Useful ideas

20 original ideas that will expand the living space in any home


To expand the space in the house, in many different ways.

About them today, in fact, our speech will go.

First of all, the methods listed here will be useful to those who, due to circumstances, cannot boast of too large living space.

1. The bedside table from sawn chair

A bedside table bolted to the wall is perhaps the most economical option in terms of size and price.

2. Classic sliding table

A retractable kitchen table will help to significantly save space in the kitchen and will become a real helper in the organization of space.

3. Banks for storing personal hygiene items

Cotton sponges, soap and ear sticks will be wisely stored in glass jars.

4. Convenient jars for spices and bulk products.

An original and practical idea - storing spices in small jars.

5. Glass jars for buttons

Buttons are much easier to store in small banks than in boxes or boxes.

6. A bed that can be hidden

A bed that can be turned into a sofa at any time will be an accentuating moment in the interior.

7. A table that will save space in the room

A great option to design an optimal table with a small area, which will create an amazing geometry in the interior and save space.

8. Original bedside for the traveler

A bedside table from an old suitcase is a popular and convenient thing in the interior that is easy to do with your own hands.

9. To replace traditional shelves

Hanging containers for storing cosmetics and bath towels in the bathroom.

10. Save space in the wardrobe

An old staircase can be a great place to store your shoes.

11. A cozy room in the back room

A small pantry with a professional approach can turn into a comfortable room.

12. Furniture wall with a secret

The pantry located behind the furniture wall will help to unload the room.

13. Retractable kitchen system

When arranging the kitchen is extremely important to properly organize the working space.

14. Work area floor staircase

The space under the stairs is a delightful place for equipping the working area.

15. Mobile wall in the living room interior

Mobile wall with a place to rest - the perfect solution for a small apartment

16. Original Utility Room Use

A small pantry will allow you to place a washing machine in it.

17. Plasterboard cabinets

Built-in wardrobes made of plasterboard are a fairly traditional way to save space.

18. Blind with waterproof pockets.

Curtain with pockets will be a convenient and practical place to store bath accessories.

19. Retractable power outlet

Retractable sockets perfectly fit into any convenient place in the kitchen.

20. High-tech bed

Suspended bed with a lifting mechanism that can make any interior exclusive.