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How to make a small kitchen comfortable and beautiful on several square meters: professional advice


While dreaming about our ideal home, we often present a large spacious kitchen that will become the focus of life: in such a place it is pleasant to engage in culinary experiments, in the evenings to gather with the whole family, to receive guests. The reality is often completely different, and a small room is allotted for the kitchen, or even a modest corner in the studio. Sometimes you even have to bring some of the furniture to the loggia to at least somehow expand the living space.

But even in this case, you can equip it so that it is comfortable, functional and modern. To cook on it was a pleasure.

Do-it-yourself design project: not as difficult as it seems

How to start the arrangement of the kitchen? You can buy ready-made furniture in the store, and then try to squeeze it into a limited space. In this case, you will surely find that the cabinets do not contain everything that we would like. In the corner there is a small unused space. You have to choose between a refrigerator and a dishwasher. A kitchen corner blocked half the doorway.

Therefore, we begin the arrangement of the kitchen with a design project. In this case, it is not necessary to contact specialists. You can take a sheet of paper in the box and draw a kitchen plan with furniture. You can even cut pieces of furniture and move them according to your plan, selecting the optimal location.


But there are more advanced ways to model the kitchen, and to make it easier today is simple. For the query "kitchen design software" you will find links to a variety of software, including free and online. See, choose your favorite and create.

Most of these services are designed for unprepared users, simple and intuitive. Choose the size of the room, the location of the doors and windows and begin to “furnish” the kitchen with furniture and household appliances, setting their dimensions and position. Move the furniture, save a few options and select the best for your home. Programs allow you to see how the kitchen will look, and in a 3D version.
Of course, to make furniture for a small kitchen is best to order. So you can use 100% of all free space and provide comfortable cabinets and shelves, which you will not find in standard kitchen units.

Suspended cabinets can be made up to the ceiling itself in several rows.

Use the space above the fridge and the dining table: place small open shelves or cabinets there.

2. Choose built-in appliances

It can be a hob, oven, microwave, dishwasher. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone: you will be free in the choice of placement options, and you can use the surfaces above them as workers. A custom-made kitchen suite, coupled with built-in appliances, will fit into the allotted space so that there will be no gaps where food remains will fall.

3. Give preference to compact household appliances.

As a rule, this technique has a width less than the standard. For example, the Italian brand specifically for owners of small kitchens produces built-in hobs and ovens only 45 cm wide.


Induction glass-ceramic hob, despite its small width, remains convenient due to the fact that it has only three burners instead of the standard four. The panel is available in two colors: white and black, which expands the possibilities of choice.

Narrow oven

In a pair to the hob, you can purchase a narrow oven. Everything in it is like that of the big brothers: a timer, a reminder mode of the readiness of the dish, a grill, convection and other features necessary for modern hostesses. In addition, it is equipped with a tangential cooling function that protects the surrounding furniture from heating - this is especially useful in kitchens with limited space between the elements.

4. Feel free to use non-standard solutions.

For example, if you place furniture in two parallel walls, the passage between them should not be less than 120 cm. The standard depth of floor cabinets and all major household appliances is 60 cm. If the gap between the rows is too narrow, order furniture for one of them already. Along one wall, install standard cabinets and all appliances, and on the other - cabinets 40-45 cm deep.

Deep cabinets with shelves will be more convenient if you make these shelves retractable. So you will easily find the necessary.

Feel free to use non-standard solutions.

Make cabinets of different widths with different gaps between the shelves: just enough to fit your favorite blender or grandma's high carafe for water. If you immediately provide for each item your own place and make furniture with this in mind, you will be surprised how much you can put in the closets simply because each cubic centimeter of space will be used.

Even in the cabinet under the sink, which is usually empty, you can make narrow shelves on which to place cleaning products.

Make convenient boxes for storing spices and canned food - also the size of jars and boxes.

5. See how to get some extra space.

For example, the door. On the scale of a small kitchen, where every square centimeter counts, having a standard door is an unaffordable luxury. Remove it completely, or replace it with a retractable one.

If your family members are more likely to eat separately, rather than together, make a folding table that can hold 1-2 people. The rest of the time it can be removed so that it does not interfere.

If the window sill eats the kitchen space you need, you can easily remove it.

Another uncomfortable part of the kitchen is the window sill. It will stop you from opening the doors. Either cut it off completely, make it as narrow as possible, or, conversely, expand it and make an additional work surface or dining table.

6. Do not neglect the exhaust.

It is especially needed in small kitchens, where the air is polluted much faster. And here comes the German brand Krona, which offers two new models of compact slant hoods, each in black and white versions:

Slanted hood.

Inclined hood suitable for kitchen of any size, because each of them has high performance. In addition, the hoods are equipped with energy-saving LED lighting, and models with touch controls have an integrated auto-off timer. But for a small kitchen, such devices are irreplaceable: they do not visually overload the space, do not take up much space and work in two modes: air exhaust and recycling. This is important if you do not have the ability or desire to lead the air vent through the entire kitchen. This means that you will be free to choose a place to place the plate.

7. Be sure to use a compact dishwasher

Dishwasher - the kind of technology that is often neglected, equipping a small kitchen. But if you use the tips above, you can easily find a place for a compact, and even for a full built-in dishwasher.

Dishwasher Fornelli.

In this dishwasher only 45 cm wide, 10 sets of dishes are placed. Pleasant bonuses: the indicator "beam on the floor", delayed start and 6 programs of work.

Dark or light?

Much depends on the right choice of color for the kitchen. Usually for a small kitchen it is advised to choose light colors: they visually make the room more spacious and fresh.

Kitchen in bright colors.

However, if you prefer dark furniture and household appliances, you should not give up your preferences. You can play on the contrast: light walls and floor and black kitchen set: unusual and elegant.

Kitchen in dark colors.

The only indisputable advantage of a small kitchen is that everything is always at hand. So, a comfortable kitchen is not a number of square meters, but their skillful use.

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