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Storage systems for the home: 20 useful ideas to maintain order in each room


When organizing living space, especially when it comes to small areas, it is important not to err in choosing the right storage systems. Not only coziness and cleanliness in the house, but also comfortable living of all family members depends on it.

Choosing the right furniture and creating practical and capacious storage systems will not be difficult if you pay attention to interesting ideas that really work. And the amazing result will amaze even the most scrupulous housewives who do not think of life without a perfect order.

Proper organization of storage systems - the key to cleanliness and order in the house.

In order for the apartments, no matter what size they are, there is always a homely atmosphere and a feeling of spaciousness, you need to be able to properly arrange the space. Of course, everyone wants to always be clean and tidy in any room, and for this it is necessary to organize the storage of things so that it is as convenient as possible and at the same time very easy to use.

Interesting ideas of rational use of furniture and available space.

In order to correctly implement everything, it is not necessary to be a designer or to invite professionals, it will be enough to look at interesting and useful ideas that experts have picked up and choose what is applicable to your living conditions.

1. Zoning and layout

If ceilings allow, it is possible to organize several functional zones on one square.

If you decide to streamline all available storage systems, it is best to start with planning, because often even in a tiny room with a rational distribution of furniture and the creation of several zones, you can achieve amazing results.

Two-tier furniture wall will help to zone the space in the nursery.

Thanks to the achievements of the modern furniture industry, it is possible to purchase modular systems that will help to zone an apartment. And this is not only additional storage sites, but also the possibility of organizing sleeping and working areas.

Two-tier furniture will always help to organize additional space and storage space.

If it is possible to create a second tier, then this is simply the perfect solution to help organize a sleeping place at the top, and at the bottom - a working or living space.

A bedroom under the ceiling is an ideal solution for organizing space and storage.

If the house has a staircase, its internal area should be used as much as possible.

Moreover, it is better to turn the stairs leading to the second level into hidden additional storage systems, because this “walking” square can place drawers, shelves, cabinets and even mini wardrobe rooms or storerooms.

2. Choosing the right cabinet

Built-in radial cabinets will help to use every corner of the apartment.

This piece of furniture at all times became the main keeper of personal belongings of any apartment. It is the models of cabinets that are most influenced by fashion trends, but first of all, one should not forget about its main purpose and when choosing it, be guided by this.

Built-in cabinets will help create a workplace.

Therefore, built-in modular systems from the floor to the ceiling are an excellent option. Such models allow you to use absolutely the entire vertical area. In particular, the upper, usually "walking" space, which usually stands idle for nothing.

Reasonable distribution of things and objects within storage systems will facilitate the use and search.

If you managed to carve out a place for such a model, then do not forget about the correct prioritization in the distribution of things, because it is much more convenient to store rarely used or seasonal things on the upper shelves, and casual clothes, shoes and many accessories within reach.

Built-in storage in the kitchen will help keep it clean /

As practice shows, if it is convenient to hang things and put and get them, it means that the order will be maintained longer.

3. Multifunctional furniture with a secret

Interesting models of multifunctional furniture in the interior of the apartment.

Ergonomic and multifunctional furniture for small spaces.

To use all areas to the fullest - it is better to purchase multi-functional furniture After all, the hidden features of some interior items and allow you to hide a lot of things so that it was at hand and out of sight.

Stylish tiny coffee tables can quietly store the necessary and especially valuable things.

At the moment there are many models of beds, upholstered furniture, coffee tables and even chairs equipped with hidden compartments.

A creative solution for decorating an apartment with the help of multifunctional furniture.

Also, the modular constructions, which can easily hide several furniture items in themselves, have proven themselves well.

Practical models of multifunctional furniture.

It can be folding or sliding tables and even beds that can be hidden simply in a closet, while freeing the lion’s share of living space. And given that the cabinet also performs its direct functions, this will help to attach a bunch of existing things.

4. Podium storage

Organization of the podium in the interior of the children's room.

When arranging the apartment, you can use an interesting and even very fashionable piece - the creation of a podium. Such a multifunctional design becomes a real salvation when organizing the interior in small areas.

With the help of the created podium, you can organize different functional areas.

Moreover, with its help you can not only turn any room into two functional zones at once, but also create super-capacious storage systems. This simple structure has many functions and you can use several installation options.

Multifunctional podiums can be organized even in the kitchen and bathroom.

After all, with its help various communications in the kitchen or bathroom are ideally hidden, the space is demarcated, additional storage systems are created and even tiers, furniture is replaced and the room geometry is adjusted. The biggest advantage of this design is that you can do it yourself with all the necessary and desired functionality.

5. Multi-storey storage systems

Open shelving can be installed in the living room and in the kitchen.

Compact multi-storey storage systems become a real wand to create enough storage places in any room. One of the most ancient and practical constructions with such components is a shelf.

Compact shelf for the bathroom can be done by hand.

Its simplest design allows you to use not only the finished model, but also to create such a spacious storage facility with your own hands. Or at the very least "re-profile" the most unexpected objects that perfectly fulfill all its functions.

As a bookcase, you can use a construction ladder or a regular ladder.

Shelves will also be good helpers, because they can not only put a lot of necessary and not so much things on their shelves, but also help to zone the space.

Open shelving can be used to zoning a room.

Indeed, in most cases, zoning is not only the real organization of independent zones for more comfortable coexistence in one territory, but also an improvement in the esthetics and functionality of the entire room.

6. Rational use of all available places "under ..."

Hiding places of storage under the bed.

The space under the bathroom must also be properly used.

Many pieces of furniture, plumbing or household equipment has a space under these objects and it can and should even be used to its fullest. This is especially true for beds and upholstered furniture, which occupy the largest floor area.

Proper use of the space under the water sink will help to attach a lot of necessary things.

But do not forget about the bathroom, washstand, pedestals, tables and any other interior items that have legs or rising horizontal surfaces.

Things and bedding can be stored in wicker baskets and even fruit crates.

And in order to rationally use them, and not just make a landfill in which you will dig several times a day, you need to use different tools and objects. As an ideal organizer fit any boxes, containers, baskets and boxes.

In boxes and boxes you need to organize separation cells.

And if you place the separation cells in them, then each thing or object will have its place and this will greatly increase the chances that order will always be maintained.

Things are best kept in transparent boxes or containers.

Exceptions can make the linen compartments located in the bed or under the sofa seat, because the bedding is large and there is no need to separate them.

The window sill can also be turned into a special functional area.

An interesting option is when storage systems and even washing are hidden under the window sill or are created instead of it, because this space is usually empty or not efficiently used.

7. Proper design of vertical squares and space "above ... and around ..."

The space above the door is the perfect place to hide away.

When planning the use of all available space, it is worth remembering about the vertical space of the walls. They can not only decorate the interior of your home, but also organize additional storage systems.

Rational use of all vertical space is not the kitchen.

In the modern market you can find a huge number of models of wall cabinets, shelves, various railings, which will help in this.

Furniture systems can be installed around the window.

The main thing is to choose the right model and install it so that safety is respected and the aesthetics of the room is not affected.

Cabinets around the doorway will help to fix the bad geometry of the room and hide a lot of things.

The only thing you should not forget when installing open structures is that they will have to be maintained on a daily basis and teach all households to do this. After all, such systems can fairly spoil the overall picture and create the impression of cluttered space.

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