Useful ideas

15 spectacular interior ideas that will make your home an oasis of comfort


Even the most trendy environment created by professionals can look uncomfortable.

But to make living space more comfortable for everyone, regardless of the depth of knowledge in the field of interior design.

We share small, but important tricks, thanks to which the house will become more comfortable.

1. Living plants

Plants are a universal way to make a home more pleasant.

Greenery is associated with being in nature. Such sensations promote natural calm and relaxation.

2. The luxury of natural wood

The tree enlivens the interior.

The expressive texture of natural wood attracts attention, making the interior more profound. And brown is one of the most pleasant colors for the human eye.

3. The original falshkamina

Artificial fireplace in the room.

Fireplace - a permanent symbol of home and comfort. In an ordinary apartment, it will not work. But what prevents make falsekamina? It looks no less impressive.

4. Maximum of individuality

Interior, reflecting the identity of the owner.

Do not be afraid to make the interior individual, reflecting the identity of its inhabitants. This ensures that the atmosphere will cause positive emotions in its inhabitants and will be remembered by the guests.

5. Functional baskets

Baskets as storage systems.

The complex wicker texture inherent in baskets will definitely benefit the interior. They can also be used as capacious storage systems.

6. Neutral walls

Walls that do not attract attention.

Bright wallpaper or creative ideas for painting walls are better reserved for rooms where the length of stay is minimal. The walls in the main residential premises should be made a neutral background for all other objects. So they will not annoy for a long time.

7. Multi-level lighting

Unusual lighting scheme.

Chandelier, lonely hanging from the ceiling, is not able to provide a sufficient level of illumination. Therefore, to the lighting scheme you need to add floor and wall lamps. They will create separate zones, the stay in which will be comfortable.

8. Soft palette close colors

Shades of the same color in the interior.

Excessive contrasting combinations can be alarming and disturbing. The soft color scale promotes full relaxation.

9. Cozy blankets and bedspreads

Textiles in the interior.

Textile elements - an indispensable way to change the situation with minimal cost. And such details as bedspreads or blankets will always come in handy.

10. Decorative pillows

Pillows for room decor.

A lot of bright pillows will enliven the interior. But to make the atmosphere look harmonious, support them with other details in similar colors. For example, pictures.

11. Greetings from the past

Vintage details in the apartment.

Retro details in most evoke associations with childhood, which means pleasant emotions. A crystal chandelier, a woolen carpet, or an antique map will also be appropriate in a modern interior as an extravagant decor.

12. Freedom to the elements

The original mini fountain.

Water, air, earth and fire - the four elements that will find a place in an ordinary apartment. It is not necessary to make a fire or to equip a pond. Candles, a mini-fountain, regular airing and natural materials will personify all the elements.

13. More Nooks

Places for privacy in the nursery.

The more places in the apartment where you can retire - the more comfortable it will seem. This feeling is also affected by such a trifle as the closed head of the bed, which is shown in the photo.

14. Fine Vases

Vases for living space decoration.

A few unusual vases decorating the interior will give it elegance and make it individual. In addition, this decor is practical.

15. Cute knitwear

The texture of knitted fabric looks luxurious.