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8 common mistakes that are often made in interior design


Interior designers understand colors, patterns and textures. In addition, from the very first minutes they pay attention to the extra details that can “absorb” the space, making it cumbersome and pretentious, or gray and dull. But what about those who do not have enough money to invite a specialist who can solve any problem?

Everything is very simple. It is enough to use practical advice that can protect you from the TOP errors, which are often allowed in the arrangement of the interior.

1. Poor lighting

Top lighting.

Most people only rely on overhead lighting, and this is a big design error. If you do not want your home to look like a hospital, it is always better to use different types of lighting. Recessed luminaires are great for general lighting, and floor lamps, wall lamps and pendants for general (ambient) lighting. Accent lighting, such as spotlights, is ideal for highlighting works of art and photography. The task of lighting is also incredibly important in the office and in the kitchen. Just remember: dimmers and warm white lighting are your best friends.

General lighting in the interior.

2. Arrangement of furniture against the wall

Arrangement of furniture.

Not so long ago, in older versions, the backs of pieces of furniture, as a rule, were unfinished and not as beautiful in appearance as the front panels. Currently, the back of the furniture looks as beautiful as the front. So it is not necessary to put a sofa, bed or wardrobe under the wall, cluttering up the space of the furniture set built under the ruler. In fact, large furniture is great for distinguishing between rooms. And believe me, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much free space you will have after the correct placement of cabinets, tables, chairs and other things.

Placement of furniture against the wall.

3. Incorrect rug size

Carpet in the interior.

There is nothing worse than a rug or a carpet of the wrong size. Too big, and it absorbs the room; too small and it does not help to “fix” the space. Place all the furniture on the carpet if it floats in the center of a large room. When the furniture is against the wall, try to have the front two legs of all the furniture on the carpet, and a small rug can be placed just under the coffee table. Just make sure that the length of the carpet covers the length of the sofa.

Carpets in interior design.

4. Overall and small furniture in interior design

Furniture in interior design.

Scale and proportions are very important in space planning and interior design. And to avoid buying something wrong, first measure each room carefully. Use masking tape to visually place non-existent furniture, this will help you to create a vivid example of how the space will look like after placing the furniture.

Choose furniture of the right size.

5. Curtains hanging too low

Curtains in the interior.

Most people tend to hang curtains just above or at the window frame level. This, of course, does not really affect the interior design, but still. Instead, hang curtains straight to the ceiling to increase the space and make the windows larger. Also, pay attention to the fact that your curtains are in contact with the floor, no matter how wide and tall your windows are, this technique will help to visually expand the space.

Properly selected curtains will never be redundant.

6. Family Relics

Modern style in the interior.

Many of us have become so accustomed to family heirlooms that we don’t want to part with them to this day. But nevertheless, the time has come to get rid of the old, which has served you faithfully for many years, replacing the "ancient" objects with newer, more original and modern ones that will perfectly fit into the new interior.

Down with the old stuff.

7. Too many decor items.

The decor in the interior.

Often, in order to equip our own housing, we try our best to make and hang most of the space with our favorite figurines, paintings, photographs, vases with flowers, decorative pillows and other pleasant nonsense that in the room simply clutters and clutters the room, making it look like Museum of bad taste. Therefore, choose one thing, and then your family nest will really look as comfortable as possible, stylish and modern.

A lot does not mean good.

8. Do not use the balcony

Balcony arrangement.

In most of our cases, we often forget about the balcony, simply discounting it. But if you approach the matter wisely, then even from a couple of square meters you can easily equip a small, but very cozy recreation area or a study.

Balcony design ideas.