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11 cool lotions that will make the bathroom twice as comfortable


The bathroom is the place where it is customary not only to perform the usual hygiene rituals, but also to relax. Various modern inventions, of which there are a great many: for every taste and mood, help make both the more convenient and enjoyable.

A selection of the most notable enhancements will definitely come in handy in your bathroom: from comfortable bathing to a child to creating a romantic setting for relaxation.

1. Toothpaste Holder

Toothpaste and brushes will always be in perfect order thanks to such a useful device.

Modern inventions are striking in their practicality. Such a handy thing as a toothpaste dispenser is useful in any bathroom. A tube is inserted into it, which, when you press a special button, squeezes out the optimal portion of toothpaste. Toothbrushes are located nearby, in a compartment that dries well. With this holder, all accessories for oral hygiene will be in perfect order.

2. Convenient heated towel rail

Foldable drying is useful for a large family or an apartment with limited space.

By installing such a heated towel rail on the bath, you can quickly dry a large number of things. However, this is not one advantage of drying: it can at any time be folded compactly and put under a bath or placed against a wall where it will not interfere.

3. A crane that checks hygiene

This faucet changes color, and not just like that, but bringing muddy to clean water.

Crane with color change - just a godsend. He gives a sign when his hands are already quite clean. Therefore, even if someone thought and lost track of time, do not worry - the tap is always on guard for cleanliness.

4. A means to combat steam

One simple device can raise comfort to a higher level.

For any bathroom it would not hurt to buy such a useful invention. Using the mirror cleaner, you can remove the effects of steam in a second. Using a mirror will become much more convenient, and you will not have to wipe it off with a towel all the time.

5. Useful tap

Such a crane will delight any child with its convenience and original appearance.

The special nozzle makes the tap longer so that the baby can comfortably wash his hands. With such a device, even a small child will be able to independently monitor hygiene and not experience discomfort. Yes, and parents will have less to worry, you can teach your child to independence from early childhood.

6. Starry sky right in the bathroom

The starry sky looks very beautiful and spectacular when you want to relax in the bathroom.

Waterproof projector will make rest in a warm bath not only pleasant, but also exciting. With its help, 10 thousand stars are reflected on the ceiling and walls, which will make any setting stunning and romantic. The projector can change the color of the image and have different shades. The device runs on batteries and is easy to handle. An alternative could be another modern gadget that sinks into the water and creates a beautiful color projection right in the bath. Different images and colors allow you to choose a picture according to your mood and personal preferences.

7. Original stand for maximum comfort.

On such a stand can fit all the most important items to relax in the bathroom.

This useful invention will please those who like to soak in warm water a little longer. Special deepening for a glass, stand for a book, tablet or smartphone, a place for candles, creams and other beauty products. Everything is at hand, and very convenient. You can relax and unwind in a pleasant atmosphere.

8. Romance with special candles

These candles will last a long time, and most importantly, they are not afraid of water.

Bathroom - a frequent place to spend romantic evenings. Waterproof candles will help to make the atmosphere really cozy and unforgettable, which can be located not only on the sides of the bath, but also directly under the water and on the ceiling, or in any desired place. A beautiful subdued light will make the rest truly relaxing.

9. Comfortable shower for a child

With such a nozzle to wash the child will be much more convenient.

The nozzle is connected to the soul, and then fixed at a convenient level. The small pressure is intended especially for children's water procedures. Unusual bright design will make the usual hygienic procedure a real adventure.

10. Stones with a secret

Smart stones can heat the bath water to the optimum temperature.

The water in the bath will always be warm and pleasant. How to do it? Just get a "smart" pebble, which can be put on the bottom and enjoy automatic heating.

11. Footrest

A convenient device for the shower stall, and for the bath too.

The holder with a simple mount can be installed anywhere. It is convenient to put your foot on it when washing and using a razor. Why not add yourself some comfort?