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Life will not be the same: the usual things that almost all used wrong


Life will not be the same: the usual things that almost all used wrong

Every day we perform a standard set of functions and use the same things.

However, most of us do not even suspect that we use some objects completely wrong.

How to simplify your life, knowing some tricks, read in our material.

1. Cupcakes

How to carefully eat a cupcake.

Feel free to eat cupcakes on people because of the creamy top? You just do not know the secret reception. Remove the paper wrapper, gently break off the bottom of the cake, put it on the cream and press. There will be a kind of sandwich with a cream inside, which can be eaten without smearing any hands or mouth.

2. Bread

How to cut fresh bread.

There is a little trick that will allow you to cut a slice of fresh bread and not chop. You just need to flip the loaf, and pre-roll the knife with hot water.

3. Toilet paper

How to hang a roll of toilet paper.

It turns out that there is a patented method that reveals the secret of how to properly hang a roll of toilet paper. The explanations of the 1891 document clearly state that the free edge of a suspended roll must be far from the wall, and the sheets must be on top of the roll.

4. Burger

How to keep a burger.

Who doesn't love burgers ?! Today they are served almost in every institution of the city. However, not everyone decides to eat such dishes in crowded places, afraid to get dirty and look like a pig in the eyes of others. In fact, a catastrophe with leaky sauce and falling onions can be avoided; you just need to properly hold the burger. Take it with two hands. Forefingers and thumbs need to clasp the front of the product, and the ring and little fingers - the back.

How to pour drinks from tetrapack.

Tetrapak should be tilted to the glass by the side farther from its neck. Such a trick will allow you to pour a drink without spilling a drop.

6. Beer box

How to move all the cans from the drawer to the fridge at one time.

Open the cardboard box with the cans of drink on one side, place it on the shelf of the refrigerator so that the open part rests on its back wall. Now open that part of the drawer that looks at you and gently slide the cans onto the shelf. This method will allow in one fell swoop to move the whole package of drink into your refrigerator.

7. Pizza

How to keep a slice of pizza.

Hold a slice of pizza with your thumb in the middle, and the lower part of it like bend with your palm. Such a position of the hand will not allow the tip of the piece to sag under the weight of the ingredients, and accordingly nothing will slip from it.

8. Strawberries

How to clean the strawberries from the tails.

Quickly relieve strawberries from the tails, will help the usual straw. This method of cleaning berries is useful to those who are going to cook a dessert or make jam.

9. Stick with sugar

How to open bags of sugar.

Despite the fact that sugar in sticks has existed for many, many years, not everyone knows how to use it correctly. Many people tear off the edge of the bag and suffer for a long time trying to shake the sugar from the packaging. In fact, the stick you just need to bend in the middle. The bag will burst and the contents of both parts fall into the cup.

10. "Tick-Tuck"

How to get "Tick-Tack".

Packing your favorite mint candies "Tick-Tac" is not as simple as it seems. There is a mini container on the lid that perfectly matches the shape of the candy. Therefore, if you turn the packaging, and then open the lid, you will see a lollipop in the container.

11. Chinese food

How to open the packaging of Chinese food.

Do not take a plate to put Chinese food on it. The fact is that the packaging of rice and noodles are designed in such a way that they can be deployed and is.

12. Drink in a can

How to use the key opener on the tin.

Ring-opener, which is on each tin, has another function. Just unfold it so that it is above the hole, and pass a straw through it.

13. Supermarket trolley

How to put products in the cart.

Inside the trolley from the supermarket, in front of the compartment where children usually sit there are several curved arcs. So these very arcs can be used to hang shopping bags. Having fixed most of the purchases in this way, at the checkout you will not have to stoop to get something from the very bottom.

14. Chips Pringles

How to remove the chips from the packaging.

The easiest way to gently remove the contents from the Prigles chip package is to put a sheet of paper inside, turn the pack on its side and gently pull it out.

15. The hole on the handles of saucepans

What is the hole on the handle of the saucepan for?

It turns out that the holes that exist on the handles of almost any stewpan have a very practical function. They are designed to fix the spoons and skimmers that you use during cooking.

16. Toilet bowl

How to flush.

Few people think about hygiene by pressing the drain button. But at this time splashes of dirty water fly out of the toilet. To keep your toilet clean, teach yourself to lower the toilet lid before washing it behind you.