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20 samples of stylish and practical furniture that can be made from pallets


The new review has collected even more samples of outlandish and incredibly practical furniture, which should be paid attention to anyone who wants to add some freshness to their home or to their site.

The main feature of each product is that it is made from recycled materials, namely from wooden pallets.

1. Bench with table

Bench with a table of wooden pallets.

The original bench of wooden pallets, which consists of two chairs, connected by a compact table, is perfect for decorating the porch of a country site.

2. Shelf for shoes

Shoe shelf from pallets.

Original and functional shoe shelf, which can be made independently from a single pallet and used for arranging the hallway in the apartment or at the cottage.

3. Stools

Small stools from pallets.

You can make charming low stools from unnecessary pallets and home-made pillows, which will perfectly fit into the interior of the nursery.

4. Desk

Desk of pallets.

The original desk, made of wooden pallets, the highlight of which were the elements of rich red.

5. Dining table

Dining table made of pallets.

From several wooden pallets you can make a large dining table that fits perfectly into the interior of a country house or a modern loft-style apartment.

6. Beds

Children's beds from the pallet.

Waste pallets can be transformed into wonderful children's beds. Such designs will not require large expenditures and will be an excellent solution for parents experiencing temporary financial difficulties.

7. Decorative lamp

The lamp from pallets.

From pallets and light bulbs you can make a unique decoration that will fill the room with a soft diffused light and will become a real highlight of the space.

8. Dressing room

Open dressing room of pallets.

A perfect example of using unnecessary pallets to create a spacious open wardrobe with a rail for hangers and shelves for clothes, shoes and bags.

9. Computer table

Computer table made of pallets.

Stylish, compact and convenient computer desk, which can be made by hand from several building pallets.

10. Huge bed

Large bed of pallets.

You can make a really huge and comfortable bed from construction pallets, the process of creating which does not require any special skills, and the result will perfectly fit into the interior of any modern apartment.

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11. Garden set

Garden furniture from pallets.

Wooden pallets are sufficiently durable and budget material to create original and practical country furniture. For example, from several pallets you can make comfortable chairs and tables for arranging a summer patio on the porch of a country house.

12. Swings

Garden swing.

Wonderful garden swing made of wooden pallets will become a real decoration of the country plot and will appeal to both children and adults.

13. Cupboard for hose

Stand for a hose from a wooden pallet.

From an unnecessary wooden pallet, you can make a charming cupboard for a garden hose with a small flower garden on top.

14. Shelf for plates

Shelf for dishes.

From the washed, well-cleaned and painted pan you can make an original shelf for dishes that will become a stylish and functional decoration of the empty kitchen wall.

15. Shelves

Shelves of pallets.

Unnecessary pallets can be used to create stylish and practical shelves that fit perfectly into the interior of an apartment decorated in country style, loft or rustic.

16. Vertical bed

Bed of the pallet.

Waste pallets can be used for growing greens and other small plants in the country or on the balcony of a city apartment.

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17. Fence

The fence of the pallet.

Wooden pallets can be used for the construction of the fence. Of course, such a fence can hardly be called very reliable, but in the absence of another - it will completely come off.

18. Chest

Chest of pallets.

From wooden pallets you can build a very original chest of drawers with sliding lockers for storing clothes and underwear. Such an idea will allow you to acquire a unique and functional piece of furniture and not spend a fortune on buying it.

19. Kitchen shelf

Shelf of pallets.

Skillful hands, simple tools and one wooden pallet will allow you to get an original kitchen shelf with a towel rack.

20. Shelving

Rack of pallets.

With the help of simple manipulations, the wooden pallet can be turned into an original rack for storing books, small plants in pots and decorative objects.

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