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Design ideas of a small bathroom, which are easy to implement in the apartment


Design ideas of a small bathroom, which are easy to implement in the apartment

The new review has collected even more amazing examples of how to arrange and put in order such a place in your house as a bathroom.

It is not necessary to remind once again that the toilet is one of the most important and intimate places in the house, which means it should look 100 percent, especially if the bathroom cannot boast a large area.

1. Wood and tile

Small adjacent bath with wooden details.

A small adjacent bathroom with an abundance of elegant details of light wood and a wide strip lined with bright tiles.

2. Fresh colors

Bathroom in white and turquoise colors.

Cozy bathroom, decorated in white and turquoise colors with a classic bathroom, white nightstand, laid-out sink, toilet, lots of open shelves and bright posters that make this room interesting and dynamic.

3. Dazzling whiteness

A small white bathroom.

A small combined bathroom with white walls, decorated with classic ceramic tiles, wall-mounted toilet, a narrow bathroom with glass curtains and a stylish cabinet with a built-in washbasin.

4. Bright patterns

Toilet with an accent wall.

A small toilet with an accent wall lined with colorful patterned tiles, a hinged toilet and sink.

5. Female character

Bathroom in pink and white colors.

Charming female bathroom, decorated in pleasant white and pink colors, with a corner bath, compact modern toilet and an accent wall decorated with flowers.

Stylish black and white bathroom.

An elegant black and white tiled bathroom with a small corner bath, glass shelves in a niche, a dark wooden cabinet and a counter basin.

7. Flowers

Modern bathroom in beige tones.

Exquisite design of a small adjacent bathroom, trimmed with neutral beige tiles and a contrasting horizontal stripe with a floral pattern that visually expands the boundaries of space.

8. Glare gold

Bathroom in beige and golden shades.

Elegant adjacent bathroom, decorated in nice looking, beige and gold colors, with a standard bathroom, a modern toilet hinged, original built-in shelves and a cabinet, under which it was possible to hide the typewriter and stool.

9. Neutrality

Adjacent bathroom in white and gray tones.

The laconic design of a small adjacent bathroom decorated in white and gray tones that visually push the boundaries of this modest space.

10. Optical illusions

Wall mural with a perspective in the interior of the bathroom.

Spectacular design of a tiny toilet with a classic toilet in the corner, a wooden bollard, a false glass sink and incredibly realistic wall murals that visually increase the floor space.

11. Classic design

Adjacent bathroom with shower.

An elegant en-suite bathroom with a black toilet, a hinged nightstand with a built-in sink and an angular shower stall, decorated with stone tiles, which became the highlight of this space.

12. Zoning of space

Adjacent bathroom with partition.

Stylish design adjacent bathroom with original colorful wall decoration and low partition that separates the bathtub from the toilet.

13. Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style bathroom.

Stunning bathroom with snow-white walls, compact round jacuzzi, built into a low podium of light wood.

14. Provence

Cozy bathroom in Provence style.

Refined design of a small bathroom with a bathtub, decorated with a floral print screen, vintage-style sink, elegant mirror in a golden frame and several shelves of bright turquoise color.

15. Bright design

A tiny bathroom in white and green tones.

A tiny bathroom with a compact shower stall, the walls of which are lined with small tiles in green shades and an ergonomic glass sink.

16. Catchy accents

Adjacent bathroom with bright orange accents.

Bright and cheerful design of a small adjacent bathroom, the highlight of which was a creative orange shelf and an unusual cabinet of the same color.

17. Hi-tech

High-tech bathroom.

A small adjacent bathroom, decorated in shades of gray, with an unusual cabinet, built-in shelves, an ergonomic toilet and a shower stall, located on a small attached podium is a great example of good space planning.

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18. Brilliant solution

Bright bathroom with original bathroom.

Delightful design of a small bathroom, with white and gray walls, several bright details of light green color and an original bathroom, which is also a shower stall at the same time.

19. Modern style

Bathroom in minimalism style.

The laconic interior of a small bathroom with light walls, a classic bathroom, covered with a dark screen, and a wooden wall cabinet with a counter basin.

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