Useful ideas

17 original ideas how to create a stylish interior and even new furniture with the help of unnecessary books


Books in their traditional form are increasingly rarely found in ordinary apartments: after all, literary works can be stored in electronic form. New books are bought infrequently, but what to do with old, long-read and inherited from parents?

We share a selection of unusual ideas that tell you how unusual the use of books.

1. Stash-casket for the most valuable things.

Handicrafts from old books is an unusual box.

Such a cache from an old book, placed on a shelf in a row with others, becomes completely invisible. It is enough to cut a hole in the book with a sharp clerical knife, while leaving the cover intact. If desired, the side parts of the box can be made of dense textiles, gluing it to paper with building glue.

Cache from the old book.

2. Chair for reading lovers

Armchair of books.

In order for a chair of books to be sufficiently stable and reliable, it is necessary to make for it a framework-framework of several boards. Then books are stuck on the boards in layers. To make the chair mobile, do not forget to attach some furniture wheels to the bottom of the boards. The problem of stiffness of the chair will be solved by several soft cushions for sitting on it.

3. Journal book table

Coffee table from old books and magazines.

For the manufacture of such an unusual coffee table will need not only books, but also magazines. Magazines, carefully smearing them with glue, must be rolled up. Tie them down with a rope until completely dry to keep their shape. Then from books and magazines glue a table, additionally decorating it with a cord. The table top is made of glass of a suitable size, glued with transparent silicone glue.

4. Reliable table for the living room

A table of books.

To make such a table from books, you will need two pieces of board or round plywood. One of them serves as a base, and the second - a table top. Books are staggered onto layers in lower staggered layers. After the books of the required height of the books assembled, it is time to glue the countertop. To give extra shine and protection, it is recommended to cover the construction with a layer of clear varnish.

Unusual bookshelf.

The most difficult part of the process of making such an unusual shelf is cutting books for its lower part. To do this, use a sharp knife or grinder. Then the whole construction is assembled from the parts obtained. And for fixing the bookshelf to the wall, metal corners are used.

6. Smart pencil stand

Crafts from old books: stand for stationery.

For the manufacture of unusual supports for pencils need a book with a large number of pages. The more compartments the stand has - the more effective it looks. The process of making such a craft from an old book is understandable even to a child: it is enough to study the step by step instructions in the photo.

7. Bar counter for intellectuals

Bar counter in the interior of the kitchen.

The bar counter is appropriate not only in the kitchen, but in the living room. Making such an interior detail to order can be costly. But using old books, the rack can be done almost for free. You will have to spend money only on glue to fasten books to each other, and a glass countertop of a suitable size.

8. Let there be light

Spectacular stand for the lamp.

The lamp holder is made of a stack of old books, in the central part of which a through hole is drilled. Electric elements of the structure pass through it. If the lamp is initially - on a thin leg, then you can not disassemble it, but simply make a larger hole in the books.

9. Drawer decor

Unusual storage system.

An ordinary wooden box, standing on the shelf, is easy to make an original decorative detail in the interior. Just glue its visible side with the cut backs of the books.

10. Unusual wall decor

Frame from an old book.

From the old book it will turn out to make a creative frame for a picture or another decorative element. Simply cut a hole of the right size in the book, leaving intact a portion of the last pages and a back cover. Then glue the selected decorative element to the bottom of the hole. To prevent the book from opening, place its pages on the side with glue.

11. New life in the old book

Flower pot from an old book.

From the old book in just a couple of minutes you can make the original flower pot. Make a round through hole in it to fit a small tin can that will serve as a container for the soil. Then fill the resulting pot with earth and plant the plant in it.

12. For extravagant fashionistas

Bag from an old book.

The basis for the bag, which will always be the focus of attention of others, is the cover of the old book. It remains to make the side parts and lining of textiles or leather. You will also need to find handles, for example, to cut them off from another unnecessary bag. If desired, the bag is supplied with a zipper or a clasp. All additional elements are sewn or glued to the cover.

13. Stylish watches

Watches in retro style.

Clockwork can be obtained from the wall clocks, which are disliked. Another option is to purchase at a store that specializes in the sale of handicraft goods. The clockwork is placed in a hole cut in the pages. And the arrows go through another hole in the cover of the book.

14. In grunge style

Bed made from old books.

If there is not enough budget for the arrangement of the bedroom, then make a bed from a variety of old books glued together. It remains only to choose a suitable headboard and mattress.

15. Cozy headboard

Headboard beds from old books.

The headboard of old books can become a real highlight of the interior. Books in the open position are glued on a piece of plywood of a suitable size.

16. Comfortable puffs

Puffs from books and magazines.

For the manufacture of ottomans, you can use not only magazines, but also books. A pile of the required height, on top of which lies a soft pillow, is tied with a strap. In order for the poof of books to serve longer, consider the lower part of the base of the tree.

17. Creative writing desk

Writing desk from old books.

A lot of books, long read and gathering dust on the shelves, and a solid wooden board - that's all that is needed for the manufacture of a desk. On the board on one side are glued four piles of books that will play the role of table legs. On the other hand, books are stuck in one layer - this is how the tabletop is made.