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The solution to the perennial problem: how to easily clean the clog in the bathroom and sink


The situation when the water in the sink "does not want" to go through the pipes is familiar to many, so it is important to know how to clean the blockage in the bathroom. In this case, there are several options: chemicals or handy. They have different efficacy and safety of use. The key to combating blockages is systematic, because the slow outflow of water does not just happen, it’s not necessary to wait until the pipes are completely clogged.

When an unpleasant smell is formed in the water, it means that it is time to clean the sewer pipes.

Plastic device for pulling a blockage from the pipe called "snake"

Traditional methods for cleaning pipes are also very effective.

Our tips will help you enjoy the warm bath.

Why does blockage occur?

Before you start a fight, you need to know the enemy by sight, and therefore, understand what the causes of blockages. The first, and perhaps the main one, is the livelihood of people. It is not always possible to control what and in what volumes falls into the sink, and hence into the pipes. The most difficult in terms of clogging are:

  1. Hair, the longer, the more secure the pipe is blocked.
  2. Wool animals.
  3. Particles of rags (rags).
  4. Paper napkins.
  5. Items that should not be in the pipes.

Even with caution, small particles accumulate in the drain pipe and prevent water from flowing out, the most problematic area is the water seal.

Blockages are different, and differ in the degree of passage of water. If it does not go away at all, then it is a complete blockage, this occurs if a cork of loose dust is formed in the pipes, the same hair, wool, paper. If the water goes away, but more slowly than usual, then this is an incomplete blockage. And it is even worse, because over time, an unpleasant smell will be added to the difficulties with the outflow of water, because what is stuck in the "favorable" environment with high humidity will begin to rot and smell.

If there is a blockage of pipes do not rush to call the plumber, the problem can be solved by yourself

Note! It is possible to fight blockages, but it is easier to prevent their formation.

Prevention of blockage

Preventive measures are reduced to not letting foreign garbage for pipes in the sink. It is easier to prevent clogging if it becomes a habit. Key measures:

Silicone cork for collecting litter in the sink

  1. Install a special mesh with small holes in the drain hole. All she does not hold, but a lot of garbage on it remains.
  2. Do prophylactic cleaning from time to time using the methods below.
  3. Regularly - once a week spill pipes with boiling water. Water volume within 2-3 liters. This will wash away the accumulation of soap on the walls.
  4. When replacing pipes, check the correct angle of inclination.

Today in the market a large number of chemicals for cleaning pipes from clogging, after reading the instructions, you can choose the most necessary

How to clean the clog in the bathroom: plunger

Using a plunger is the most common way to clean a clog in a bathroom at home.

Note! The use of a plunger is an excellent prevention of the formation of soap on the pipes in the bathroom.

The plunger is the first available tool for resolving clogging of pipes

It would seem the most traditional way, but for its implementation you need an understanding of the process. If a blockage has formed in the sink, then cleaning is fairly simple:

  • install a plunger on the drain hole;
  • make 10 sharp moves up and down.

Often this vacuum is enough to clean.

A good example of working with a plunger

Another thing is the bathroom. All because of the fact that there is another system of water drainage. When water overflows, air enters the opening, and in such conditions it is impossible to create a vacuum. We need to act like this:

  1. Stopper tightly close the hole for the transfusion of water.
  2. Smear the plunger with petroleum jelly and press it against the sink.
  3. Make 10 reciprocating movements. The sharper the better.

Note! When clearing a blockage in a bathroom, it is necessary to close the opening for water overflow well, just it is not necessary to plug it with a rag - this will not give the desired effect. The best solution is to use another plunger, but for this you need an assistant.

If the plunger does not help - apply a plumbing cable.

If this does not help "break through" the blockage, you should use another method. To do this, dial in the bathroom water, and it should be hot. Level - half the height of the rubber bowl plunger. Last immersed in water at an angle. At the last roll down the plunger must be pulled out of the water. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times.

Plumbing cable

The previous method is only suitable if the blockage is insignificant, and it cannot cope with serious blockage. Option - plumbing cable. It is suitable if:

  1. Clogged deep in the pipe.
  2. The “plug”, which closes the outflow of water, is highly compressed.

Plumbing cable is a dense wire in the form of a spiral

The essence of the method is to get rid of the blockage mechanically, pull it out or push it deeper into a wider pipe. The length of the standard cable - 3 meters, and this is quite enough to extract deep blockages.

The technique of using the cable is simple, but it must be clearly maintained. Sequence:

  • the cable is inserted into the drain hole;
  • one person pushes, the other rotates the cable. This contributes to the destruction of the blockage and prevents the cable from wringing at the folds of the pipe;
  • after the blockage has been passed, you need to make a couple of jerks back and forth. Opening after this hot water, you will wash off the dirt formed on the pipe;
  • Now you can gently pull the cable.

Such a cleaning device can be purchased at any hardware store.

This device is used for strong clogging of metal pipes.

Note! It can not be used for plastic and chrome pipes, cable design can damage their inner surface.

Special means

Ready-made chemicals that can get rid of the blockage, the choice is huge, like scattering prices. Before cleaning one of them in the pipe in the bathroom, you should familiarize yourself with the recommendations for using such products. If the blockage is triggered, then it will not be possible to get along with chemical agents only;

Chemicals are also one of the quickest ways to clean pipes

Tip! When choosing, preference should be given to where it is indicated that it dissolves wool and hair.

Household chemicals to eliminate blockages in the pipes is better to buy in the form of a gel or powder

Important tips:

  1. Powder and liquid products do not differ in effectiveness.
  2. When buying, check with the seller whether the product is suitable for the type of pipes that are in your home.
  3. Liquid means should be poured directly into the drain hole, pour powders after falling asleep with hot water (1 cup).
  4. After the time specified in the instructions, spill the pipes with hot water in order to rinse the pipes well and remove the garbage.
  5. When using these tools is important for some time not to use the bathroom. Optimally do the cleaning at night.

After poured into the drain chemical means you must turn on hot water to flush pipes

Note! When using any chemical means it is important to adhere to the instructions. After all, even the highest quality of them cause damage to the pipes.

Be sure to follow the precautions when working with chemicals.

Specific means

In the store in the thematic section, you can get confused, but there are a number of tools that are particularly popular with consumers. Among them:

  • Mole is a long-known tool used by our mothers and grandmothers. But it cannot be used for plastic pipes;

Cleaner for pipes in different types

  • "Mr. Muscle" is suitable for all pipes. The active substance penetrates into all the nooks of the sewer system. In addition to eliminating various types of blockages, it removes bacteria, thereby eliminating an unpleasant odor;

Effective household chemical

  • "Tiret" - eliminates blockages quickly. Does not smell of ammonia;

Practical odorless, potent chemical agent

  • "Potkhan" - dissolves all types of blockages, and quickly.

Unique chemical agent, suitable for any kind of blockage

When working with any chemical agents, rubber gloves, oilcloth apron and safety glasses should be used.

After using the product, if there is a siphon in the bathroom and kitchen, it must be thoroughly cleaned.

Folk methods

If you are looking for methods, how to clean the blockage in the sink in the bathroom or in the bathroom itself and do not want to use chemistry, and mechanical methods for some reason cannot be used, popular methods will come to the rescue.

There are many doubtful methods that not only can not get rid of clogging in the pipe, but also lead to additional expenses. Among them:

  • Using a vacuum cleaner. The household appliance tube is brought to the drain hole and turned on to its full capacity. The results are deplorable, and the most minimal of them is the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner.
  • Citric acid is simply not effective.

Convenient manual fixture - drum with automatic feeding of elastic stainless wire

In practice, the effectiveness of soda has been confirmed, and it can be combined with salt or vinegar.

Soda + Vinegar

To implement this method, you need the following ingredients:

  • soda;
  • vinegar (it is best to use white distilled);
  • boiling water;
  • a rag or a terry napkin.

Economical and effective folk remedy for cleaning pipes from clogging

Cleaning sequence:

  1. Pour half of the package of soda into the drain hole. It is important that the soda is dry.
  2. Pour vinegar in the amount of - 0.5 tbsp. well, if you warm it up a little. Immediately close the hole with a rag. This will keep the volcano, which is formed from soda and vinegar inside the pipe.
  3. Leave everything in this form for 30 minutes. During this time, the garbage, which blocked the outflow of water, will dissolve.
  4. After boil the kettle.
  5. As soon as the allotted time comes - in the hole pour boiling water.

The resulting caustic foam effectively erodes all kinds of blockages, eliminating them

If it was not possible to completely get rid of the blockage immediately, then the manipulations should be repeated.

Soda + salt

Another option, how to clean the clog in the bathroom with soda, is even easier to implement. Need to take 0.5 cups of salt and soda, hot water. Cleaning sequence:

  1. Soda and salt pour into the drain hole.
  2. There also add 1.5-2 liters of boiling water.
  3. Leave for 8 hours. It is important that this period is not used plums.

Salt + soda helps when cleaning the pipes, if the cause of the frozen fat

Pipe cleaning is a simple task and there are lots of options that are suitable for different types of pipes. When using them, you must follow the instructions and safety measures. But still the simplest option is prevention, and it is quite simple. You just need to get used to the fact that the pipes should be regularly flushing.