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Small - remote: 15 ideas for creating style in a small bathroom


A small bathroom is a problem known to the majority of our compatriots.

Many believe that the limited space is almost impossible to make stylish and comfortable.

However, modern designers will not agree with such a statement.

The variety of finishing materials and plumbing allows you to transform any toilet or bathroom.

1. Using corners

Toilet in the corner.

Most often, the plumbing in the bathrooms is placed on the walls according to the standard scheme, and the corners always remain empty. However, if you use at least one corner, putting there, for example a toilet, the boundaries of space will change dramatically.

2. Compact plumbing

Laconic style and compact plumbing.

If you like order and comfort, give up the excesses in decorating and furnishing the bathroom. The most modern and compact plumbing, monophonic, better dark, tile and a minimum of parts - that's all you need to create convenience in a small toilet.

3. Black and white

Classic black and white bathroom.

White color is ideal for finishing small spaces, but for many it is too boring. In this case, you can play on the contrast: laying out one wall and the floor with the original black tile, and the rest of the walls with the classic white one.

4. Total white

Bathroom in white color.

In the photo above - an excellent example of the design of an adjacent bathroom in a total white color. To avoid boredom in such a space, we recommend that you pay attention to small bright details. In this case, it is a red color.

5. Glamor and chic

Contrast design of a small toilet.

Toilets in most Russian apartments are quite boring and monotonous. However, if you approach this issue creatively, you can create something truly stylish, without going beyond the budget. A vivid example is a small bathroom, the narrow wall of which is decorated with classic black tiles under a brick. However, the main role here was played not by contrasts, but by small stylish details: a picture on a shelf, a bright container, a mirror in a golden frame and a pair of lamps.

6. Blooming wall

Accent wall in the bathroom.

A key detail of this bathroom, decorated in neutral beige tones, was a wall decorated with wide panels with images of flowers.

7. Ceramic tiles

The odds of ceramic tiles in the interior of the bathroom.

Using ceramic tiles of different shapes, sizes and colors you can achieve various amazing results. In the interior of this bathroom used white brick tiles and large black hexagonal tiles. Another noticeable detail of this interior steel shelves made of coarse wood.

8. The magic of the circle

Round shapes and smooth lines.

If you look closely, you can see that round shapes dominate in the interior of this small adjacent bathroom. This is the original rounded shower in a niche, and a round mirror without a frame, and a modern round sink. The use of such forms helps to blur the borders and visually increase the space.

9. Apron

Apron with patterns.

An interesting interior in neutral colors, the main details of which was an apron with active patterns and details of light wood. It is these little things that create comfort in this small space.

10. Clear boundaries

Total order.

A stylish bathroom, where there is nothing superfluous, just a feeling of cleanliness and order, which was achieved with the help of a competent combination of tiles, carefully designed furniture and sanitary ware.

11. Wooden parts

Stylish details under the tree.

Awesome bathroom, which managed to transform from the shelves of light wood, a number of wall panels, stylized wood and a screen under the bathroom. In a complex with white trim, they create a bright and warm interior.

12. Close neighborhood

Corner bath and sink.

The corner bath of irregular shape and the original sink in this bathroom are a kind of tandem. Due to their closest location in this bathroom, it was possible to find a place for a mounted toilet bowl. Separate attention in our opinion, deserves an unusual color scheme. The combination of white and orange make the interior dynamic and cheerful.

13. Modern style

Adjacent bathroom in modern style.

The combination of gray and salad shades allow you to create a feeling of freshness in the interior, which is very useful in a room without windows, and modern plumbing, original mirrors and lamps bring notes of high-tech style into this space.

14. Laconic style

Stylish bathroom in bright colors.

Light shades, carefully designed storage systems, ergonomic plumbing and plenty of light - all this will create a stylish interior, even in a tiny bathroom.

15. Lavender

Bathroom in lavender color.

A wonderful interior of the bathroom, in which we managed to correctly combine lilac, graphite and white color, as well as play with different textures. As a result, the space turned out to be interesting and multifaceted, despite the limited footage.