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16 types of spectacular walls that will replace the annoying wallpaper


To paste over walls with wall-paper or to paint in monophonic color - the decisions for furnish which have already become traditional.

But what if these options seem boring and outdated?

We offer an impressive way to finish the walls that have not yet had time to get bored.

1.C ceiling - on the wall

Ceiling sockets for wall decoration.

Intricate stucco rarely able to fit into a modern interior. But the ceiling sockets, fixed on the walls and painted in their color, look very relevant. A wall with such a finish becomes a real highlight of the interior.

2. In eco-style

Cork panels on the wall.

Wall decoration cork coating is not particularly common. Most likely, this is due to the spread of the opinion that traffic jam is impractical material. But this is not at all the case. Modern cork panels are resistant to negative external factors, such as moisture, mechanical damage.

3. Fresh press

Newspapers replace the wallpaper.

Paper on the walls in the form of wallpaper - a familiar decision, so the idea of ​​finishing with the help of newspapers will not be shocking. But keep in mind that newsprint is thinner, so after drying the wall is recommended to cover with a protective varnish.

4. A bit of brick

The wall, partially lined with brick.

The wall, fully lined with brick, is found in modern interiors quite often and has already managed to get a little bored. We offer an alternative solution - to brick only part of the wall. Such a finish harmoniously combines with white plaster, creating an interesting game of contrasts.

5. Reviving Holiday Memories

Pebble wall decoration.

River or sea pebbles are a reliable and durable wall covering material that is easy to work with. With the help of small pebbles, you can lay out both the whole wall and its separate section, for example, the area of ​​a kitchen apron.

OSB for wall decoration.

If the decoration of the walls with natural wood will be a serious blow to the family budget, then we recommend to pay attention to other options. For example, the finish coating of walls using OSB plates. But be careful: in order for the interior to look creative, you will have to carefully consider all its details. Otherwise, there is a risk of crossing the boundaries of good taste.

7. Soft walls made of eco-leather

Luxurious eco-leather trim panels.

Eco-leather wall panels look truly luxurious. But in order that the interior does not look too pretentious, we recommend to pay attention to non-standard colors. Modern look will be a panel of eco-leather in laconic interiors.

8. Tensioning ... walls

Tension walls will be a highlight of the interior.

The practice of finishing with stretch walls is not yet very common. They are a canvas, mounted on the frame. The advantages of such finishing - high speed of installation, the possibility of applying any image in decent quality.

Quality stretch walls - with a good image.

9. Brutal finish with large stones

Unusual stone in the decoration of the walls.

Large stones in the decoration of the walls are rare, although they look more impressive than small ones. In order for such a decoration to really decorate the interior, we recommend spreading the wall entirely with them, leaving free space between adjacent stones.

10. Exquisite glass shine

The glass wall looks exquisite.

Glass panels can have a variety of colors and textures. Therefore, to choose a model that harmoniously fits into the interior, is not difficult. Often, glass panels are fixed on top of a wall with a different type of finish, such as brick or stone. This allows you to create an impressive 3D effect in the interior.

11. Soft inner light

The wall, which became an additional source of light.

This type of finish is difficult to implement on the technical side. But the result is really worth the effort. Light sources are attached to the wall, for example, LED strip. Then at a short distance from them - wall panels.

12. Paint + 3D panels

Painted panels.

In most cases, gypsum 3D-panels are sold in white color and are used for finishing in their original form. But in the painted form they look much more interesting. In addition, the process of their harmonious entry into the color scheme of a certain interior is facilitated.

13. All the way around: the frame ... in the image

Extravagant wall.

The wall pasted with bright wallpaper can be filled with identical frames from the floor to the ceiling. So on the wall will be many different pictures, while united by a common plot.

14. Democratic plastic

Wall decoration with plastic panels.

Plastic wall panels are usually not pleased with the aesthetic characteristics, and are perceived as a material for temporary wall decoration. Therefore, we recommend spending a little more time than planned, and find quality plastic panels. Then the chances of creating a dynamic and stylish interior will increase significantly.

15. Drywall constructions are not always bad.

Wall with niches of plasterboard.

Sophisticated plasterboard wall constructions are the finish that most designers condemn. But there are examples when drywall in the interior looks stylish. To stay within the framework of good taste, we recommend consulting with professionals when choosing a form design.

Actual interior with plasterboard structures.

16. Novelty in the world of finishing materials - flexible stone

Flexible stone trim.

Such a material is a stone crumb or polymer layer, fixed on a flexible basis. Bending stone allows you to recreate the texture of natural even on uneven surfaces of complex shape. At the same time its cost is rather democratic.