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10 repair tips to help you easily cope with annoying trifles


10 repair tips to help you easily cope with annoying trifles

Surely everyone will remember the moment if friends came to visit you, something must break.

And over time, the elements of furniture or decor just wear out, forcing the owners to repair.

But do not be upset and count the costs of guest artists, because you can do a lot yourself.

1. How to remove yellow water stains on the ceiling or walls?

Even with yellow spots on the wallpaper you can cope without repair.

When you live with your neighbors, no one is immune from unpleasant surprises. It happens, it breaks through the pipe, they can flood it, forgetting to close the tap. This in itself is an unpleasant incident leads to the consequences: ugly yellow spots on the wallpaper. It is believed that after this, no means will save the finish, and it will have to be changed. But one tool can still be tried. You need to add a few tablespoons of bleach to a large spray bottle, mix, spray and allow to dry. After this, the spots should disappear completely or become less visible.

2. Remove dents from the carpet

Even after dents the carpet can become perfectly smooth.

When heavy furniture is on the carpet, ugly wrinkled areas often remain after its movement. They are striking and spoil the entire surrounding interior. But do not buy the same because of this new carpet? You just need to expand the pieces of ice into the melted areas and allow them to gradually melt. The pile of the carpet is well soaked and becomes wet, then it needs to be wetted with a sponge and leveled with a fork. When everything is dry, dents are gone.

3. How to get a rusty screw?

To cope with the rust will help a little trick.

If there is a rusty screw that cannot be loosened, it’s time to go to the kitchen. And there you need to take some vinegar and pour over the cap. Acid will corrode rust and help loosen the screw. After that, it should exit without any problems and will not delay the repair.

4. Air bubble in the wallpaper

A simple procedure for removing excess air under the wallpaper.

If a similar trouble arose when glueing wallpaper, you should not immediately re-glue the area. You can handle a little effort. To solve the problem, you only need a syringe, which is sold in hardware stores. With it, you can pierce a hole and let the air out, and then insert a little glue where necessary. In order not to spoil the vinyl wallpaper on a paper basis, before inserting a syringe, you need to make a small slot with a stationery knife, and then inject the needle into the hole.

5. Dealing with imperfections on the floor

If there are scuffs on the floor, a tennis ball will help fix them.

Anything can happen in everyday life. Traces of rubber, dirt or any ugly rubbing spoil the look of tile, linoleum, laminate or other flooring. To remove these marks and return a beautiful look to your interior, you can try using a simple trick with a tennis ball. He is good at erasing all that is superfluous. To make the ball comfortable to use, you can make an incision in it, in which you place the handle of a broomstick or something similar. So rubbing will be much easier.

6. Is the drawer harmful?

If the drawer does not retract or does so with visible effort, it's time to use a trick.

From time to time drawers often begin to move worse and may not even completely close. To fix this problem, you need to rub it with a piece of soap on the sides of the box, then it will begin to slide out and move smoothly. Soap should be dry.

7. Remove the oil stain

In the yard, too, need to restore order.

If the tracks on the street have stains from engine oil or fuel oil, it is quite difficult to remove them. But perhaps, if you know one small secret. It is necessary to sprinkle the stain with cat litter and leave for 15 minutes. The filler has excellent absorbing properties, so it will take the bulk of the pollution. The rest can be washed off with a small amount of detergent, and then simply rinsed with water.

8. Plaster walls

Beginners in plastering the walls will have to by the way this advice.

Disguise coarse plaster can be using matte paint. It will help hide any flaws. If you use paint with glitter, things will be bad. The glossy version is not the best choice, because it glows and because of this, all the flaws are emphasized with a new force.

9. dripping tap

A dripping faucet is the most common problem in a house.

To fix the leakage or leakage of the tap, you need to turn off the water and remove the tap from the sink. A little vaseline should be spread around the sealing rings, then the valve can be put in place. Such a little trick will help solve the problem so that the water does not flow anywhere.