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10 tricks with olive oil that have nothing to do with cooking


Hostesses are used to using olive oil for making salads or hot dishes. This product is famous for its taste and health benefits. However, it can be used not only for its intended purpose.

Sometimes it is very helpful in the household. It does not have to spend much - you can buy in the grocery store the cheapest bottle of olive oil.

1. Clean your shoes

Shoes can be perfectly cleaned with olive oil.

If your favorite leather shoes are a little dull, do not be upset and think about buying a new pair. Surely in the kitchen there is a bottle of olive oil. It can be used to solve a problem. You need to apply a little oil on a soft cloth and thoroughly clean the shoes. This method is perfect for adding shine to leather shoes, but you can also upgrade and revive the look of rubber boots. One caveat: olive oil can ruin suede. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it to clean suede shoes or boots. Naturally, the footwear from the fabric also should not be rubbed with oil.

2. If zipped

The zipped zipper can be oiled.

Lightning tend to stick at the most inopportune moment. You have to jerk them, try to fasten or unfasten. Sometimes it only leads to damage to things and a bad mood. Fortunately, problems are easily solved with olive oil. Just take a bottle with this product and apply a small amount on the zippers. Lightning starts to move smoothly up and down again. Manipulation must be carried out carefully so as not to smear with oil the thing around the zipper.

3. Let the pearl shine

Using oil will give the pearl a shine.

Over time, pearl necklaces or earrings begin to fade. This is very sad, because the pearls are very beautiful stone and should delight. To make it look amazing, it should be cleaned regularly. However, most cleaning products are too aggressive for pearls. What to do? Olive oil will help here. You need to take some oil and rub it into the pearls with a soft cloth. Pearl jewelry will shine, as if they had just been brought from a jewelry store.

With oil it is easy to scrub velcro on the refrigerator door.

Stickers on the glue base are familiar to all. These are price tags, various stickers that kids like to glue on the refrigerator, and other stickies. Sometimes they hold so tightly on the surface that it is very difficult to remove them without problems. If you try to do it with your nails, you can spoil the manicure, and using a razor or a sharp knife can damage the thing on which the stubborn sticker has settled. There is a solution. This is olive oil. It is necessary to put a little oil on the resistant velcro and leave it for about fifteen minutes. After that, the surface can be quickly and easily cleaned with a sponge.

5. Slow down the tarnishing of silver

Oil can slow silver tarnishing.

Spoons, trays, plates, cufflinks, jewelry and other objects made of silver have the properties to darken and become covered with spots. Although olive oil cannot prevent this process, it can slow it down. You need to put a little oil on the eraser and carefully clean the silver thing.

6. Shiny stainless steel

The stainless steel sink will shine if cleaned with oil.

Stainless steel cookware looks very nice. It looks modern and comfortable to cook in it. This material also made hoods, sinks, which are installed in a modern kitchen. However, stainless steel can lose its attractive appearance. Olive oil can not only add shine to stainless steel items, but also prevent them from tarnishing and protect against corrosion. It is necessary to polish the thing with a soft cloth, on which you first need to apply a few drops of olive oil. Oil will not damage the surface of the silver bauble, as any other cleaning agent can do.

7. Remove makeup without problems

Olive oil perfectly removes makeup.

Surprisingly, olive oil is fine then suitable for removing makeup. A few drops of this aromatic substance on a cotton swab - and you can comfortably remove mascara, eye shadow, blush or powder. And that's not all, olive oil will not just remove the pollution and cleanse the face, and make eyelashes more fluffy. You can do this: take a bottle of dried mascara, rinse it thoroughly and dry, and then pour a little olive oil there. To make it last longer, you should boil it in a water bath. After the liquid has cooled and is poured into a tube, you have at your disposal a natural care product for your eyelashes and eyebrows.

8. Natural Cosmetic

Olive oil has a great effect on hair.

Holders of curly hair sometimes want their hair to be less disheveled. Olive oil will help in this without harm to the hair. You need to rub a little oil in the palms and gently apply to the tips. You should not rub oil into the scalp, so as not to increase the fat content of the hair and get an ugly hairstyle. If the hair is too dry, then you can make a mask of olive oil before washing it. It needs a little warm up, put on your hair, and then wear a bathing cap. We must wait thirty minutes, and then wash off the oil with warm water and shampoo.

9. Beautiful face mask

From the oil you get a great face mask.

In winter, the skin on the face becomes dry and tight. Especially severely allergic, which can not use many cosmetics. If you do not want to experiment with expensive creams, use olive oil. It is necessary to put it on the face and leave for twenty minutes. After that, it is necessary to wash the tool with slightly warm clean water. And you can also make a pleasant relaxing and moisturizing bath by adding oil to the water. The body will be happy with this procedure, the skin will become more elastic and tender.

10. The razor will remain sharp

The blade will rust less if rubbed with oil.

Quality blades are not too cheap, so people try to make them last as long as possible. Want to extend the life of your razor? This will help olive oil. You need to put some oil on a cotton pad and wipe the razor. After that, it should dry, and everything can already be used. This method will protect the razor from corrosion, it will not quickly become covered with rust.