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How to create a microclimate in the apartment: a review of the most effective methods


How to create a microclimate in an apartment that contributes to the well-being of the household is an urgent issue for those who care about health and strive to create favorable conditions for living in a confined space.

Designers know effective ways to fill the apartment with clean mountain air and maintain optimum room temperature.

The use of natural materials in finishing also contributes to a favorable indoor microclimate.

Radiators hidden behind bars along the entire wall

Houseplants refresh and enrich the air

Wooden windows are environmentally friendly and safe.

With overdried indoor air, home fountains are recommended.

How to warm the house without harm to health

With low air temperature outside the window, it is extremely important to operate a heating system that minimally burns oxygen levels in residential premises with closed windows. To neutralize this effect, most manufacturers of convectors, oil and infrared heaters equip equipment with built-in humidifiers and air ionizers. Some models are complemented by integrated fans, accelerating the process of heating the room, but it is worth focusing on the opposite effect - the rapid circulation automatically raises dust and saturates the air in the rooms, which negatively affects the occupants' respiratory system. Therefore, the best way to enhance the heating effect of an apartment is to install reflective foil screens on the walls behind radiators, which can significantly increase the heat transfer of appliances.

Classic radiator in a small children's room

Radically improve the microclimate in the apartment will help the heating equipment system, equipped with high-quality thermostats. From the medical point of view, the optimum room temperature is between 18-22 degrees. It is possible to set this heating mode or adjust it according to individual needs by controlling the thermostats, which determine the optimal mode of operation of radiators in the apartment. In addition, a functional heating system will help not only to optimize the microclimate in residential premises, but also to save the cost of expensive heat energy.

The use of reflective foil screens will help to heat the apartment faster and better.


Tip! With a lack of heat in the house, it is advisable to organize a fireplace area, where at any time you can warm up and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere emanating from the hearth.

Cozy chimney corner with stone trim

Thanks to the innovative designs of designers, residents of apartments on an equal footing with owners of private houses can install a gas or electric fireplace with a realistic installation of burning fire flames, the sound of crackling firewood and coal. The predominant feature of electric fireplaces is the absence of the effect of excretion of the combustion products harmful to health characteristic of genuine home hearths. The fashion for fireplaces designed for installation in apartments has influenced the creation of a huge range of equipment that can organically look in any interior, whether it is minimalist high-tech or an elaborate Empire style.

Compliance with all the parameters of maintaining a comfortable microclimate in the apartment will give health and longevity

Criteria for choosing windows for apartment equipment

The question "how to create a microclimate in an apartment", where the state of the air could be compared with countries with an immaculate environment, you need to ask yourself from the moment of the start of an overhaul. Windows should be made exclusively of natural wood, which allows air to flow from the external environment and does not emit harmful substances during heating, unlike plastic profiles. When comparing polymer and wooden window blocks, it is possible to identify a number of factors that determine the state of the microclimate in the apartment:

The presence of wooden windows will help maintain a favorable microclimate in the home.

  • The ability of the tree to pass air affects the supply of room air with oxygen. Plastic eliminates the effect of air exchange, creating a feeling of vacuum in a room with closed windows.

Wall decoration and window from natural materials

  • Polymer profiles are characterized by a high degree of electrostaticity, causing the attraction and accumulation of dust, which adversely affects the health of allergy sufferers. Therefore, the microclimate in an apartment with plastic windows is strictly contraindicated for residents who have problems with the respiratory tract and children.

Cozy bedroom in a tree with excellent noise and heat insulation

  • When installing profiles of coniferous wood (pine, fir or cedar) in the apartment to breathe as easily and freely as in the forest. Coniferous trees even after felling and processing for many years emit biologically active substances - phytoncides, which disinfect the air from harmful microorganisms. It is worth noting about the fact that scientists have confirmed the release of plastic dioxin during heating of the polymer, which produces a toxic effect on others.

Spacious bathroom with a wooden window on almost the entire wall

  • The sound insulation level of wooden profiles is significantly higher than that of plastic windows, since wood can hold both low frequencies and high frequencies, while polymers can only hold high sound frequencies. Apartments with wooden profiles are most isolated from street noise.

Large wooden window in eclectic style living room.

Impeccable indicators of hypoallergenicity, a high degree of strength, the ability to withstand moisture, ultraviolet resistance, temperature fluctuations cause the excellent performance properties of wooden windows, which should be preferred if you want to create a healthy microclimate in the apartment.

Subtleties of selection of climatic equipment for an apartment

Having set ourselves the goal of creating ideal conditions in the internal environment of an apartment, it is necessary to accomplish the primary task of choosing climate technology. To facilitate the search, you need to measure the area of ​​residential premises and study the indicators of a hygrometer that can determine the state of the microclimate in the apartment. The functional device is designed to control the climatic regime indoors, where it can instantly determine the temperature and level of humidity.

Wall-mounted hygrometer that measures the temperature and humidity in the room

Climatic equipment is an indispensable housing equipment system responsible for the state of the air in an apartment. It has many modifications, characterized by different functionalities:

Normal indoor air humidity will reduce the risk of disease, as well as provide comfort for residents

  • An air conditioner is a multifunctional device of climate technology, without which it is difficult to imagine life in dusty metropolitan areas and provinces with constantly fluctuating heating regimes. Modern split-systems are able to cool, heat, humidify the air, regardless of the outdoor temperature and the operation of heating equipment. To improve the state of the microclimate in a studio apartment or housing with small rooms, it is worthwhile to give preference to models with an integrated filtration system and air purification from dust, unhealthy impurities. They not only disinfect the air, but also enrich it with ions and phytoncides, which are sorely lacking in the air of urban areas. Modern technologies maximally improved the split-systems responsible for the state of the microclimate in the apartment. It is possible to control and control the operating mode of the air conditioner at a remote distance using Wi-Fi. Thanks to the mobility of the split-system, you can set the optimum room temperature, while at work, on a business trip, or in the car on the way home.

In the cold and hot season, an optimal microclimate will help create air conditioning.

  • Air washing gradually purifies and moistens the air: performs an antibacterial function, performs plasma ionization, eliminates dust, animal hair and allergenic pollen of flowers, enriches the space that is missing to the optimum level with moisture.

Improving air performance - the main task of air cleaning

Tip! With a lack of space to accommodate the overall split-system, equipment that moisturizes the air, the microclimate system in the apartment will allow you to permanently get rid of the problem of excessive dryness of air, dampness, insufficient heating or ventilation of residential premises.

Electronic climate control on the control panel in a modern apartment

The complex of equipment, equipped with combined engineering systems of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, humidification and dehumidification, is a universal model of climate control. The prototype of such multifunctional equipment is the “smart home” system, which automatically creates an ideal microclimate in the apartment.

The main complex of tasks of the climate control system is to ensure the uninterrupted operation of heating devices, humidifiers and ventilation equipment.

Recommendations on the choice of finishing materials

The microclimate of the apartment determines not only the work of split-systems, heaters, humidifiers and air purifiers, but also the materials used for furnishing and finishing rooms. It is extremely important to study the environmental impact of certain details of the situation and the facing of the premises. Therefore, to finish the apartment, it is necessary to give preference to natural ceramic tiles, treated with organic dyes of the type of zelije (Moroccan-style tiles), paper wallpaper, paint with high hypoallergenic indicators, wall panels and plaster partitions, clinker brick, marble, granite, wooden parquet and other natural materials without chemical treatment.

Natural building materials in the decoration of the walls in a modern interior

In addition to the beneficial effect on the environment, finishing materials with a natural base are characterized by durability of operation and the ability for a long time not to lose the original appearance. Naturalness should manifest itself in every element of interior design:

Mosaic in natural colors decorating the bathroom

  • immaculate material for sewing curtains and bedspreads can be natural fabrics - cotton, linen, silk, chiffon, batiste or tweed;

Curtain of natural linen fabric

  • as an optimal material for the production of furniture can be an array of different types of wood, rattan, wicker, organic glass, various types of metal, natural stone for the manufacture of countertops.

Countertop and working wall of marble stone

The predominance of natural components in the interior of the apartment contributes to the creation of a comfortable microclimate in the apartment, as close as possible to the natural habitat with crystal clear air and an immaculate state of ecology.

Brick wall at the head of the bed

How to create a microclimate in the apartment: non-standard methods of humidification and air purification

Not only multifunctional equipment systems, but also typical details of the situation can affect the state of the microclimate in an apartment:

  • Houseplants are able to enrich the air with oxygen, reduce the content of carbon dioxide, harmful toxins and microorganisms. Chlorofituma, aloe, geranium and pelargonium, nephrolepis and other types of indoor flowers provide excellent air filtration. To place them, you can use mobile stands, shelves or pots.

Home plants help clean indoor air

  • The aquarium in the room is able to fully neutralize the need to use a humidifier, since the evaporation of water fully saturates it with the lack of moisture.

An aquarium in a kitchen island is original and useful.

  • A decorative fountain in the room will act as an original humidifier, creating a dynamic visual effect. There are stationary and desktop models designed for interior decor. Therefore, regardless of the size of the apartment, you can choose the best-sized indoor fountain.

Multifunctional home fountain will help to relax and moisten the air in the apartment

  • Regular airing of the apartment neutralizes the problem of dry air, which is especially important for the heating season.

Airing the room is one of the main activities to create a safe microclimate in the apartment

To improve the health of households, get rid of the feeling of fatigue and irritability at home, it is important to pay close attention to creating a comfortable microclimate in an apartment, characterized by an immaculate state of humidified air, lack of dust and a comfortable room temperature. Using effective methods of heating, purifying and humidifying the air, you will be able to create good weather in the apartment: the desired coolness in the summer and a warm atmosphere in the season of prolonged cold, enjoy the crystal-clear air without allergens and the feeling of spring freshness all year round.