at the junction of materials, in which a huge amount of dirt and moisture will subsequently accumulate. To make a high-quality cleaning of this place is almost impossible. As a result, instead of beautiful details, the floor will turn into a problem kitchen area.

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