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20 beautiful ideas for decorating a bedroom combined with a living room


Sometimes you can combine two seemingly totally incompatible rooms.

It will be hard to believe, but you can even do this trick from the living room and bedroom. How to do this so as not to allow blunders that can destroy the atmosphere of comfort and hospitality, will show with concrete examples a new review. Perhaps some of the options offered will be useful in your home!

1. Conditional delimitation

Living room and bedroom separated by a shelving.

The original design of the room, which combines the living room with a bright chair and the original coffee table and a bedroom with a laconic low bed, located behind a stylish metal shelving with books.

2. Black and white design

Black and white space for sleep and rest.

Spacious room with black and white walls, one part of which is a bedroom with a large luxurious bed, a soft bench at the footboard and a curbstone made of dark wood, and the other is a cozy living room with a small white sofa and a glass table.

3. Multifunctional space

Stylish studio apartment.

Studio apartment, which was successfully zoned using curly false ceilings and plasterboard partitions.

4. Cozy modern

Bedroom and living room in modern style.

A small room decorated in neutral gray, white and black and combining a sitting area with a simple single bed and an original headboard, and a living room with a dark corner sofa, a coffee table and creative decor.

5. Creative space

Living room, bedroom and dining room in the same room.

Spacious room with light walls and parquet floor, which is also a dining room with a massive wooden table, a living room with a compact white sofa, a fluffy rug and a tiny table, and a bedroom with a full double bed, a laconic cabinet and an open dressing room.

A room divided by a small wooden partition.

Beautiful carved partition that separates the sleeping area from the living room with a white sofa, TV and dining table.

7. A secluded place

A cozy living room combined with a bedroom.

A bright cozy living room with a snow-white sofa, a glass table and a bed hidden behind the original wooden plank partition.

8. Ephemeral border

Common room with bright accents.

The common room with light walls, an abundance of bright details of a cheerful orange color and a shelf for the TV, which separates the living area from the rest area.

9. Practical solution

Glass partition in the interior of a one-room apartment.

Stylish comfortable living room with gray walls, luxurious leather furniture, a transparent table and a glass partition with curtains, behind which is a small cozy bedroom.

10. Lesson of division

The bedroom is separated from the living room by a glass wall.

The bright room, divided into two parts with the help of a partition made of glass and plasterboard, which allowed the owners of a one-room apartment to get a cozy bedroom and a comfortable living room.

11. Scandinavian style

Living room with a bedroom in the Scandinavian style.

A magnificent room with snow-white walls and a stylish lattice partition, in which it was possible to combine a bedroom with spacious wardrobes, and a reading corner with a chic gray armchair, and a living room with a leather sofa and a large dining table made of light wood.

12. Sun room

White-orange room, zoned blind.

A wonderful adjacent room with a small light sofa, a transparent table, chairs, a padded stool and a small bed hidden from prying eyes behind a bright orange curtain.

13. Blue shades

Bedroom adjacent to the living room.

A charming space decorated in white and blue with a large bed, side tables, a corner sofa, a table and a console that separates the living room area from the bedroom.

14. One for all

Wonderful design studio apartment.

The studio apartment is decorated in neutral light shades, with a kitchen suite along one of the walls, a spacious bed, an original shelving unit that serves as a partition and a comfortable sofa.

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15. Proper lighting

A small room with competent lighting.

A small bright room with a fleecy carpet, a white sofa, a coffee table, a console that serves as a dining table, a small bed for one, as well as an abundance of various lamps and original decor items.

16. With a secret

A room with a bed hidden in the podium.

The spacious light room, combined in itself the living room with a wonderful brown sofa and a table, a working area with a desk and a bookcase, and a full bed, hidden in the podium.

17. Upper tier

Living room with attic bed and wardrobe.

A bright room with a large white sofa, an easy chair, a wooden table, vintage cabinets, an attic bed and a dressing room hidden behind a thick green curtain.

18. Non-standard solution

Snow-white room with a wooden podium.

Non-standard space with snow-white walls, a bright sleeping place located on a stylish wooden podium, also equipped with a retractable table and spacious wardrobes for storage.

19. Niche

Bright room with a bed in a niche and a gray sofa.

Spacious room with snow-white walls, a bed hidden in a niche behind a curtain, a corner sofa of a noble gray color, a low coffee table, built-in wardrobes and a dining area.

20. Sophisticated design

Small functional room.

A small bright room with a large mirror cabinet, a living room area with a compact sofa and a TV, an open shelving room hiding the bed and a compact work area.

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