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10 improvised tools that will get rid of stains, if they have already given up


Some spots seem to be absolutely hopeless in terms of hatching, and the owner decides to shred his favorite thing on dusters, define as home clothes, or send — by quoting a well-known commercial — to the dacha link.

But this material will try to convince you that some of the available tools that are in each house will help to save your favorite things from supposedly hopeless spots - left with ink, coffee, blood and more.

Unexpected helpers in the fight against stubborn stains.

This is hard to believe, but in every home (in the first-aid kit, the refrigerator, or on the shelf with household chemicals) there are tools that will help you to remove stains that you want to give up. Let's see what it is.

Ink is removed by mustard

Mustard will remove ink.

If the usual wash did not cope with stains from the ink of a ballpoint pen, you should proceed as follows. Apply mustard to the stain, then sprinkle with plain dry powder, add a few drops of water. Formed gruel. It should be left for a day. After a day, the mush should be removed, and the product should be washed in the usual way.

For stains on white, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide will come to the rescue.

Wash assistants.

To remove complex stains on white fabric, it is necessary to pre-treat stains before washing. In a glass of warm water you need to add a tablespoon of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Cotton pads are moistened in this solution and put on stains for 15-20 minutes. And then the items are erased as usual.

Chewing gum knit will remove the freezer

Freeze vile cud.

The principle is as follows. The product with sticky chewing gum is sent to the freezer for 24 hours. Then it should be removed and slightly stretched in different directions - the icy gum should fall off by itself. If the result is not one hundred percent, then you need to take additional steps: iron the remains of the stain with an iron through gauze, then wipe it - as if with a sponge - with a lemon slice and wash the thing as usual.

Dishwashing liquid will bring out lipstick

Get rid of lipstick stains.

If there is a stain on the clothes from the lipstick, then before washing in normal mode should be applied to the stain liquid to wash dishes and leave for a few minutes. Then, without any additional action, the product is sent to the washing machine tank.

Lemon copes with rust damage

Do not give up before a rust stain.

Rust stains occupy one of the honorable first places in the list of stains, which, as a rule, are waved by the hand, putting the stigma of unresolvable. But fresh lemon or lime will help get rid of them. Just squeeze the juice on the stain and leave for a day before the usual washing. If there is no lemon, a strong solution of citric acid will be suitable instead of juice.

Chalk will eliminate greasy stain

Chalk neutralizes fat.

If the stain from fatty foods is not noticed and wash the product with the stain along with the rest of the things in the washing machine, then it can become non-deductible. That is why it is very important to inspect clothes thoroughly before washing. But even if it happened, do not despair. A fresh greasy stain is filled up before washing for several hours with crumbled chalk, and if the greasy stain is old, then before re-washing the gruel is applied from the crumbled chalk diluted in a small amount of water.

Gasoline will bring fat to silk under the iron

No panic with a greasy stain on silk.

The greasy stain on silk fabric is one of the most difficult to remove. But ordinary gasoline will come to the rescue. The principle of operation is as follows. Cotton pads or microfibre cloth wetted in gasoline. The stain is profusely rubbed by it. And in five minutes you need to put a paper towel on top and ... iron the fragment with a stain through it! The stain will disappear before our eyes!

Blood should be washed only in cold water.

Blood is removed ONLY with cold water !!!

The most popular mistake made by almost 70% of hostesses is an attempt to wash the blood in hot water. The protein that makes up the blood coagulates, which makes the stain unreducible. Even if the blood stain was not delivered a few minutes, but a few days ago, but was not subjected to any treatment, the first thing to do is to soak the product in cold water, then under running cold water to remove the maximum part of the stain by hand-wiping with force. Then you need to treat the stain with hydrogen peroxide. Then wash in water at room temperature. Washing in the car will destroy the product with a spot of blood finally!

And this video will show how to remove a blood stain from furniture with the help of hydrogen peroxide:

Oxalic acid will remove old stains from tea and coffee

Oxalic acid will remove old stains from tea and coffee.

Many housewives keep oxalic acid on the shelf with household chemicals. This white powder perfectly removes rust and scale from metals and other surfaces. An experienced life hacker found out that it also helps to remove even very old stains from coffee and tea from your favorite clothes and thereby save it from the villa's reference. A slurry of oxalic acid moistened with water should be applied to the stain for several hours. Then wash the product in the usual way.

Vinegar and nylon tights against stains from dry deodorants

There is a solution!

If you find a very fresh, just left after the socks stain from dry deodorant-stick, then you need to take nylon tights, twist them into a ball and thereby erase the stain, like an eraser. If the stain already has a certain age, then you can get rid of it in the process of ordinary machine washing by adding one third of a cup of vinegar to the washing machine drum.